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Smart search and Pet collections

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Smart search and Pet collections

Postby Kpb321 » September 17th, 2013, 5:26 pm


I'd like to suggest a couple of related improvements.

1) I'd like to make it much easier to see what breeds I have for pets in my collection. When I'm viewing my entire collection I see the breed of my pet in the hover over but I don't seem to see that anywhere else. If I filter my collection or I do a smart search for included in my collection that list doesn't show the breed(s) or rarity of the pets I have collected. I also don't believe you see it when looking at other peoples collections. I'd like to see the same info that is in the hover over when viewing the entire collection moved to the other lists.

When you go to specific pet page it does seem to default to the stats for your unique pet in your collection but if you start changing the breed or level there is no obvious indicator I can see what versions of that pet you have collected. I'd love a little section on the battle page that says you have the following of this pet with the same summary information as the hover over.

2) It would be great to be able to filer another users collection. The level that pet thread has died down with everyone busy collecting the new pets but it wasn't exactly easy to find a low level blue pet in some people's collections for them to level =)

3) Smart Search seems to be considering all possible breed(s) for a pet when I search my collection not the breed(s) I actually have. For example I am searching for a flying pet with Speed > 300 that I have collected as a Rare and has the Increased Dmg Debuff. Basically I'm looking for a flying pet that is faster than Xu-fu that has flock or swarm to use as my second pet against him. It is finding chickens and Szechuan chickens as the s/s variety are faster but searching through my collection I've got a H/B chicken and a s/s Szechuan chickens so I'd only expect the later to show up. It also shows a shrine fly which would be faster as a S/S but I've only got a B/B in my collection so I wouldn't expect to find it.

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