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Greatest Pet Collecting Memory

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Greatest Pet Collecting Memory

Postby Sherada » July 16th, 2013, 1:08 pm

Hello All,

I kinda wanted to share my best pet collecting memory and see if you guys also had some awesome or funny stories to tell about your greatest pet moments XD. So for me last christmas my fiancee handed me my present and it was a little chinese food like container with dots on it... the card said... DOTS!...and inside another note that said MORE DOTS!!! ... and there was a tiny gift card holder... here I start to think... "wow thats kinda unthoughtful he got me a giftcard" lol it really wasn't sinking in... i opened the gift card holder and on one side it says THROW MORE DOTS!! on the other side is a dragon kite loot card!!! It took me about a minute to realize what it was and then I just flipped out I was so extatic and started crying ...I had wanted the dragon kite for a long time as i kinda idolized Aliena from tankspot for having one... after i went and retrieved my dragon kite (right after they made him a battle pet) he didn't change colors! and then I cried again...and I mean sobbed... for about 30min like a little kid i kept saying "I just want him to change colors!!!" lol so my fiance looked at the PTR patch notes which alluded to a fix...and about a month later with the patch my dragon kite was a splendid as i ever thought it could be in red green blue and purple ^ ^

So thats my best memory whats yours :)

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Re: Greatest Pet Collecting Memory

Postby Velgana » July 20th, 2013, 1:56 am

My best collecting memory has to be from the pet that started it all - the Azure Whelpling!

I remember when it was added back in BC. A lot of my friends at the time were farming for it to either sell or boast that they had it drop for them. I used to fish a lot in Azshara, so when I passed the area with the blue dragonkins in it, I decided to kill them. Well, I ended up getting the whelp to drop! I was so excited and from then on, I couldn't stop collecting them! That's the earliest and one of the best I have. :)

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