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PvP Combo's

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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PvP Combo's

Postby Flowne » October 4th, 2013, 10:44 am

So I just faced this on PvP Battles:

Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen
Unborn Val'kyr
Spring Rabbit

I found this setup so OP I thought it was worth sharing, btw let's get a PvP Comb thread going? I will update this post with all the good setups you guys reply!

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Re: PvP Combo's

Postby Azrile » October 4th, 2013, 12:30 pm

I think that is how Blizzard is going to keep things fresh, they will just make the newer pets stronger than the older pets.

Most of the really good pvp teams were nerfed when 5.4 launched, but the unborn Valkrie was buffed, and most of the celestials and new drops are strong also.

I am done with pvp.. got my 250 wins and will wait for next expansion. But just looking at some of the new drops ones, it is obvious you won´t be seeing many older pets in good pvp teams anymore.

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Re: PvP Combo's

Postby Se5s » October 6th, 2013, 4:28 pm

i was using broom, val'kyr, monk. only change with 5.4 is from broom to xufu. the fix to haunt just makes the val'kyr that much stronger.

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Re: PvP Combo's

Postby Likebigbuttz » October 6th, 2013, 6:07 pm

I gave up fighting against the Val'kyr and started using one myself. I'm still messing with the other slots a little bit, but for PvP the Val'kyr is very handy.

I did a fight against a Ruby Droplet on the weekend and found them very OP. I MUST GET ONE!!!!

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Re: PvP Combo's

Postby Anasa » October 8th, 2013, 12:15 pm

I haven't done even one PvP queue'd battle. I've battled against friends a little, but no randoms.

I should just jump in, I guess, but I can't decide what my first PvP team should be.

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Re: PvP Combo's

Postby Tekulve2012 » October 8th, 2013, 1:09 pm

If you want a no brainer easy to get pvp team :
3 moths -
i sometimes run amber/gilded moths both with sleep as 3rd attck and yellow moth(p/p) with moth balls
cocoon is always useful

tons of speed advantage-hard hits quick games - over 50% success rate most days
one could buff this team with turrets and the CWGnome or other options

sandstorm and darkness hurt the moths a bit but i see fewer anubs than in the past
alternately one could go with:
Unborn valk or ghostly skull
yellow moth (p/p)

start with Unborn- i like CODoom and haunt but UA is an option too
switch to yellow moth
mop up with anub

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Re: PvP Combo's

Postby Anasa » October 8th, 2013, 6:47 pm

I was thinking about doing the Immolation crew, with some force-swaps. Two back line pets ticking an 8 round DoT on the current pet seems "Good" to me.

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Re: PvP Combo's

Postby Tracktastic » October 9th, 2013, 6:13 pm

I blew through my 10 wins for the week in 12 fights today using 2 teams.'

1. unborn valk whatever/doom/haunt
2. lil tarecgosa blast/wild magic/arcane storm
3. lil bling smackdatass/shield/make it rain

The other one was basically the same team with ruby droplet at the end and it didn't work quite as well but it got me a few wins before I lost.

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Re: PvP Combo's

Postby Paggy » October 11th, 2013, 3:00 pm

Ever since they nerfed swap teams, I started using 3 crocodiles with Rip+Surge+Blood In Water. Works really nice and no new pets involved. Best thing, with rip, Blood in water completely ignores, chance to miss debuff

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Re: PvP Combo's

Postby Ril » October 11th, 2013, 3:57 pm

in case someone wants to use newest pets for pvp... i did pretty well with this combo:

Xu-fu 1-1-2
Moon Moon (PP) 1-2-1
Chi-Chi 1-1-2

I've heard about the good performance of the combination of Xu-Fu and Moon, but wasn't sure about the third pet at first. Most importantly, it has to be strong against mechanicals, and chi chi has a very suitable attack against them. The 1-3 hit attack is ideal because it continues after the mechanical resurrects and few mechanicals use shields with fixed reduction. Also, I wanted something feign death like, since there's already enough pet switching between Moon and Xu AND it blocks an attack. On top of it, it offers a pretty potent HoT to the active pet.

I chose a PP Moon because that's what I got from the boss... :) I can imagine that a SS alternative might be pretty good as well because of the Crouch ability. However as long as I don't have access to an SS Moon my PP one will do just fine, after all it utterly destroys flying pets in few hits. SS might be desirable in situations where I open witn Moon (which I usually do) against a mechanical, to get off the tears.

As of Xu-Fu, I wasn't sure at first whether I should take Moonfire or Feed, but in the end, Moonlight weather isn't that important that missing it would break the game and Feed works really well with prowl and the beast racial, so I picked feed. I once obliterated a mechanical opponent using the Prowl->Feed combination (finishing it off with spirit claws after resurrect) thanks to superior speed and crit luck.

All in all, this team is pretty balanced and has good synergies overall between Moonlight, self-heals, burst and defense. It is lacking a second weather caster that would make the team stronger, but it is not crucial for a win. Facing e.g. a Darkness team is probably pretty tough, I imagine it to be this team's greatest weakness. However I never faced one yet so I can't tell for sure.

as of another suggestion for a solid easy-to-get team... it is still a strong team that isn't built around special synergies or strategy other than picking the best pet in that situation:

Anubisath Idol 1-1-1
Gilnean Raven (SS) 2-2-1
Fel Flame (HP) 2-2-1

All you do is basically hard-counter what you can, using weather effects to negate the enemy and mess up your enemy's plans by chanigng wheather and blocking stuff. All of it while doing extraordinary amounts of damage (Darkness/Nocturnal Strike and Burn/Conflagrate), of course. You don't care much about being force swapped or swaps due to dangerous debuff combos.

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