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Website for tracking WoW collections

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Re: Website for tracking WoW collections

Postby Uduwudu » November 6th, 2016, 9:29 am


Was able to get it open in IE (didn't try Edge -- can't stand it!).

The only thing that is weird for me, is that if it can tell me I have 9/10 of something, why can't it tell me which one is missing? That would, likely, be more helpful.

Not sure why I would need/want to know that I have x number of this and that ... I would rather find out which ones I can get, although for Pets (for example) the listing shows the ones missing, but not where they are. Knowing that there were/are (as an example) 4 pets I can get in Suramar, or Azsuna, would be more interesting, I think. Pet Tracker tells you that you have all the pets, but you don't. There are more, and this is very clear on the older world, where it only lists a select few that were a part of the Achievement, not any other pets.

Just some thoughts ... I always wondered why people that know code can tell you something, and not all of it ... if it knows that you have 9 of 10, it can tell you which one is not there ... and that's better information than knowing you have 9 of 10.

I've always thought the thoughts on that were backwards. You know the answer but won't give it away.

Just weird for me. And it's even more like that when it comes to Recipes for anything else. So I need 747 recipes ... for what? and Where are they? Auction House? See the point?

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Re: Website for tracking WoW collections

Postby Iopos » November 10th, 2016, 3:54 am

I don't know of anything off the top of my head for pets, but there is an addon that can help you with the recipes. Ackis Recipe List adds an extra side tab to your professions window that lists what recipes you do not have(and you can filter it to not show ones impossible for you to get, like class/faction specific stuff). It also, last time I used it, gave you some info on where to find said recipes.

Beyond that, I've usually used Wowhead for figuring out what I'm missing and where to go for it. I can see if I'm missing something from a given zone, pop on Wowhead and look for what pets spawn there

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