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Anyone Else Hate LFR Q???

Discuss anything else pertaining to WoW.
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Anyone Else Hate LFR Q???

Postby Waveryn » November 6th, 2013, 6:57 am

There has to be a way to make this better. What I mean is let me choose if I wish to que for an already started/failing most likely group, or a fresh run.
I have wasted 6 hours in Que for Downfall trying to get to do the first two bosses for a chance of pet drops. I have never gotten a que with the first boss always after it or on Garrosh and all the groups have been so bad I eventually, after broken armor have left group. This so sad and mainly why I hardly ever do LFR.
I had to que multiple times to complete almost every section (for achievement) because I never seem to get a group at the beginning/first boss. Is it just me?

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Re: Anyone Else Hate LFR Q???

Postby Worgenbait » November 7th, 2013, 12:02 pm

What makes it worse has been the 1-2 hour queue for LFR only to end up with that. lol

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Re: Anyone Else Hate LFR Q???

Postby Hadrimmdar » November 12th, 2013, 9:16 am

Although I understand where you are coming from I think this would make things worse. If most people choose a full run how would you replace people who leave after a boss? Were you here for the Dragon Soul LFR? Back then you could see if the run was a new one or in progress and I had many runs on Spine or Madness fall apart because no one would accept the queue. It even happened once on the ship.

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