Celestial Tournament Guide

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Celestial Tournament Guide

Post by Yinzara » November 20th, 2013, 3:16 am

Celestial Tournament General Strategy

The Celestial Tournament is a 2 round pet battle tournament (3 masters in 1st round, 4 masters in second round) in which you cannot heal any of your pets during the entirety of the encounter.

1st round are 3 random bosses with 3 pets each. These battles are relatively easy and it's best to conserve your best pets for the 2nd round.

2nd round are 4 legendary pets (single enemy, very high health, 50% damage reduction, cannot take more than 35% health damage in a single attack)
These require a very specific set of pets that will help you complete it

Remember, you really can't use a pet for 2 masters since it probably won't have full health which will mean it will die. There are certain pets I recommend leveling multiple of to 25 since they're incredibly powerful in these fights)

Suggestions for 1st Round
My 1st Round suggestions are not really set in stone. Basically, choose a battle pet who has powerful abilities against the specific masters you're fighting.
See http://www.warcraftpets.com/wow-pet-battles/ for basic information. Unfortunately week 2 1st round is REALLY hard in comparison to week 1. The fights below with full descriptions require a more specific set of pets.

Plan which pets you're going to use for the 2nd round before you start and make sure you have a few backups in case you get some bad RNG in the 2nd round.

Wise Mari
Oasis Moth vs Aquatic (no dragonkin or elementals) - I was able to down all 3 of his pets with just 1 Oasis Moth (didn't even swap in another pet)
Deathy vs Magic (mech strong against magic (dragonkin abilities) would be awesome but using a dragonkin may be problematic because of the team attack ability of the Aquatic enemy)
Dancing Water Skimmer vs Elemental (has aquatic abilities though so best to use a magic with aquatic abilities though I doubt it)

Blingtron 4000
Emperor Crab vs Elemental (no dragonkin nor mechs, weak against critter and beast) - has no team attack abilities
Spiny Terrapin vs Critter (no beasts, weak against elemental) - has no team attack abilities
Fel Flame vs Mechanical (no beasts nor flying, weak against mech and elemental) - Keep "Immolate" up. Don't "Conflagrate" until his shield is down that way you do maximum damage. Otherwise "Burn"

Shademaster Kirin
Zandalari Pet vs Humanoid (no undead nor mechanicals nor dragonkin, weak against humanoids and critters and beasts) no team effects - swap out pet immediately after attack
Lil' Ragnaros vs Mechanical (no beasts, weak against elemental) no team effects
Lil' Xt vs Beast (no critter, weak against flying)

- Black Claw
- Hunting Party
- Bloodfang (should kill his first pet)
- Magma Wave (which will stop the turrets he's building)
- Flamethrower
- Conflagrate (this should kill his pet and then when it comes back to life, you'll hit it again and kill it, you'll probably have rag at like 0 health right now)
- Pass turns (he'll be doing an ability that you always miss him so nothing helps)
- Flamethrower (you'll die with this turn more than likely)
- Swap to Lil' Xt
- XE-321 Bombbot
- Zap until Xt dies or until his pet is dead
- Swap to Zandalari pet
- Bloodfang (should kill his pet)
- Hunting Party (if it's not already dead)

Jungle Grub vs Undead
Deathy vs Dragonkin
Qiraji Guardling (or other Humanoid w/ Crush) vs Dragonkin
- Start with Jungle Grub (he will destroy the Undead without blinking an eye)
- Acidic Goo
- Chomp
- Burrow
- Pass next turn since he'll be alive but you can't damage him and he'll die at the end of the turn
- Acidic Goo
- Chomp until Burrow comes off cooldown or you die, repeat until dead
- Bring out Deathy
- Roar, Call darkness, Punch x 2, repeat until dead
- Bring out Qiraji Guardling
- Hawk Eye (or other damage increasing ability)
- Crush until dead

Chen Stormstout
Rabid Nut Varmit 5000 vs Beast
Curious Wolvar Pup vs Critter
Any Strider (Mirror Strider, Eternal Strider, etc) vs Elemental
- Start with Rabid Nut Varmit
- Extra Plating
- Metal Fist, repeat from beginning until Nut Varmit is dead (pass if you get put to sleep)
- Frenzyheart Brew, Maul, Bite x 2, repeat until Curious Wolvar Pup is dead
- Switch to any Strider Water Jet until dead (though honestly you

Taran Zhu
Unborn Val'kyr vs Humanoid
Restless Shadeling vs Humanoid
Fossilized Hatchling vs Humanoid
- Start with the Val'kyr
- Curse of Doom
- Next turn he will use something that stuns you so it doesn't matter what you use
- Pass turn (since you're stunned)
- Haunt
- Select Fossilized Hatchling
- Ancient Blessing
- Swap to Restless Shadeling (he will attempt to Feign Death but will die on the next turn from Haunt)
- Phase Shift
- Plagued Blood (he will attack with the Blinding move but because you're phase shifted he'll miss)
- Attack with Shadow Shock until he blinds you again, then use Phase Shift since the next turn you'd miss if you attacked anyway, repeat
- When you die, switch to Unborn Val'kyr
- Curse of Doom (you will take damage until you die this turn)
- Haunt
- Bone Bite (he will use his large heal)
- Bone Bite (he should die this turn)

Lorewalker Cho
Mini-Mindslayer (Non-Humanoid with Humanoid Abilities) vs Flying
Fel Flame (non-Dragonkin with Dragonkin abilities) vs Magic
Ethereal Soul Trader (non-Humanoid with Humanoid Abilites) vs Dragonkin

Dr. Ion Goldbloom
Crimson Geode vs Flying
Deathy vs Magic
Darkmoon Tonk vs Beast

Sully "The Pickle" McLeary
Mac Frog or Leopard Tree Frog vs Undead (an aquatic with Critter abilities)
Curious Wolvar Pup vs Critter (if you don't have him, any pet who is strong against critters
Pterrodax Hatchling vs Aquatic

1st Pet:
Anubisath Idol
Strategy: Use Crush to start, if you miss, restart the fight. Use Stoneskin 2nd turn, Defection 3rd turn, then use Crush 3 times, then rotate back to Stoneskin, then Deflection then Crush 3 times.

2nd Pet and 3rd Pet:
Any 2 high damage humanoids with Dragonkin ability (Quiraji Guardling, Kun-Lai Runt, etc)
Strategy: Finish him off with as much damage as you can as fast as you can. If you have another humanoid with a Deflection ability to avoid the dive attacks, that would be helpful.

Zao and Xu-Fu

1st and 2nd Pet
Either a Pandaren Water Spirit and a Chrominius
Geyser, Whirlpool, switch to Chrominius, Howl, Surge of Power (dead)
An Unborn Valkyr, Pandaren Water Spirit (or any pet with geyser or a multiround high damage ability), and any pet with Howl (usually beasts like foxes have it)
Curse of Doom, Haunt, Geyser (or high damage ability), switch to Beast, Howl, most powerful attack possible (dead)


1st Pet:
Undead pet with "Wild Magic" ability (Sen Jin Fetish, Fetish Shaman, Voodoo Figurine)
Strategy: Use "Wild Magic" to start then dps with any other ability until dead, on resurrection turn, use "Wild Magic" again
Squirrel (or a pet that has some 5 round DoT effect, preferrably one that hits multiple times for a small amount of damage)
Strategy: Use nut barrage then switch to 2nd pet)
2nd Pet:
any Zandalari pet (Anklerender, Kneebiter, Footlasher, Toenibbler)
Strategy: Use Black Claw, then Hunting Party
any Oozeling (Disgusting oozeling, jade oozeling, oily slimeling) (must use "Wild Magic" pet in first round to use an Oozeling)
Strategy: use Corrosion then Acidic Goo then Ooze Touch until dead

3rd Pet:
High damage mechanical (Darkmoon zep or tonk, etc)
Strategy: finish off enemy with max dps abilities

1st Pet
Undead pet with "Wild Magic" ability (Sen Jin Fetish, Fetish Shaman, Voodoo Figurine), just let pet die then use Wild Magic on ressurect round
Any pet with "Wild Magic" but you want to use the ability as close to dying as possible, just attack until you know you'll still be able to use at least one more move (don't risk it if it's really close)

2nd Pet:
any Oozeling (Disgusting oozeling, jade oozeling, oily slimeling) though Jade Oozeling is the best

3rd Pet:
Any pet with both "Flash" and "Light" (Nordrassil Wisp, Festival Lantern, etc) or in a pinch any pet with magic powerful abilities
Strategy: Use Flash, then Light, then Soul Ward, then pass turn, repeat until dead.

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