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un named battle pet icon on minimap?

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un named battle pet icon on minimap?

Postby Voodymoo » October 29th, 2013, 3:23 am

hi all, first post here, so wanted to say first, great site!

ok, ive got a flying pet icon on my minimap just to the right of farmer nishi....when i mouse over it, it just says "pet battle" and shows a "chicken" icon.

to my knowledge, im NOT missing ANY wild pets, i have zoo keeper.....any one got any ideas what it is, or does anyone have the same strange icon?
it *could* be a bug in one of my addons, i use petbattletamer and pokemon trainer..this shows on both my linked battlenet accounts, and on any pc i log onto btw....which all (in my household) have those addons.

it IS probably a bug, but its driving me crazy!!

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