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Guild Herald, Alliance Ballon and Argent Squire not imported

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Guild Herald, Alliance Ballon and Argent Squire not imported

Postby Tightowl » January 21st, 2013, 12:15 pm

Hey Warcraft-Pets :)
Longtime Reader, first time poster.
I´m a dedicated pet collector and I´m enjoying your side for serveral years now.
Here´s my question, hope you can help...
My Main Collecting Char is a horde toon, but I lvled a alliance one several month
ago to get the 3 alliance countepart pets.
Now, with the armory collection update I can´t get them to be shown in my collected
tap, tehy are still in the "wanted" section, whereas some of the "top collectors" have
both the horde and alliance version listed in their collected section...
It´s driving me nuts, hope you can help & sorry for my bad english, it´s a little bit rusted :)


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Re: Guild Herald, Alliance Ballon and Argent Squire not impo

Postby Breanni » January 21st, 2013, 3:41 pm

Those pets are not shown in your official Armory profile, so they can't be imported to your collection here. I suggest contacting Blizzard and asking them why they aren't showing up in your Armory. If you do have them in-game, they ought to show up.

Good luck!

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