Best team you've ever used?

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Best team you've ever used?

Post by Incredibade » March 23rd, 2014, 11:26 am

Im wondering what the best team you've ever used is? Dont only think about how strong it is, it's a very important factor but it should also be fun and not the same rotation over and over.

Here's mine:

Bligthawk ( 305 P / 244 S)
Jademist Dancer (276 P / 281 S)
Alpine Hare ( 227 P / 357 S)

I'm assuming that most of you know the powerful combo of Cyclone + Rain dance. Your goal is to get 2x Cyclone + Rain dance combo every fight. This means that you want you Bligthawk and Jademist Dancer to die somewhat at the same time. For example if you face an Unbrorn Val'kyr team. You open with Cyclone and if your opponent uses Curse of Doom you swap to Jademist, use your Rain dance and Acid rain then go back to Blighthawk. You want Curse of Doom and Haunt on separate targets.

The reason i use a rabbit is to:
A: have a faster pet to counter Death adder hatchling
B: Undead pets are common in pet battles and the rabbit is strong against them with Flurry
C: Flurry removes decoy and works good vs Mechanicals cheat death since it continues to hit.
D: After you've gotten your decired cleave with Cyclone + Rain dance + Acid rain. A fast pet like the rabbit can often kill 1 target, then kill 1 more then the third one. Also the avoidance from the rabbit works wonders.

I'd say i win about 95/100 with this team (i have played maybe 200 games with it). Losses only really come when im super unlucky, missing alot with blighthawk and only get 2 hits with rabbits Flurry and miss with Burrow.

So whats your favourite best team?

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Re: Best team you've ever used?

Post by Digem » March 23rd, 2014, 11:47 am

I use similar team but use a scourge whelping instead of the rabbit might check out the rabbit.
but dreadful breath goes great with this team that the whelping has.
it is fun to take out the entire backline of pets on a opponent.

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Re: Best team you've ever used?

Post by Jerebear » March 23rd, 2014, 12:48 pm

Droplet of Y'Shaarj also pairs well with the blighthawk/dancer pair. Lead off with the droplet for Acid Rain/Breath until the droplet dies, then run the blighthawk/dancer combo. This makes the dancer your sweeper sort of, but with the acid rain from the droplet already up, those higher accuracy steam vents will do quite a bit more damage. The nice thing about dreadful breath (whether from the whelpling or the droplet) is that it is strong vs dragons, so it covers the weakness from cyclone.
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Re: Best team you've ever used?

Post by Sile9 » March 23rd, 2014, 4:08 pm

For my Clonedance my third of choice is Snarly. The bleeds severely punish teams that swap in step with mine as dots on top of the raging Cyclone decimate their ranks. Many a game I've swapped in Snarly immediately after Rain Dance to BitW to reap the full benefits of the buff while preserving the Jademist's HPs and punish wily opponents who Deflect the first turn of the buff. Its big punch as well as Surge make it a great sweeper once the whole team is nice and low. It has the tools to manage many of the most popular meta pets that pose a threat to the Blighthawk and Jademist with resistance to Valk damage, Surge spam to reduce rabbit damage and bleed on the Burrow turn, and BitW through Blinding Poison, as well as being itself a strong counter to Clonedance by bleeding both the enemy Blighthawk and Jademist followed by BitW.

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