Raiding with Leashes Achievement Progress..

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Re: Raiding with Leashes Achievement Progress..

Post by Opallena » December 25th, 2012, 1:33 pm

If anyone would like to borrow a pet for the achievement's sake, I have every raid pet as of a couple weeks ago. PM me here or add my Battletag Opallena#1359 with a note attached for pet trading

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Re: Raiding with Leashes Achievement Progress..

Post by Luckyrabbit1982 » December 28th, 2012, 6:20 pm

Zerdolf wrote:
Notamonk wrote:How do you solo the first boss of bwl? I'm a level 90 windwalker monk with a gear level high enough for the first tier of raiding in mop.
I am a 90 WW monk as well.. What I do is kill all eggs on the farthest side first so as you get through them you inch closer and you take aggro away from razor gore . At about 25% of the channel I cancel out hit sck a few times and throw out an expel harm then resume channel.. If razor gore is doing bad throw the eh or chi wave on him to give him a heal.. Rinse repeat till all eggs are down.
This, although none of my heals seem to affect him when I do it :( I'm still trying to find the perfect egg destroying pattern so it normally takes at least a couple of tries but once you nail it the rest of the raid is cake. My biggest problem is the mages that spawn as they are outside my SCK range and I have to move around to get them, I make sure razorgore is at least halfway across the room so I don't hit him.

My monk is 90 brewmaster with WW off-spec... just solo'd razorgore this week. They improved his health pool in 5.1 so he is harder to kill by the adds. My technique is to start at the far end of the room away from the channeler's orb. I just cruise through egg destruction and let the adds beat on me. If you can avoid destroying eggs when the adds are first coming in the room (the area effect of the egg gets razorgore the add aggro) its better since the adds can kill him. But mainly focus on speed. I destroy until the channeling is up and click to channel again. I tried killing the mobs in between, but it wastes time, risks RG casting conflagerate/stunning me and honestly the adds don't do too much dmg to me in Brewmaster.

So far I am:

3/3 AQ
3/3 Naxx
3/3 MC
2/3 BWL

I have just been missing the second BWL pet for a couple weeks now, which is annoying. But I didn't buy or trade any of the other ones I have. The other cool thing is that I still run all of them as selling them makes a decent profit. Especially since I have 11 chars that can run these solo...

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Re: Raiding with Leashes Achievement Progress..

Post by Annun » December 30th, 2012, 11:58 pm

So far:

1/3 Naxx
3/3 MC
3/3 BWL
3/3 AQ

The silly Spider dropped again and again ... but not the other two :-(

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Re: Raiding with Leashes Achievement Progress..

Post by Mezcaal » January 2nd, 2013, 11:59 am

I group with a guildie for all of them except MC. Makes things easier. And I have two characters capable of frost damage for AQ40.

MC: 2/3
BWL: 0/3
AQ40: 1/3
Naxx: 0/3
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Re: Raiding with Leashes Achievement Progress..

Post by Imthedci » January 2nd, 2013, 11:42 pm

Managed to muscle my way through Anub'Rekhan and luckily Maxxena dropped the Bone Spider! Still can't get through Patchwerk though. Made it down to 40%, but that it...

AQ40: 2/3
MC: 2/3
BWL: 2/3
NAXX: 2/3

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Re: Raiding with Leashes Achievement Progress..

Post by Misthunt3r » January 3rd, 2013, 7:50 am

Ok so I'm 12/12 and lots more. Soloed all with warrior. Minding what I know feral druid, dk, warlock and hunter should also have no problems with that (my guildies with such classes did it and we're not hardcore).
If you can't solo search for partner cos 2man it's totally easy - and just farm untill you both get what you need.
Or trade with a help of this forums. GL :)

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Re: Raiding with Leashes Achievement Progress..

Post by Maliander » January 3rd, 2013, 8:13 am

Don't think there's a mage soloing guide up yet, so here goes:
  • MC - Nothing special
  • AQ40 - Viscidus: Used the fast [link eaten by forum]white dagger from Dalaran[/link], dual [link eaten by forum]Barov Peasant Caller[/link], Icy Veins, Timewarp. Perpaps a bit overkill, but gets the job done :)
  • BWL - Razorgore: Use Rune of Power, dismiss Water Elemental. Sometimes he draws too much aggro, but can usually one-shot it.
  • BWL - Suppression Room: Keep adds before that room alive and let them punt you upstairs.
  • Naxx - Patchwerk: Use Rune of Power. Let distant, glyphed Water Elemental make first few attacks (locking aggro) and heal him with Frostbolt, getting the occasional spell in at Patchwerk as healing permits.
Just need the Globule myself, though I did buy the occasional underpriced pet off the AH.

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Re: Raiding with Leashes Achievement Progress..

Post by Cabadath » January 3rd, 2013, 8:23 am

Byntaran wrote: Had to use my DK to solo Viscidious, but DKs mix of magic and melee damage meant he couldn't solo the Twins.
My DK is blood specced and have a couple of heroic dungeon items, uses the two hander sword from the coliseum scenario (with rune of the fallen crusader) and otherwise is decked out in quest greens/blues (haven't done the entire dread wastes even).

It takes a little time to kill the twins, but it's no problem.

What I do:
-(Kill the adds leading up to the twins)
-Mount up, target vek'nilash, and run up to vek'lor to aggro him.
-Run over to the chamber entrance, and dismount in the little niche just to the right of the entrance with your back to the wall. There you'll be standing in the little corner between the column and the wall, in case you get knockbacked (which shouldn't happen).
-Don't bother spending cd's or runes at first. Vek'lor will nuke you from a distance while vek'nilash melees you. When they teleport-switch, vek'lor will be standing in melee range and vek'nilash will stand at a distance. He will then run back up to you.
-Start damage when both of the bosses stand in melee range.
-Start tearing vek'nilash up. Do not try using plague or frost strike; they are magic abilities and won't affect him and thus wastes a death strike. What you use is heart strike and death strike. I prefer death strike whenever possible because the aoe-effect of blood strike doesn't do much good; your only priority is to nuke down vek'nilash.
-Use dancing rune blade as soon as you have the rune power for it, and use it as soon as it goes off cd.
-Use horn of winter as soon as it goes off cd, to generate runic power for rune strike.
-Use empower rune weapon early after you have spent all your runes, to maximize dps.
-Use anti-magic shell to regenerate more runic power from vek'lor's magic attacks.
-Do NOT raise a ghoul or use army of the dead. That will only result in chaos; vek'nilash will run all over the place getting taunted by the army, and you risk getting knockbacked every which way (guess it's because of melee minions hitting vek'lor or something - don't remember).

Sometimes your blood worms will aggro vek'nilash when they teleport-switch places. Run a little forward to hit him to regain aggro, and quickly run back to the corner. Continue dps.

This way, vek'nilash gets whittled down slowly but steadily. No point using any other abilities than described above, as they are magic based, such as soul reaper or death and decay etc. Note that your dmg is nerfed because you can't put the diseases on vek'nilash.

I take em down every time and before the enrage, but it does take a little while.

Oh, and I'm only missing the pet from viscidus, twin emperors and gluth. Got most of em the two first weeks, but then nothing. I got sick and tired of doing razorgore, so when I saw the pet on the AH for 500g I leapt at the opportunity. Hoping to get the last three pets tonight!

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Re: Raiding with Leashes Achievement Progress..

Post by Bonhomous » January 3rd, 2013, 10:54 am

It was interesting, I had never done Molten Core before in my life, so I didn't have any character attuned. Took my lvl 90 enhancement shamman, got him attuned and took him through the entire instance. You can basically ignore most trash and just focus on the bosses. I killed all the bosses and got an achievement for completing Molten Core, but not one pet dropped. (So sad)
After wrapping that up and seeing that I would need to wait a week to do it again, I thought I might as well see what other toon I had that could do it, my next highest lvl is a lvl 86 rogue, so I got him attuned and took him inside, not sure if he could do it or not. The fights took a little bit longer, but he had no problem killing the bosses either. All three pets dropped for him and I didn't bother getting him the achieve. :)

So one toon got the achieve, the other got the pets. Two runs and i'm done with MC.

I'm 3/3 on Naxx and now 3/3 on MC - time to go to AQ40 and BWL next.
(in Naxx, I had a friend with me - I switched to heals and healed him through patchwerk)

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Re: Raiding with Leashes Achievement Progress..

Post by Misthunt3r » January 4th, 2013, 4:11 am

Bandobras inspired me to write advise to warriors, but it will be much simplier :)

Naxx - just go Arms spec and faceroll it if you have decent gear, with weaker gear use def Stance as well

BWL - faceroll all the way except Razorgore, but here's how I solo him:
- use def stance, pull, kill 3 mobs, use orb
- destroy eggs, sleep dragonkins, ignore rest of the adds
- when MC fades just click the orb again ignoring adds totally ( i use 1 shockwave to clear the view, but nothing more )
- destroy eggs, sleep dragonkins, ignore rest of the adds
- Kill boss.
Properly done you need 2 full MC cycles to get all the eggs. If you can't just reapat steps untill done :)

MC - faceroll all the way, pass adds kill whatever you need and get the hell out :) - you can also kill all and sell Fiery Core, Molten Core and Sulfuron Ignot if you want to get money as well from it :)

AQ -
Prophet - nuke
Viscidus - I do it this way: go fury spec, nuke boss to 1 hp, swith to 2 fast 1h weapons with Deathfrost enchanted (elemental power works as well), wait till he freezes, use all your rage for fast skills and boom, done
Twins - go Arms spec just pull the melee Emperor and get ur back to the wall so you won't get kicked back, I just shoot the other Emperor with G91 and nuke the melee one.

Mind that I use classic PvP Arms spec which means there's Second Wind in it, but as you can have this perk in every spec now just use it when survivability is needed. GL :)

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