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Multiple Character Collections

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Multiple Character Collections

Postby Serraphina » January 25th, 2012, 11:51 am

After switching mains, I found that it made more sense to collect on two toons instead of just one. Now when I look at my profile with "All Characters" selected it tells me "You've collected 179 of 173 pets!" It seems to be telling me how many pets total (which is correct) against how many pets ONE character is collecting.

My toons are of different factions, and one is a few years newer than the other, so they aren't collecting the same pets. I also don't see a need to collect pets I have on my older toon on my newer one as it will all be merged soon anyway.

I guess I'm asking if we can have one list of what we are collecting, and then both characters count towards that? Both characters can show their collected pets individually of course, but for the total collected it would be a bit clearer. I think that would solve the problem of having more pets than I'm collecting. It would also prevent me from excluding pets on my new toon that I have on my old one.

I'm sorry if that's a bit confusing, I'm not quite sure how to explain it in a clearer way.

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