Did Striders get an overhaul last patch?

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Did Striders get an overhaul last patch?

Post by Abashera » December 22nd, 2013, 1:03 pm

I always use my Emerald Proto-Whelp when leveling by the striders. If the strider hit me with Soothe, I just hit Emerald Dream and sleep through Soothe.

When a strider would hit Soothe, if he had Poison Spit on you, the poison would break the strider's own soothe, and I didn't need to hit Dream.

But now I notice that if the strider has poison on you, you still get knocked out by soothe—Kinda like a Rogue's "Dirty Tricks."

It wasn't like this before the last patch. Has anyone heard about a change?

(This would make striders a little more viable in PVP)

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