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Timeless Isles (Little Tommy Newcomer)

Posted: September 11th, 2013, 12:30 pm
by Elexsea
Little Tommy Newcomer
Pet: Lil' Oondasta
Abilities: Spirit Beam (Magic Damage to all your pets - 3 Round CD)
Frill Blast (HUGE Magic Damage plus swaps your highest HP pet in - 5 Round CD)
Crush (HUGE Humanoid Damage with no CD)

My Team: Cogblade Raptor/Clockwork Gnome

The Fight:
Me: Cogblade Raptor - Expose Wounds
Him: Frill Blast (Swap'd Clockwork Gnome In)
Me: Clockwork Gnome - Build Turrets
Him: Spirit Beam
Me: Metal Fists
Him: Crush
Me: Metal Fists
Him: Crush (RARE MISS!)
Me: Build Turrets
Him: Crush (Clockwork Gnome Died/Res'd)
Me: Metal Fists
Him: Crush Killed Clockwork Gnome, but Turrets finished him off!