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Interactive Trade List

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Interactive Trade List

Postby Livingdeath » February 20th, 2013, 1:26 am

This is just a suggestion for the site. I was wondering if it was possible to make an interactive "trading list" for each of the Warcraftpets profiles to toggle on. Essentially it would rely on user input, with the purpose being listing the pets they want to trade and helping align connections with other pet traders by showing the "matches".

The reason why I suggest this is the Trading forums here and on the WoW site are useful, and have helped me line up lots of trades, but it is still somewhat difficult to align trades because you're sifting through pages of trade lists. I figure someone is eventually going to make something like this and the idea may interest you all since it makes sense for this site.

Functionality wise, I was thinking something similar to the manual collection interface. The user would select the pets they want to trade tagged with the following information.

- Level
- Breed
- Rarity

The user would also select the pets they are looking for (they can specify breed, rarity, level or the fact it doesn't matter and they will take anything.) The database created could be used to parse out matches for trades.

I figure people can put their BT info in their Bios to be contacted in game or they can message you through your Warcraftpets profile.

Just a thought! :oops:

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