Could use advice on PvP Team: U Mad, Bro?

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Could use advice on PvP Team: U Mad, Bro?

Post by Seyla » November 5th, 2013, 2:28 am

I made a second PvP pet team as something to amuse me when I'm bored of actually trying to win.

Tundra Penguin H/S
-Slippery Ice
-Belly Slide

Enchanted Broom
-Wind up

Feline Familiar
-Onyx Bite
-Call Darkness

Basically the idea is to put up an accuracy lowering weather with either the broom or the cat (depending on which is more detrimental to the enemy's team) , maybe try to get a hit or two off, then switch into Tundra Penguin and Drop Slippery Ice. The goal is then to maintain accuracy debuffs while trying to get the best hits off on the enemy team.

This is not designed to be a Serious team that wins every game, just sort of something to give me a laugh imagining the RNG-induced rage fits an unlucky opponent might get. However, I would like some input on what I could do to better this team while keeping in the theme.

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Re: Could use advice on PvP Team: U Mad, Bro?

Post by Poofah » November 5th, 2013, 12:53 pm

People are reporting that the various 50% accuracy abilities are actually hitting at 75%, at least for Belly Slide and Demolish (but probably also Instability/Cataclysm/Haymaker/etc.). So Anubisath would fit: a Sandstormer with Demolish. I personally like Skunky Alemental, he'd give you another -25% debuff (Inebriate--no idea if it stacks with Slippery Ice) plus a long root ability to prevent opponent swaps.

For some real RNG annoyance, you could use Dandelion Frolicker with its 50% dodge buff, or any pet with Flash/Lens Flare.

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