Quick Honor with the seething shore - this week only!

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Quick Honor with the seething shore - this week only!

Post by Nagini » March 1st, 2018, 2:40 pm

I just wanted to draw attention to the current "brawl", seething shore. This Bg will become permanent in BfA, but is currently que-able as a brawl. The honor gain from this bg is exceptional and a match is only about 10 minutes. You get 60 honor per objective, and winning requires 15 completed nodes. this means you'll get 900 honor for the objectives alone, plus honor for the win. But even without winning, you can still get up to 840 honor for the objectives (14 objectives).

So anything but a completely devastating loss will still get you more honor then most bgs will. I got about 10 honor levels in about an hour and a half. I wanted to post it here, since people may not be aware and its a good opportunity to get prestige 2 or 7 for the pets. You can que specifically for Seething shore in the honor tab, casual, then the bottom porton.

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