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Working the Willy

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Working the Willy

Postby Helbrecht » January 26th, 2014, 1:08 am

Willy is my kids' favorite pet. Something about his vacuous stare, his drool and his narcolepsy must speak to them, and they find him adorable. Whenever they see a warlock's observer they call it "Willy's Dad."

So just for them, I wanted to make a pet team that featured the lil' one-eye. The immediately obvious problem is Willy's breed. BB just kinda sucks, and he'd be a whole lot better if he were faster, both for Tongue Lash and Interrupting Gaze. On the plus side, there's great synergy between Rot and Tongue Lash. To help shore up his low speed, I paired him with an Arctic Fox Kit who can also benefit from the Rot. With the help of Dazzling Dance, Willy can actually use Interrupting Gaze.

For a third pet, I wanted to find another with Rot, just because I like to have a backup plan. I ended up using Sen'jin Fetish, but I couldn't bring myself to use Rot when Sear Magic is just so darn good. So here's the final lineup I created:

BB Willy (Tongue Lash, Interrupting Gaze, Rot)
PS Arctic Fox Kit (Flurry, Crouch, Dazzling Dance)
PP Sen'jin Fetish (Shadow Slash, Immolate, Sear Magic)

I tried it out in several games, and it did very well, largely because the Fetish is a great counter to the Val'kyr that infest my meta. My team got essentially soloed by a Blossoming Ancient though; having no way to remove weather effects sucks. It's certainly nowhere near a top-tier team, but using Willy is fun, and a quick one-eyed Willy slobbering all over the place is very amusing.

Now, tell me what you think, fellow Willy wonks! Do you have a better way to abuse poor little Willy? Free Willy from the dark recesses of your pet journal, and give me your very best Willy teams!

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Re: Working the Willy

Postby Vek » January 26th, 2014, 8:57 am

I would suggest using a frog instead, since you use Dazzling Dance you could go for a stronger version. They are an even better counter to Valk's than the Fetish, and they have critter attacks which also benefits from Rot.

It just seems that using Sear Magic would also remove any Dazzling Dance buff which seems counter productive.

Another pet you could try with Rot is the Crawling Claw, with the heal it should be able to be pretty durable.

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Re: Working the Willy

Postby Luciandk » January 26th, 2014, 11:10 am

Imo, dont use interupting gaze with Willy, but use Eyeblast instead. Matches the other abilities a lot better.

If enemy is faster than you, use Eyeblast, Rot, then Tongue Lash it to death.

If you are faster, just ignore Eyeblast from the above.

But come WoD with breeding, his poor BB breed can be corrected and getting the SS he needs and allowing him to use Interupting Gaze instead.

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Re: Working the Willy

Postby Helbrecht » January 26th, 2014, 7:43 pm

The frog is a good idea, and I'd considered it. I'll give it a shot... I think I'll call the team "Wet Willy."

I've actually found Interrupting Gaze to be pretty darn good when the Dance is up or I'm just faster. I've definitely won a couple games I would have lost had I been using Eyeblast. I don't disagree normally, but with the Dace around the Gaze is better than it usually is, that's all.

Thanks for the comments? Has anyone else come up with a good Willy team?

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Re: Working the Willy

Postby Ligre » January 26th, 2014, 11:27 pm


It's been pretty solid for me. I don't use Willy's Gaze, simply cuz if I do, and the opponent's pet is faster, then Tongue Lash is rather useless...even with Rot to assist. Gaze is good, but it's not THAT good. Dandelion Frolicker's Kick is far better...mostly cuz he's Humanoid, and gets a free heal for ~60 hp.

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Re: Working the Willy

Postby Genome » January 31st, 2014, 7:01 am

I very rarely run into Willy, but there is one person who uses him on a fairly effective team. The trio (with names) is normally:

Krang (Willy) - He generally casts Rot then licks or swaps to Panda.
Rocksteady (Mountain Panda) - Bite/Rock barrage/Mudslide. Mudslide makes this team fairly dangerous as he then can swap Willy back in to Rot/Lick after the big dmg to "Undead" from Mudslide. Sometimes the order is varied though.
Bebop - Some sort of frog.

Aside from the TMNT reference, this player/team is pretty strong vs. a lot of things.

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