One of those nice moments in WoW

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One of those nice moments in WoW

Post by Arvelayne » November 11th, 2012, 7:30 pm

Well. I was busy levelling my rares near Halfhill when I got jumped by a DK. Just the usual. They see you standing and BOOM.

This time it was different though. The fight stopped half way through.

This is odd I thinks, and I start running off, thinking my attacker must have DCed or something. Then he Death Grips me back again. But he's definitely stopped attacking me.

I usually /golfclap gankers, and this was no exception, but I'm now standing healing myself and wondering what in blazes is going on...


I notice the level 22 Amber Moth that's beside him.

He's a pet fan!! :D

Now I have no idea if he'd recognised the name from here, or seen it on Wowprogress, or if he'd figured what I was doing, or if he'd seen my pet respawn after I'd dropped out of the pet battle I was in.

But fair play whatever the reason he stopped. I pulled out a couple of level 25s to show off, and we went on our merry ways with a /bye.

Made my night that did.


living alt.

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Re: One of those nice moments in WoW

Post by Jestah » November 11th, 2012, 11:13 pm

That is pretty awesome! Although I can't say whether or not I would do the same.. I have a strict "If it's red, it's dead!" policy myself. But it is awesome when the pet collecting community does things like this!

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