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Re: The Murkapult

Post by Anasa » November 15th, 2013, 8:13 pm

3wd wrote:Someone told me after the hotfix of the inspiration, actually it also created a monster team.

Now that the inspiration buff is not a team wide buff anymore but rather will just stick on the pet you call up, well, if you murk will use inspiration and call in a valk.

In that round which your valk will have 100% speed and 100% dmg buff, cast the haunt, your haunt will have 100% dmg enhancement for the whole duration because it basically frozen all the buff & debuff on your valk at that round.
I haven't had internet at home since a couple days after getting the pet, but this is exactly what I was going to try as my first Murkalot PvP comp.

I just can't decide whether to throw the Murk back in, or another big tanky pet like Son of Animus or Blossoming Ancient.

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Re: The Murkapult

Post by Maleric » November 16th, 2013, 11:53 am

3wd wrote:
Maleric wrote:I feel like the murk/valk/kovok team can be countered by an aquatic with a shield, just like other valk teams. If you swap to a P/P emperor crab or a magical crawdad the turn the valk comes out, your pet shouldn't take more than 200 or so damage from the haunt. And unlike the standard valk teams, the murk versions don't have a spare pet slot to fit in a crow or another aquatic killer.
Yes you can counter this team with lots of aquatic pets, especially a crawdad because of the heals.

But this valk/murk/kovok team basically can destroy most of the other teams.

And I don't think Blizz can do anything about inspiration anymore, because the current state of sticking the buff to the called up pet is the correct setting, its just exactly match the unique setting of haunt - which will frozen your pet's buf/debuff status in that round.

Actually, other than the kovok, there is another very sneaky way to team up with the valk/murk with this setting.

Try this : Scalded Basilisk Hatchling

After the huant, switch in the basilisk, use Crystal Prison to stalk couple rounds, hit couple rounds, and then at the round when the haunt to wear off. use Feign Death, as long as you can control your valk to have the most health.

haha, next round you will see your valk standing in the front with the buff still, and you can do the whole thing again.

This is not as strong and safe as using a kovok, but it is still lots of fun.
Feign death pets are definitely nasty on valk/murk teams. I've seen a few with chi chi, though none with scalded basilisk hatchling yet. Other popular choices for the third pet slot seem to be decoy pets and team heal pets.

And, of course, murk teams with two AoE pets - fossilized hatchling, kovok, etc. - seem to still be popular as well.

Unless murk gets nerfed, I think the metagame for the rest of the expansion is going to be dominated by murk teams. Only variation will be how many AoE pets they have.

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