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Best beast

Posted: March 4th, 2014, 1:13 pm
by Djark
I just need some input as to what may be the best battle pet in the beast category, according to anyone's opinion. Please say why you feel that way and include breed if you would please.

Re: Best beast

Posted: March 4th, 2014, 1:24 pm
by Regillixavatar
Djark wrote:I just need some input as to what may be the best battle pet in the beast category, according to anyone's opinion. Please say why you feel that way and include breed if you would please.
Ones that definitely make my list (figuring you mean PvP pets >.>).

Kovok - because pheremones, duh! I prefer H/S to get the extra leg up on people but H/P is nice too

Xu-Fu, cub of Xuen - awesome pet esp if you can pair him w/ another moonlight pet and take feed instead. Spirit Claws will hit through DAH blind in moonlight and prowl can be used for some awesome setups (esp with feed)

Zao, calfling of Niuzao - because Wish is ridiculous

Scalded Basilisk Hatchling - Fairly speedy lizard and with Crystal Prison + Feign death an awesome control pet. I use P/S breed to max out speed

Warstalker Hatchling - Another lizard, I know, I know but it's the only guy with a priority magic type move. Nice for making alpha strike flyers cry

Re: Best beast

Posted: March 4th, 2014, 1:27 pm
by Kpb321
I don't think anyone can really answer the question because "best" is really vague. Best at what? Pvp? PvE? Power leveling on critters? First Beast to level? For using against trainer XYZ? Give us a little context and you'll get a lot better answer.

Since you only have 24 lvl 25 pets according to your profile here I'll point you at the following as some good starting points to leveling up more pets assuming your question is related to that. ... =10&t=4580 ... =10&t=7023 ... =10&t=4314 ... =10&t=7556

Re: Best beast

Posted: March 4th, 2014, 2:46 pm
by Djark
Thank you for the links, they are a lot of help. Basically I am trying to get a good base of lvl 25 pets primarily for celestial tourney. I am extremely methodical and at this point I am rounding out a trio for each pet family. If you'd like to peek at my collection and maybe offer input on what pets to level or what pets that are missing that would be beneficial to have I would appreciate that. The next step in my master plan will be to add another two pets at 25 of each family, hopefully without duplicating. Honestly I am a bit afraid of pvp pet battles, it's prolly an irrational fear as I have yet to do any, but some advice on good teams for that would be appreciated as well.

Re: Best beast

Posted: March 4th, 2014, 5:53 pm
by Kpb321
Okay that context helps a bit. If you are looking to build up a stable of pets to try to beat the Celestial Tourney you'll want to plan the pets you level to be as useful as they can be. IMO that means pets that will fit into Tamer/BoF strategies and CT teams. Getting pets for the "master" tamer guide will make your fights go much faster than with the Idol and Emerald Proto-Whelp which will help get more pets to level 25.

I'd start by trying to build a list of pets for the 4 celestials in the CT. You have to fight them each time you do the CT so you want to have a plan. You can either aim for things that overlap with other uses or things that are easy to get to max level (aka 3 snails for Yula). Then start looking at the Rotating sets of three tamers.

For the tamers guide keep in mind that you may not need that exact pet. A similar pet may work fine and some of the older threads have alternate teams that still work fine but aren't necessarily as fast as the latest thread. The 5.3 tamer guide also uses fewer total pets and you can mix and match between them too. If you are looking to level a lot of pets the tamers are pretty much the best way to do it. The stones are also very helpful for upgrading those pets that only come in green or are just hard to catch as rares.

As far as a specific beast to level I'd say [pet]Zandalari Kneebiter[/pet] would be my choice. S/S is probably best but your P/S is fine. The other Zandalari raptors aren't bad this one just has the best combo with Hunting Party/Black Claw/Bloodfang. The Toenibbler is definitely less useful than the other three without Hunting Party. My Zao team is just three raptors and it wins every time. Black Claw -> hunting party. If he manages to kill of my first pet just hunting party again on the second raptor. I don't think I've ever gotten to the third pet while using anything other than a p/p as the first pet.

Re: Best beast

Posted: March 4th, 2014, 9:13 pm
by Se5s
the single best beast, despite what many people say about the situation dictating the response, is Xufu. his moves work with the beast passive better than any other pet in the game works with their passives. obviously he won't be a great choice against an NPC tamer with a strong mechanical; however in pvp he is absolutely monstrous. most go with prowl > feed, i used too, but now i realize the usefulness of moonlight as a guard against teams that rely on weather effects, crows, and making sure his spirit claws lands. he's on 3 of my 5 strongest pvp teams.

to avoid overlapping your already leveled pets i suggest "favorite"ing your current 25's. then as u figure out a pet to level, put it on your favorite list as well and level it from there. remember to research which breeds are the truly strong ones for each pet. such as the p/p DAH is pretty awful, while the S/S DAH is damn near godlike. the B/B val'kyr will beat the H/H val'kyr if they both haunt on the same round, etc...

pvp pet battles are very random. it's much like playing cards with nothing to bet, so you really have nothing to lose. you'll only gain a lot of knowledge and strategy that you probably wouldn't have otherwise figured out on your own, or even from here lol.

the first 2 pets you need for the tournament are pandaren water spirit and chrominius. they beat almost every BoF on their own and 3 of the 4 celestials (barring RNG hate.) i also suggest buying the alterac brew pup; he has the best backline pet heal for keeping you from quitting the tournament to heal your pets: when you seem to be losing, just run away and load the brew pup and fight one of the tamers (there's always one) that doesn't attack on the first move, then you use the brew pup's backline heal, run away...rinse repeat as needed.

good luck :D