Rotten Helper... Big Hitter?

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Rotten Helper... Big Hitter?

Post by Index » January 9th, 2014, 7:51 am

Hi folks,

Noticed last night while doing the Darkmoon daily, that this pet seems to have a fairly hefty punch!

I forget the ability name (Present Box thingy) but @ level 21, what I think is a P/P breed, I was hitting for around 610 damage against the Tonk.

Forgive me for being a bit vague, I'm at work at the moment, but has anyone else noticed the same? Oh, and there were no "weather" effect of any kind up, and no racial bonuses that I could speak of.

Perhaps a nice, hard-hitting humanoid?

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Re: Rotten Helper... Big Hitter?

Post by Vek » January 9th, 2014, 9:48 am

The attack Greench's Gift is indeed a very hard hitter. Over 700 at level 25. But the offset is that it has a 5 round cooldown and "only" 90% hit chance.

Looks to have the same base damage as Demolish(no cooldown, 50% to hit), but I don't think any pet with Demolish has 333 power.

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Re: Rotten Helper... Big Hitter?

Post by Hootstwo » January 9th, 2014, 7:48 pm

Yeah, the P/P version of this thing absolutely hits like a truck. I came up against one in PVP and it can certainly tear a pet down in a hurry.

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Re: Rotten Helper... Big Hitter?

Post by Nagflar » January 9th, 2014, 9:10 pm

low speed 260, low hit points 1319 .

Rotten hit like a truck but he is fragile

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Re: Rotten Helper... Big Hitter?

Post by Dakaf » January 10th, 2014, 1:31 pm

Nagflar wrote:low speed 260, low hit points 1319 .

Rotten hit like a truck but he is fragile
Glass cannon if there ever was one!
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Re: Rotten Helper... Big Hitter?

Post by Ravnhawk » January 10th, 2014, 2:23 pm

Hmmmm since all I did was level mine rather then really using it. Me thinks I'll start playing with this little guy and see how he does.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Re: Rotten Helper... Big Hitter?

Post by Abashera » January 10th, 2014, 2:46 pm

I sense a lot of nerfs incoming.

Especially seeing that guy on the main wow forums keeps whining about the Death Adder being TOO OP! How may threads is he going to make?

And he will eventually get his way. And just like people keep TRYING to tell him, something else will step right into it's place, because either you have a few OP pets in the game, or you have every pet mediocre... I guess that's what he wants is for all pets to have the same abilities and get boring until no one wants to play anymore.

Funny thing is that I didn't have a S/S Death Adder until he started complaining about them, LOL. I said "Hmmm, so they're OP, and the better PVPers sure using them a lot? ...I GOTTA GO GET ONE!!!" Went straight to the AH and bought one. :D

Anyway, yeah, I'll have to level my Rotten and give him a spin around the block before they nerf him.

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Re: Rotten Helper... Big Hitter?

Post by Ligre » January 10th, 2014, 2:48 pm

I don't really think he deserves a nerf, actually. His abilities are pretty standard. His power rating is what makes him a beast.

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Re: Rotten Helper... Big Hitter?

Post by Poofah » January 10th, 2014, 4:04 pm

Abashera wrote:I sense a lot of nerfs incoming.
I doubt it, they've already made nerfs to 5.4 pets (notably Murkalot), and most of the 5.4 pets have been out longer than him. There's been plenty of time to evaluate them, and if any of them were going to get nerfed it should have happened by now. Rotten Helper became available much later than most of the other 5.4 pets, but his power level is nowhere near Death Adder or Murk. He's fragile and slow, his big hitters are fairly easy to avoid/mitigate, and his slot 1 is pretty bad if you take Greench's Gift.

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Re: Rotten Helper... Big Hitter?

Post by Luciandk » January 10th, 2014, 6:58 pm

People are too quick to cry nerf with a strong pet. Only few pets have truly been broken and needed massive nerfs/redesigns.

And as already stated, Rotty is a glass cannon. And his big power move can miss, making him risky to use.

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