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Secondary Professions

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Secondary Professions

Postby Stevehansell » December 6th, 2016, 5:40 am

So I've had this thought for a long time with regards to Secondary Professions. I am interested to get some opinions (pro's and cons) on the thought of Secondary Professions becoming account bound. It would make a lot of sense for recipe collectors, for instance they wouldn't have to collect cooking recipe's again if they make an alt. There would obviously have to be some exceptions of course, for example the rogues recipe (Thistle leaf tea I think) would not get unlocked unless you have a Rogue who has bought it.

Would just be interested to see what people think of this.

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Re: Secondary Professions

Postby Paladance » December 8th, 2016, 1:43 am

Quite a popular request, and I think reasonable. :) If one deems that "too nice to be real", they'd still need to be unlocked by a profession trainer, maybe with an additional requirement.
Would be great for all these alchemists that have no skill in archaeology. :oops:
I wouldn't be very concerned about the class or faction restrictions, as you can see how these work with toys.

EDIT: though getting archaeo pets once per account would be sad

I also have a feeling that in the future we can get account-wide currencies, or at least a need for them is already recognised.
See the Pet Charms that are account bound but still need to be separate items and I believe that's because of the technical aspect. Same with the PvP currency I think?

I've seen also suggestions for account-wide reputations, but I'm not very fond on that one. Just update old factions to get a learning token, and for another matter, the Timewalking already helps a lot. :)

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