Pet PvP Winning Teams

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Pet PvP Winning Teams

Post by Silverthorn » December 26th, 2013, 11:59 pm

I'm not particularly good at making good pet teams, but I read a lot. I also suck at Pet PvP, but I figure it's mostly my teams. I can play tactics reasonably well and I'm starting to learn when to swap pets in and out, but I've been losing... a lot. It can be discouraging when I play a handful of matches and lose every single one... In the evenings, there's one dude. (I can tell by his style). He changes his teams a lot, but they're all wicked good and his execution is flawless. Normally, I'm just padding his wins, but now I have a new strategy.

At the start of the match, when I pick my starting pet, I take a print screen that shows my pets and the opponent's. I'm not sure if displaying the opponent's pets is from an add-on or built-in, but I like to take a print screen right there. (Note: the opponent's abilities are usually not displayed correctly). If I get soundly trounced and it's not due to a silly team on my side (hey, triple moths rock against switchers) and especially if I lose while the opponent still has one pet completely untouched, I'll pull up that print screen and replicate his team. The ability choices are from my memory of the match and a little guesswork. So I now won this week's 10 PvP battles with the following teams, courtesy of my l33t opponent... enjoy! I'm sure it will be all different next week.


Fel Flame 121
Macabre Marionette 222
Emperor Crab 221

Murkalot 111
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling 122
Xu-Fu 112

Unborne Val'kyr 121
Scalded Basilisk Hatchling 221
Chi-Chi 111

Fossilized Hatchling 112
Fel Flame 121
Lil'XT 122

Ruby Droplet 122
Unborne Val'kyr 111
Celestial Dragon (Spirit of Competition) 111

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