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Battle Team Builder Tool

Posted: November 14th, 2012, 5:55 pm
by Zso
Hi everyone,

Not sure if something like this exists already, I’ve not spotted it anywhere though and believe it would be super useful, but beyond my own technical expertise to create.

If any of you have played CCGs such as Magic the Gathering you might be familiar with deck building sites (such as These have a database of all available cards, extensive filter options and allow you to easily create a deck around a theme or particular skill set.

I envision something similar for pet battles. You would be able to filter by pet family, type of attack(s) (e.g. pets with elemental attacks or pets with both flying and mechanical attacks), pets that have ability X (e.g. all pets with tail swipe), pets with health/speed/attack under/equal/above a certain value, pet’s with heals/weather effects/cc/abilities persistent through swaps etc.

The most useful feature would be a keyword functionality allowing users to search for abilities that have been tagged with keywords such as blind/burn/sun.

This would facilitate the creation of synergised teams. For example, I was looking yesterday at the Mechanical Pandarian Dragonling’s thunderbolt ability which instantly causes any bombs that exist to detonate. I would love to simply be able to search for the keyword “bomb” and see a list of abilities and pets that match.

What are people’s thoughts on creating something like this?

Re: Battle Team Builder Tool

Posted: November 14th, 2012, 6:31 pm
by Hellomynameis
If I were you, I would just use a google search:

site: bomb

...and look up the different pets in your result.
From the results I found that Lil' Smoky has an ability called Sticky Grenade, that might get detonated.

a quick google search for:

site: "Sticky Grenade"

..told me there are 4 pets with this ability, but I could just have used wowhead's database to find that one out.

Lil' XT has an ability called XE-321 Boombot that also might get detonated. Similary Darkmoon Zeppelin has both the Thunderbolt and the Bombing Run abilities.

I guess what I am saying is that its a great idea, but there are ways to finding out already. That beeing said, I do hope to see more filters in the pet search engine soon. :)