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returning player needing some advice plz

Discuss anything else pertaining to WoW.
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returning player needing some advice plz

Postby Tomlithegreat » December 29th, 2012, 12:59 am

Hello, so yeah.

I've recently started up playing wow again, from a very very long break. (quit at the end of BC)
Anyhow, a friend of mine that's been bugging me to play with him gave me the expacs
WOTLK, Cata, and MOP.

I still have my lv.70 tauren druid, but after so much time gone, I don't remember how to play it anymore.

I started again with a blood elf hunter, which I really really like , I got to lv.26
before I learned about this site and of course the guild.

I've joined the alliance guild on silvermoon (eu), and I really like the people
everyone's so helpful and all around pretty friendly, which is great.

My problem is this, I didn't want to level another hunter.
I just didn't like the first 10 levels, they were a pain,
they took forever and yeah.

I made a paladin, which I've so far gotten to lv.25 mostly tanking dungeons
since I hit lv.15. While I don't think leveling will be very difficult because of
instant queues for random dungeons, I don't actually think I want to play a tank.

Or at the very least, not a paladin tank, it's just not that fun to me.

I was hoping some of you might suggest and easy to play class
that can quest quickly and efficiently, like hunters do after lv.15.
I requent WHU (warcrafthuntersunion) I really liked some of the soloing videos
and guides they have and, well I was wondering if there's any other class
preferably a non tanking class that can quest and solo "old raids" as efficiently as
hunters seem to be able to.

thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this and give some

much appreciated, by this slightly disappointed paladin.
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Re: returning player needing some advice plz

Postby Waflob » December 29th, 2012, 1:38 pm

The choice that springs to mind would be a warlock, as they also have a pet, like a hunter.
Depending on the requirements (e.g. questing vs instances), you can take out a different pet.

The only thing about your post that I don't get is the bit about taking too long to get a hunter to lvl 10.
If this takes more than 1 hour, you're doing something very wrong. It seems to me that you really like hunters, but find the first few levels a drag. If that's the case, I would actually recommend sucking it up and getting a new hunter and play a class that you like.

It usually takes something like 2 hours to get a char to around lvl 20, so really, you can try lots of different classes and stick to the one(s) that you prefer.

Just my $0.02 ...

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Re: returning player needing some advice plz

Postby Domie » December 30th, 2012, 10:14 am

I dont agree with the above poster that you can get level 20 in 2 hours in any normal way.

But the way you write, it seems that you enjoyed your hunter, and if that is the case, i would suggest you go level it up anyways, it might be a pain, but in the long term im sure you wont regret it, a few hours of borring gameplay is a lot better than being stuck at high level on a class that you dont enjoy.

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Re: returning player needing some advice plz

Postby Lysi » December 30th, 2012, 3:05 pm

Are you saying you leveled a new hunter recently? Or are you thinking of the old level 1-10 hunter, when they didn't give you a pet right away? The only 1-10 that I would call a pain now is if you do goblin, you spend all your time in different machines and really don't get to feel like you're playing a hunter at all.

Hunter is definitely the fastest to level and the best for extreme soloing, nothing really compares (fingers crossed they never nerf it!) My only other suggestion would be a monk (for the leveling, don't know about the other). Monk pandas have 2 built in leveling bonuses, a daily monk quest after level 20 that gives you an hour buff of extra xp bonus each day (stacks, so you can still do it on days you don't really have time to play much, and use the benefit later). And pandas get an xp rest bonus. The panda starting area is gorgeous, I enjoyed it a lot. Of course you can play a monk of any race and still get the monk daily bonus.

I wonder if you might need some tips on spec and playing, or get some leveling greens off the AH or something. If you're on a new server so you don't have any old points to work with or anything, it is possible to slowly earn some heirloom gear from the Darkmoon Faire with the very character you're leveling, so that's something you could work on, too. I like to do the cooking and fishing dailies when leveling, too, for an easy little bit of xp every day. In Stormwind/Orgrimmar the cooking and fishing dailies are too much running without a mount, I prefer Darnassus and Undercity for low level.

If you've read up on the class changes since you left and are doing everything correctly, and you're still too bored leveling, I hate to say it, but maybe you don't enjoy WoW enough to get back into it. Do you like any other aspects of the game to help keep you interested? Pet battles, professions, PvP, holidays? Good luck whatever you do!
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Re: returning player needing some advice plz

Postby Azaelia » January 11th, 2013, 6:16 pm

I would have to agree with above, monk is very quick to level with the xp buff, tanking on that I find easy but also fun, and dps is insane. My other recomendation is probably not going to be repeated but I love it - Enhancement Shaman, was my main for years and I always found it so beasty to level with and never need to join groups for elites/group quests.

Hope you find something that you enjoy. I think it's definately worth sacrificing the first few boring hours to play something that you know you will enjoy in the end :)

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Re: returning player needing some advice plz

Postby Aingealwroth » March 12th, 2013, 7:53 am

First, addressing previous posts.
Warlock is very similar in mechanics (yet VERY different in feel) from a hunter, so it could be a good alternative if you want a hunter... that isnt a hunter.
Monks are very fun, and very quick to level, however they are going through a lot of class changes right now because of being the newest class, so I do NOT recommend them until Blizzard is done changing things. (At least from your comments I assume logging in and hving an ability totally removed would not be good for you.)
Enhancement shamans are fun and beast, however I find them awakward at first because of the tightrope of 'I am melee, but I have very few melee attacks at first, so I must cast and THEN melee' that progressively goes away, but for the very begininng at least, I dont recommend that.
You say you had a druid? Druids are very good multi-purpose classes, and just by themselves have 2 dps options for you (one melee and one caster) they are very efficient at soloing as well. (Also, and just my preference here, a bear tank druid soloing is totally BEAST and you dont have to tank instances just because you are, in fact, a tank.)

Now letsee... New realm, solo character for fast leveling? Honestly, since you seem to like utility (first druid, then hunter, now paladin) I would either suggest you change your paladin to Retribution spec (dps melee) or make a shadow priest. That might sound very off in a different direction, but my shadow priests (yes, multiple) can solo just about anything quite effectively from a nice distance, and heal themselves while they do damage.

Honestly, there is no wrong choice until you DECIDE it is the wrong choice for you. We cant do much other than tell you the pros and cons going in. :lol:
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