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Random will be random

Posted: December 26th, 2013, 8:19 am
by Vek
Just faced an opponent with the worst of luck, this match at least.

My team:
Curious Wolvar Pup
Stitched Pup


Fiendish Imp
some Direhorn
some other Direhorn

First up, Toothy vs Imp.
Round 1. He Immolates, I Rip to make him bleed.
Round 2. He gates my Toothy, my wolvar pup gets in.
Round 3. Bad move no 1. He does not go to back row, instead he fireballs me and i kill him with Maul(since he bleeds it hurts a lot).
Round 4. I put a trap down, and it goes off in the first round(!) vs his first Direhorn. Talk about luck for me.
Round 5. I switch in Toothy while he is stunned, don't know why but he switches in his other Direhorn.
Round 6. Toothy Rips. He Primal Cry to make me slower.
Round 7. I surge to avoid being stunned by Horn Attack. He Horn Attacks... but Misses(first real bad luck).
Round 8. He Trihorn Charge... but misses again(strike two). I do Blood in the Water.
Round 9. I surge to kill it off.
Round 10. Last Direhorn in, already damaged from the trap. Im still slower so I surge. He Horn Attacks.
Round 11. I go first and Rip. He tries to do some damage with Trihorn Charge but of course misses(strike three).
Round 12. I Blood in the Water to end his miserable turn of luck.

Not as fun when it's the other way around. But this is always the risk when using below 100% hit moves.

Re: Random will be random

Posted: December 26th, 2013, 1:11 pm
by Ligre
Double Direhorns = I have ZERO sympathy for you if RNG is unkind. It's probably just me, but that Horn Attack's interrupt goes off more often than not and is largely responsible for them beating me. The real annoyance is Primal Cry, however. For being an AoE Slow, it does FAR too much damage. IMO, the damage it does should be nerfed to Pheromone levels...then it would be somewhat fair. It's bad enough that it lasts for 4 rounds, can be refreshed before it wears off, and allows for (9 times out of 10) a Direhorn that's faster than whatever you have out. Not as annoying as it once was, but still pretty cheesy.

Re: Random will be random

Posted: December 27th, 2013, 1:24 am
by Se5s
25% chance to sleep beats me every time. sleep > cocoon > 3x slicing wind = ~1200 dmg before i ever get to hit the moth. THAT's fair though because it's only a 25% to "miss", oh i mean hit... >_>