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Dalaren Underbelly Woes

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Dalaren Underbelly Woes

Postby Flyingdoxie » September 4th, 2016, 3:51 pm

I am very frustrated with this!!! :evil:
I have played this game on a *PVE* server for 7 years and I do NOT engage in PvP. I have no issues with those who do. But I _deeply resent_being FORCED to do it in the Legion Dalaran Underbelly to complete quest, fish, or to get pets. I have read how to minimize being flagged and ganged by jerk players. IT DOES NOT WORK! I have spent well over 100 g so far on rental bodyguards who cannot defend me adequately when I am engaged in a pet battle. I have also attempted to get out as soon as the notice comes up that guards are going on break. BUT, I cannot get out in time, even while riding a rat mount, if I'm in the middle section or in process of getting a pet. If Blizzard wants to have a PvP area in a Sanctuary zone down there, I greatly hope they make the following changes:
1. Remove the necessity of players who do not want to PvP to go down there!
2. If #1 cannot be done, then: Give a longer timer for the guard off duty switch to allow players enough time to leave and not be killed.
3. Apply same "safe zone" as in PvE areas when a player is engaged in a pet battle. I have been killed numerous times while engaged in a pet battle (as has been the pet) because I cannot respond to the player attacking me while I'm in a pet battle. That is just a low blow!!!
Thanks for letting me vent!!!

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