Celestial tournament EU first week

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Celestial tournament EU first week

Post by Pikafido » September 17th, 2013, 1:49 pm

Finally ive made it through.

We had [npc=]Wrathion[/npc], [npc=]Taran Zhu[/npc] and [npc=]Chen Stormstout[/npc].

After several tries and wipes on [npc=]Taran Zhu[/npc] i've decided to do him first. In case of a loss I'll save me some time.

My team up for him was [pet]Lesser Voidcaller[/pet], [pet]Scourged Whelpling[/pet] and [pet]Nether Ray fry[/pet].
The abilities were respectivily 1-1-1, 2-2-1 and 1-1-1. I've used [spell=]Curse of Doom[/spell] and [spell=]Shadow Shock[/spell] as much as possible. Also [spell=]Death and Decay[/spell] and [spell=]Plague Blood[/spell]. Finally [spell=]Shadow Shock[/spell] on last pet. You have to be Lucky with no misses and opponents misses.

2'nd i went for [npc=]Chen Stormstout[/npc] with [pet]Cogblade Raptor[/pet]. Started off with [spell=]Exposed Wounds[/spell], [spell=]Screech[/spell] and [spell=]Batter[/spell] until pet was down. You get to sleep on second pet.
There's why i brought in [pet]Sunreaver Micro-Sentry[/pet] with [spell=]Supercharge[/spell], [spell=]Haywire[/spell] and [spell=]Laser[/spell] until he dies. Then the [pet]Pandaren Water Spirit[/pet] with [spell=]Geyser[/spell], [spell=]Whirlpool[/spell] and [spell=]Water Jet[/spell] until finish.

Last tamer was [npc=]Wrathion[/npc] with [pet]Red Cricket[/pet] 1-1-1. Use [spell=]Skitter[/spell] all the way and use [spell=]Nature's Touch[/spell] on resurrection of the enemy. Go on with [spell=]Skitter[/spell] until dead. Then the [pet]Anubisath Idol[/pet] with 1-2-1. Start off with [spell=]Stoneskin[/spell] and [spell=]Crush[/spell] until 2nd pet is down.
then [spell=]Crush[/spell] and [spell=]Deflection[/spell] when [spell=]Elementium Bolt[/spell] has 1 round left. When [pet]Anubisath Idol[/pet] get killed use [pet]Flayer Youngling[/pet] with [spell=]Kick[/spell] and [spell=]Blitz[/spell] to finish the 3rd pet off.

For [npc=]Xu-Fu[/npc] I've used [pet]Skywisp Moth[/pet] 1-1-2. Start of with [spell=]Cocoon Strike[/spell], [spell=]Call Lightning[/spell] and [spell=]Slicing Wind[/spell] until dead. Then [pet]Darkmoon Zeppelin[/pet] and [pet]Darkmoon Tonk
[/pet].[spell=]Missile[/spell][spell=]Decoy[/spell][spell=]Missile[/spell][spell=]Missile[/spell][spell=]Explode[/spell] followed by [spell=]Shock and awe[/spell] and [spell=]Ion Cannon[/spell].

For [npc=]Yu'la[/npc] get the [pet]Pandaren Monk[/pet] with 2-2-2. Start off with [spell=]Blackout Kick[/spell] and [spell=]Takedown[/spell] until lift off. Then [spell=]Staggered Steps[/spell] followed with [spell=]Takedown[/spell]. Use [spell=]Blackout Kick[/spell] on every cd and [spell=]Staggered Steps[/spell] after liftoff. He soloes it.

[npc=]Zao[/npc] was down with 3 Zandalari raptors. [pet]Zandalari Anklerender[/pet] (I've had 2) and a [pet]Zandalari Kneebiter[/pet].
Respectively 2-1-2 and 2-2-2. I;ve started off with the 5/15 [pet]Zandalari Anklerender[/pet] and then the 4/14. I've used a 10/20 [pet]Zandalari Kneebiter[/pet].

[npc=]Chi-Chi[/npc] was on his/her knees with [pet]Scooter the Snail[/pet] 1-1-1 and [pet]Silkbead Snail[/pet] 1-1-1.
Just using [spell=]Acidic Goo[/spell] and [spell=]Ooze Touch[/spell]

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Re: Celestial tournament EU first week

Post by Jerika » September 19th, 2013, 8:55 pm

I will give these pets a go once I level them XD

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Re: Celestial tournament EU first week

Post by Index » September 25th, 2013, 5:57 pm

Appreciate the time it took to note all that down, but it's _very_ hard to read with all the [spell] [name] etc after almost every word...

(or is it just my screen seeing that?)

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