Shademaster Kiryn

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Re: Shademaster Kiryn

Post by Anasa » September 26th, 2013, 1:41 am

I used:

Shademaster Kiryn:
[pet]Unborn Val'kyr[/pet] (1,2,1) (be very careful not to let her die... You need her later.)
[pet]Blossoming Ancient[/pet] (2,2,2)
Something better than [pet]Enchanted Broom[/pet] (2,1,2)

Unborn Val'kyr was my MVP for the week. I was able to use her on Kiryn and on two of the Celestials (Xu'Fu was much harder for me this week for some reason). Haunt is just that good. Against Kiryn I opened with her, cast Curst of Doom and then Haunt. The Ancient can come in and tank/smack Nairn while Haunt/Doom do their work. Alternate casting Ironbark to keep up the buff and whichever of Sunlight/Photosynthesis you need. I was trying to wait out the kitty's turrets (Ironbark = take no damage from them) before bringing in a mech on Summer, when I noticed that Summer was almost dead just from smacking him with Ironbark. I don't think the Broom even got in an attack.

The advantage here is that you pile a bunch of Undead damage on Nairn while the Val'kyr sits "dead" on the backline, away from his critter attack.

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Re: Shademaster Kiryn

Post by Stencil » September 26th, 2013, 8:55 am

Deep Freeze Strategies for Shademaster Kiryn

These two strats make use of the Chilled effect that Nairn himself applies. An Unborn Val'kyr casts Doom and Haunt and then we use Deep Freeze to stun and knock him into the back row where he'll die from the dots. Only drawback is that Deep Freeze can miss and if that happens, you'll want to leave the tournament to heal and start over. So far, and I've done a lot of attempts for test purposes, it feels more like 95% chance to hit than an 85%. I wonder if there is some undocumented reduction to the miss chance when Blizzard is up ...

Unborn Val'kyr is pretty much mandatory because of everything you get from Haunt. In the Snowman version you can use any of the Ion Cannon packing mechanicals to get the job done; I like the Yeti because Lightning Storm cannot miss. For the Kun'Lai Runt, preference is P/S > P/B > P/P. The preference order for the tree is B/B Ruby Sapling > Teldrassil Sproutling > H/S Ruby Sapling > Withers.

12 rounds
1: [pet]Unborn Val'kyr[/pet] (Shadow Slash, Doom, Haunt)
2: [pet]Tiny Snowman[/pet] (Snowball, Blizzard, Deep Freeze)
3: [pet]Tranquil Mechanical Yeti[/pet] (Metal Fist, Call Lightning, Ion Cannon)

vs Nairn
- Doom > Haunt
- select Snowman
- Deep Freeze (Nairn should stun and get swapped next round)
- if Deep Freeze missed, leave tournament, heal and restart
vs Stormoen
- Snowball > Snowball
- Blizzard
- Snowball > Snowball
vs Summer
- Pass (spares the Yeti a round of turret damage)
- swap to Yeti
- Lightning Storm > Ion Cannon

17 rounds
1: [pet]Unborn Val'kyr[/pet] (Shadow Slash, Doom, Haunt)
2: [pet]Kun'Lai Runt[/pet] (Thrash, Frost Shock, Deep Freeze)
3: [pet]Ruby Sapling[/pet] (Ironbark, Poisoned Branch, Entangling Roots)

vs Nairn
- Doom > Haunt
- select Kun'Lai Runt
- Deep Freeze (Nairn should stun and get swapped next round)
- if Deep Freeze missed, leave tournament, heal and restart
vs Stormoen
- swap to Sapling
- Entangling Roots > Ironskin > Poisoned Branch
- Ironskin until Stormoen dies
vs Summer
- Ironskin > Entangling Roots
- swap to Unborn Val'kyr
- Doom > Haunt
- select Sapling
- Ironbark > Entangling Roots > Ironbark

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Re: Shademaster Kiryn

Post by Se5s » September 26th, 2013, 5:22 pm

three pets everyone should have if you're even trying the pet tournament are:
unborn val'kyr: shadow slash, CoD, haunt
singing sunflower: solar beam, w/e heal, sunlight
enchanted broom: batter, sweep, wind-up

start with val'kyr, CoD to haunt bringing in your broom for sweep which brings in her mecha kitteh, then u switch to the sunflower and use sunlight/solar beam combo to both counter the turrets, which do relatively low damage without the thunderstorm weather, and almost, if not, one shot the mecha kitteh. the sunflower dies, your val'kyr comes back, but use your broom well, the wolf will use dodge first so first round use wind up. second round use batter cuz it's just gonna get dodged anyway. third round u go first and pop the wind up again and the wolf is at or less than 300ish hp. broom dies val'kyr cleans up and you still have her around for later fights ^_^v

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Re: Shademaster Kiryn

Post by Kendrah » September 28th, 2013, 1:07 pm

This guide helped me with Shademaster:

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Re: Shademaster Kiryn

Post by Darrenaf1 » September 28th, 2013, 1:55 pm

I open with stitched pup, use fel flame against his mech and anything with Ion cannon against the beast making sure to not waste shock and awe against his dodge

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Re: Shademaster Kiryn

Post by Vigournet » February 9th, 2015, 11:18 am

I appreciate all the comments, having been beaten by this dude. The turrets have been my downfall, but I will give it another go. :lol: :lol:

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Re: Shademaster Kiryn

Post by Aur » February 11th, 2015, 8:00 am

My Shademaster team and strat:

[pet]Lil' K.T.[/pet] (1,1,2) [alt. [pet]Landro's Lichling[/pet]]
[pet]Terrible Turnip[/pet] (2,1,2)
[pet]Darkmoon Zeppelin[/pet] (1,1,2)

1. KT: Curse, Siphon Life, Spam Shadow Slash, Siphon again when 1 round left. Curse when cat comes out and swap
2. Turnip: Leech, Sons of the Root, Stormoen will die to his own turrets, Summer will come out - Tidal Wave to clean up remaining turrets then swap
3. Zeppelin: Decoy (to counter prowl), Bombing Run, Missile until dead

fairly RNG proof, sometimes the abilities don't line up perfectly, but it doesn't mess up the strat too bad. Zeppelin should still be able to finish off the last pet. If you don't have a K.T. or Lichling, you can try another undead with Curse. Nairn is pretty easy to kill, the key to this is to have the extra damage running on Stormoen so he dies while the Turnip is submerged from Sons of the Root.

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Re: Shademaster Kiryn

Post by Jerebear » February 11th, 2015, 10:47 am

My favorite Shademaster Kiryn teams is:

Macabre Marionette (Bone Bite, Death and Decay, Dead Man's Party)
Terrible Turnip (Tidal Wave, Inspiring Song, Sunlight)
Rascal Bot (Phaser, Amber Prison, Reboot)

R1: Death and Decay
R2-R4: Dead Man's Party
R5: Bone Bite (only place where a crit can mess up the strat)
R6: Bone Bite (First enemy dies)

R7: Dead Man's Party (go into undead round)
R8: Dead Man's Party Continues but you die. Stormeon @ 300 HP or less (Lightning Storm + Dead Man's Party + DnD);

R9: Tidal Wave (trigger mech racial)
R10: Sunlight (kill stormeon)

R11: Inspiring Song (enemy casts Dodge)
R12: Swap to Rascal Bot (enemy casts Prowl)
R13: Amber Prison (undoes his Prowl)
R14-R16 Reboot
After this is just Phaser Spam, using Amber Prison if he casts Prowl again.
Carry Pet Experience Reference Guide:

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Re: Shademaster Kiryn

Post by Robotusch » February 11th, 2015, 5:40 pm

I used the tactics from this wowhead guide:

Lofty Libram 1-2-2
Terrible Turnip 2-1-1
Darkmoon Tonk 1-1-2

The rotation is spelled out in the guide, so I won't repeat it here. All I'll say is that I've never lost this fight with the above combo. The Terrible Turnip is a brute against Stormoen and can usually take a fair chunk of HP out of Summer, leaving only the Darkmoon Tonk to do some mop-up work at the end.

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Re: Shademaster Kiryn

Post by Flx » February 11th, 2015, 6:50 pm

been a while since i did a battle with her but been using same pets threw mop and never had issues:

p/p Twilight Spider or Window Spiderling: 2/2/1
Terrible Turnip: 2/1/2
Sunreaver Micro-Sentry: 2/2/1

from what i remember start with Poison Spit followed by Brittle Webbing then just Leech Life when losing some hp and keep up with poison spit and net till he dies, then u got 1 turn before spider dies so just use brittle webbing then it will die, with turnip i just spam Tidal Wave nothing else till he dies, since storm is up it will also kill any turrets and damage his last pet.
when last one is up u can time and do Sons of the Root when he has the buff up and should be able to do a Leech seed as well,
then i don't really remember if u got time for tidal wave before carrot dies or not, but by then it will be really low,
when it dies i just get my last sunreaver sentry and one Call Lighting and he's dead, so basically 3rd pet doesn't have to do much
just survive the yeti aoe damage and 1 round vs his last with some big hit ability that can finish him.

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Re: Shademaster Kiryn

Post by Luciandk » February 11th, 2015, 6:58 pm

[pet]Soul of the Forge[/pet] utterly brutalizes Stormoen.

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