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Celestial Tournament 101 [Full tourney + 4 beasts tips]

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Stormrow » September 17th, 2013, 9:35 am

thank you for the kind advice, tried it a few times and got close to getting them down. 2 of the pandas are strong against undead and they can avoid the curse of doom of the valkyr. The nexus whelping is good but dragons takes extra damage from humanoids already so he goes down easy.
Ive also tried the call darkness type effect to counteract the bandaging but nothing is working regularly. I seem to be relying on rng which is horrid n annoying.

Im still trying and just hope we get the others here tomorrow :)

I wait with baited breath for the complaints when the US get that bloody monk ;p

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Nabulous » September 17th, 2013, 11:43 am

Hi all, Just my updates I found for (EU) Realms of the Celestial Tournament and an easy win option against Lil' Tommy Newcomer and his lil' oondasta pet! Enjoy! :)

So to easily kill Lil' Oondasta you want 3x mech pets;

First with the ability Ion Cannon
Three Pets have this: Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, Menagerie Custodian and Darkmoon Tonk

Second a Darkmoon Zeppelin

Third any other mech pet.

Start out with Ion Cannon
It has a 2-round CD but oondasta's first hit swaps your pet.
Next pet chosen will be the Darkmoon Zeppelin and you use his Decoy ability and then Missile until you die. Once you die and res up with 20% Health use Explode.
Next choose your first pet with Ion Cannon and use it. Oondasta's next ability with be to swap your pet if he isn't already dead.
You are then free to finish him off with any ability of your last pet.

Celestial Tournament

Taran Zhu

Here I used;
Creepy Crate
Fossilized Hatchling
These two mainly because they have the ability Bonestorm which is great because you want to damage the backline pets as much as possible. Death and Decay is another great ability of the Fossilized Hatchling, you'll want as your second move as it's 9 rounds and will help a lot.
Voodoo Figurine
When you come to your last pet and you still have Death and Decay up you will want to use Wild Magic as this greatly increases the damage it does. Then you just want to Shadow Slash the last of the pets health down.

Chen Stormstout

Clockwork Gnome
because of his two awesome abilities Build Turret and Repair.
Zandalari Anklerender
but any raptor with Black Claw and Hunting Party will do.
Spawn of G'nathus
Any pet with Dive and a slot 1 ability that does damage to Elementals will probably do just as well. Just make sure you don't use Dive while your hit chance is reduced.


Giant Sewer Rat
Used Stampede then any other +Undead damage ability.
Anubisath Idol
Deflection his first attack and keep up Stoneskin while killing him with Crush
Kun-Lai Runt
The standard Frost Shock, Deep Freeze and double attack from Takedown while stunned will finish him off.


Took me the most attempts but finding a good team but eventually got him down with a ooze drain team and finished him off with a random magic pet with +damage ability.
Oily Slimeling
Disgusting Oozeling
Kept up Corrosion and Acidic Goo and filled with Ooze Touch
Darkmoon Eye
Inner Vision and Laser should finish him off (hopefully).


Gregarious Grell
Punch, Cauterize and Phase Shift can solo this pet easily. You can add any damaged pets if you so wish as 2nd and 3rd pet if he doesn't completely own Yu'la somehow.


Needed a burst team for this guy. RNG played a part but worked 3/4 times.
Unborn Val'Kyr
Use Curse of Doom and swap to;
Pandaren Water Spirit
Use Geyser and Whirlpool
Howl and then Surge of Power to finish him off.


Easy way to do this is two of any Zandalari Raptor with the abilities Black Claw and Hunting Party.
This should kill him but it can't hurt to have a Darkmoon Tonk with Ion Cannon standing by in third slot.

Hope you enjoyed this write up and hope it helps you in any pet battles in the future :)


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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Whiplash » September 17th, 2013, 12:33 pm

The best thing this thread shows is that there are a *lot* of ways to win the tournament.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Skarn » September 17th, 2013, 12:36 pm

Stormrow wrote:thank you for the kind advice, tried it a few times and got close to getting them down. 2 of the pandas are strong against undead and they can avoid the curse of doom of the valkyr. The nexus whelping is good but dragons takes extra damage from humanoids already so he goes down easy.
Ive also tried the call darkness type effect to counteract the bandaging but nothing is working regularly. I seem to be relying on rng which is horrid n annoying.

Im still trying and just hope we get the others here tomorrow :)

I wait with baited breath for the complaints when the US get that bloody monk ;p

Yeah, there's a bit of dancing to do there with the type differences. You'd want to use your undead pets vs the one with the Punch attack, except maybe starting with the Arcane Storm. Depends on which order they come out in, I don't know that yet. Maybe I end up them today? Poofah's suggestion of a Nether Ray is a good one!

Good luck with whichever set you have this week!

Rivana wrote:The best thing this thread shows is that there are a *lot* of ways to win the tournament.

Yep! Which makes it substantially more fun.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Arwyn3 » September 17th, 2013, 4:46 pm

Saw a couple people struggling w Xu-Fu, mechanical dragonling has Decoy which times right will prevent the second feed. As long as you have a strong finisher (I used my robo cub) he won't have time to use it again.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Mummymermaid » September 17th, 2013, 7:00 pm

really struggled with the tiger ...but in the end got him with raptors! was so easy! anyways this is what i did

little tommy newcomer....managed to do him with

cogblade raptor
fluxfire feline

open with raptor, use expose wounds, then chrominius howl and surge of power, then raptor should be able to get in two lots of batter..then fluxfire with supercharge and then flux...equals win ^^


raptors and cogblade raptor for the ox
bof team for crane
raptors and cogblade raptor for tiger
monk and 2 runts for dragon, idol, flayer..also a brown praire dog and 2 flayers works
taran... crawling craw, lost of lordaeron, shadling.

took me a week of reading and levelling and training and losing and crying to get this right and this is what i will be sticking works!!!

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Ridgebj » September 18th, 2013, 1:30 am

I had a few problems with taran zhu this week.

I tried a few combinations of undead pets and settled on creepy crate and fossilized hatchling plus another random. This type of team can definitely win but with not much comfort.

I finally settled on a fledgling nether ray and nether ray fry plus another undead

both nether rays are guaranteed to go first for at least 2 rounds each which totally changed the dynamic of the fight. Shadow shock hits hard enough to allow for a few misses too.

I'd still prefer a more considered approach to this fight if anyone has spent more time and is willing to share.

xu-fu was really useful against chen stormstout

I used lil' xt, xu-fu and snarly

lil' xt boombot>repair>zap until dead (chirps always kills him at the start)
xu-fu moonfire>spirit claws until dead (spirit claws is guaranteed to hit through brewly's inebriate)
snarly cleans up as required

against wrathion i used red cricket, then any two random fast humanoids will do to finish. I used bonkers and hopling.

I reckon this fight is prime for two-petting plus a level pet

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Darklynx » September 18th, 2013, 6:52 am

Here are my strats for week two (Tharan Zu, Wrathion and Chen). I'd like to take a moment here to say: Blizzard, why the hate? Tharan Zu was a pain in the ass because of RNG, making me lose my first try with my Creepy Crate, which would be a easy win. Thanks for the misses, Blizzard. Had to run through all my 25 pets trying new strats cause I lost my 3 best Undead pets on the first try :D (Interesting enough, I almost manage to win with a Beast team strat with Howl, cause most attacks from the monks are critter).

Without further delay, here they are:

Chen Stormtout
Clockwork Gnome (1/1/1)
Direhorn Runt (2/1/2)
Snarly (1/1/2)

Build Turret > Metal Fist > Metal Fist > Build Turret (He'll swap to Chirps)
Stay with the Gnome, because he'll make you sleep and kill you. Swap to Direhorn Runt.
Trihorn Shield > Horn Attack > Trample > Horn Attack (You'll kill it)
Keep Trampling until you die (cause you need Inebriate down)
Swap to Snarly.
Rip > Blood in the Water. GG

Anubisath Idol (1/1/1)
Alpine Hare (1/2/1) [Or any Bunny with 300+ speed, really]
Feral Vermling (1/2/1) [Or any other Humanoid with Crush, it'll be a 3hko on Dah'da)

Sandstorm > Swap to the bunny > Dodge > Scratch > Scratch > Burrow > Dodge. If he's not dead, keep using Scratch and remember to use Dodge one turn before Ice Tomb hits.
Swap to Anubisath Idol on his Undead turn (You don't need to sac the Bunny now, only keep it through the Undead turn if you're taking a huge hit from Ice Tomb)
Sandstorm > Crush until you kill it (always refresh Sandstorm to avoid Blistering Cold and Flamethrower damage)
Swap to your third pet when Anubis dies and keep Crushing, if for some RNG bullshit you don't manage to kill Deathwing, you'll need the Bunny to finish him off, that's why you don't sac it.

Taran Zhu (RNG, why do you hate me so much? oO)
Creepy Crate (1/1/2)
Stitched Pup (1/2/1)
Scourged Whelpling (H/H) (2/2/1)

Start off with Death Grip, you don't want to deal with the first monk, and if you get him under 1000, everytime he comes in he'll use Fake Death, so that makes it easier for you.
So: Death Grip > Bonestorm > Creepy Chomp until you kill it. Bone Storm always when off CD (if RNG hates you, you might not kill this monk, but that's okay, all you need it to use Bonestorm twice on the match)
Scourged Whelpling > Death and Decay > Plagued Blood > Tail Sweep (this will heal you about 200 each turn, which is pretty neat).
When the first monk comes in again, always Refresh Death and Decay, because he'll use Fake Death.
On the 3rd pet: Plagued Blood > Tail Sweep until you die.
Switch in Stitched Pup > Howl > Diseased Bite. If RNG doesn't fuck you like it did to me, it should basically one shot (1,1k +) if not, keep biting.
When the first monk comes back again, use Consume Corpse (it'll heal you up to 800)
Diseased Bite > Diseased Bite (he should be dead)

Since RNG fucked me over (missed over 3 moves) on this fight, all I can say is that this team is pretty solid against Tharan Zu, and I should had a easier time dealing with him if my moves actually hit, Undead attacks have such a bad hit rate, god damn.

For the celestials I repeated the same teams I used last week:

- Qiraji Guardling (The same from the first fight, he should not have taken any damage)
- Feline Familiar (stoned) (1/2/2)
- Pandaren Monk (2/2/1)

Blackout Kick -> Punch Punch Punch [he'll lift-off] -> Hawk Eye -> Punch until you die.
Feline Familiar -> Call Darkness -> Onyx Bite until you die or he dies
Pandaren Monk -> Fury of 1000 Fists.

- Sunreaver Micro-Sentry (2/2/1)
- Zandalari Kneebiter (Power) (2/2/2)
- Zandalari Anklerender (Speed) (2/1/2)

Call Lightning -> Fel Immolate -> Fel Immolate
Zandalari Kneebiter > Black Claw > Hunting Party (he should die now)
If he doesn't: Zandalari Anklerender -> Hunting Party (he should still have both debuffs from the Anklerender, so you can just attack)

- Fjord Worf Pup (1/2/2)
- Darkmoon Tonk (1/1/2)
- Menagerie Custodian (2/1/2)

Worg Pup > Dazzle Dance > Howl > Bite until you die
Tonk > Shock and Awe > Missile > Ion Cannon

Chi-Chi [Aka Hellspawn] - Sad fact: I tried the Apocalypse strat with a Cockcroach and a immortal Crawdad against it. New boss mechanics don't allow it to die. FUN.
- Gilnean Raven (1/1/2)
- Silkbead Snail (1/2/2)
- Lil' Tarecgosa (2/1/1)

Dark Flame > Nevermore > Swap to Lil Tarecgosa
Arcane Blast > Arcane Blast > Arcane Blast > Surge of Power [She should kill your pet here]
Snail > Acidic Goo [make sure it hits] > Ooze Touch until you kill it.
You can use the Gilnean Raven to finish it off if RNG is mean, just remember to use Dark Flame first and Nevermore before he uses the attack (if you're faster, which you should be)

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Kpb321 » September 18th, 2013, 11:24 am

Chen and wrathion I just went with what ever obvious counts I saw (mech for beast, humans for dragons)

For Taran Zhu I ended up filtering my pets for non-undead pets that had undead attacks. I ended up with mr grubbs, a lofty libram and nether ray. I forgot that consume had a 1 round cd but it ended up working well still. I had consume, acidic goo and leap for abilities and between it being a strong attack, 25% from goo and the beast racial kicking in when he was low health I was getting some pretty good consumes. I alternated between goo's and leaps when consume was on cd and the speed buff from leap was very helpful at times. There are a number of other similar grubs and snails could be another option with Consume, goo and dive for an avoidance move. I hadn't yet leveled mine but the ruby droplet should be really good too.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Tzcy » September 18th, 2013, 11:56 am

Does anyone have a Zao strategy that doesn't use the raptors? last one i have to down.. i'm pretty much out of mechanicals. and my raptors are like level 6

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Skarn » September 18th, 2013, 12:25 pm

Tzcy wrote:Does anyone have a Zao strategy that doesn't use the raptors? last one i have to down.. i'm pretty much out of mechanicals. and my raptors are like level 6

I used a Clockwork Gnome and a Cogblade Raptor to get Zao, but you say you're out of mechanicals. So I'm not sure that helps, but it was worth suggesting!

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Kpb321 » September 18th, 2013, 12:44 pm

You could try any pet with something that has the 100% debuff like a raptor. Swarm, Flock, Stamped. Fly might work well. Cocoon Strike first round to absorb his big attack then swarm until dead. When it dies swap in something that can hit hard DM Tonk or similar would be ideal but even a Chromius or another pet with a big hit like that may work. Alternatively you could try something with call lightning first then swarming pets.

Another thought is open with any pet with Rot to make him undead and then hit him with swarm. Then follow up with 2 scratches while the debuff is up and rot is up and you should hit pretty hard.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Guest » September 18th, 2013, 5:44 pm

Just throwing a post I made in my guild hall here :) If repeats from earlier posts, just means it really does work! Hehe ...

I've gotten asked a lot which pets I use for Celestial Tournament, so thought I would do a short post on them. I take zero credit for 99% of these teams, they are ones other tried/posted about before me. But after losing 200 pets last week I decided I could probably use the help!

When you zone in you fight 3 teams of 3, they change from week to week. After that you fight the 4 celestial "kids", those are the ones that give people the most trouble, so that's what I'll start with:


Pet Team suggestion I found: Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, Turkey and Clockwork Robot

Strategy: Start with yeti, call of lightning then switch to Turkey and Flock, flock until dead. Bring back the yeti iron fist and then he was down. The poster thought they would have to call of lightning again and then use clockwork robot to build a turrent but that wasn’t needed.

My luck: My turkey died with only two flocks in and went down from that.

My Team: Dragon Kite (yes I know it’s rare) – Call Lightning and Volcano, Plump Turkey (H/P), Clockwork Gnome.

Same strategy as before, picked dragon kite because it was flying and takes less damage from beasts. Also cast Volcano first, then lightning storm, then switched to Plump Turkey and used flock, if he wasn’t dead after that I’m pretty sure I just used the turkey’s other abilities to finish it off. I don’t think I needed the clockwork.

Final Notes: My volcano stunned him once that may have helped, I would give yeti/turkey/clockwork robot team a try

Pet Team suggestion I found: Mr. Bigglesworth (that’s it!) with Claw, Ice Barrier, Ice Tomb

Rotation: Claw, Ice tomb, Ice Barrier, PASS TURN, Claw, Claw, Repeat (including the first claw)

My Luck: Worked Perfectly

Side Note for Yu’la: Kill her last! You can use her to heal other pets by using “wish” … bring in pet with wish, cast it, bring in pet that needs healed, abandon fight. You do not get hit with 10% damage and pet is healed. (Her first two abilities are non-damage)


Pet Team Suggestion: Unborn Val’kyr (Curse of Doom, Haunt), Crow (Call of Darkness, Murder, Alpha Strike), Any Mechanical with reliable finisher like Ion Cannon, Menagerie Custodian.

Strategy: Unborn Val’kyr first, apply curse of doom, then haunt, switch to crow, change weather with Call Darkness, Use Murder, if your Crow is faster than the enemy without the flying pets passive -> Alpha Strike then Murder again till Crow dies, if your Crow is slower then you should prioritize applying the debuff on enemy with Murder and let the mechanical handle the rest after Crow dies . Once crow is dead bring in any mechanical (I had Menagerie Custodian) with strong and reliable finisher like Ion Cannon, at this point darkness should have faded and absorbed half the healing of wish, leaving the enemy around half hp with 100% increased damage taken. If enemy has less than half hp left, use Ion Cannon straight, if he got more than half use one reliable direct damage ability before finishing with Ion Cannon.

My Luck: Worked Perfectly, my crow was (S/S)


Team Suggestion I found: Any two snails (Rapana Whelk, Rusty Snail, Shimmershell Snail, Silkbead Snail or Scooter the Snail does not matter, they all have the same abilities), Arcane Eye

Strategy: Maintain the Acidic Goo debuff at all times and spam Ooze Touch. The third ability does not matter a lot. If your two snails can't finish off Chi-Chi (it can happen with some bad rng), use an arcane eye to do the job: Use Eyeblast on the first round, one time is enough to give you the initiative. Use Interrupting Gaze for a free round and either Focused Beams or Psychic Blast thereafter.

My Luck: I failed first time with 2 snails and arcane eye, but had more snails to try so grabbed Shimmering Snail (B/B), Silkbead Snail (B/B) and for my finisher since the eye was dead Nether Faerie Dragon (S/S) – This time the RNG was more my favor and the snails killed it.

Pets used for 4 celestrials:
Tranquil Yeti/Dragon Kite, Plump Turkey, Clockwork Robot, Mr. Bigglesworth, Unborn Val'kyr, Crow, Menagerie Custodian, Any two snails (Rapana Whelk, Rusty Snail, Shimmershell Snail, Silkbead Snail or Scooter the Snail), Arcane Eye/Nether Faerie dragon


First Teams: (These are a lot more forgiving, so feel free to play with what you have)

Taran Zhu:
Pets suggested: Creepy Crate with Curse of Doom/ Bonestorm, any spiders with brittle webbing and leech life.

Suggested strategy: Start with crate, cast curse of doom, then bonestorm, bring in a spider, brittle webbing, leech life until spider is dead, bring back in crate curse of doom again/bonestorm, (probably die by now but if not bring back out and bring last spider in) repeat with brittle webbing/leech life.

My Luck: Had some bad RNG luck so pulled out before losing the crate, healed him back up and went again and won – Spiders used Dusk Spiderling (P/S) and Window Spiderling (P/P)

Chen Stormstout: (First one I wasn’t able to repeat with suggested team but will tell you what it was)
Suggestion team: Menagerie Custodian with Zap, Shock and Awe and Lock on for Tonsa, Grove Viper with Poison Fang, Hiss and Burrow for Chirps, Magical Crawdad with Surge, Renewing Mists and Whirlpool for Brewly

Suggested Strategy: was to switch to Grove Viper once first pet was down, then after snake was dead use crawdad to kill the final pet, using whirlpool, keeping renew up and then surging him to death.

My luck: whirlpool missed from being blinded, and my snake was put to sleep and killed before it woke up … hehe.

My team: Darkmoon Tonk: Missile, Shock and Awe, Lock On, Rattlesnake (HS), Poison Fang, Hiss, Burrow, Yellow Moth (P/P): Alpha Strike, Cocoon Strike, Moth Dust.

Strategy: Start with Tonk use Lock On x2, then Missile until dead (I tried using Shock and Awe but it stunned and messed up my rotation hehe), once dead leave tonk in to be put asleep and then absorb/die to locust. Bring in snake, slow first, poison and then dive (repeat as needed), leave snake in until dead, hopefully cricket will be too, don’t remember doing anything fancy with the moth just using abilities as they came up.


Team Suggested: Black Rat (Scratch, Flurry, Stampede) , Kun-Lai Runt (Takedown, Frost Shock, Deep Freeze), Flayer Youngling (Blitz, Deflection, Kick)

Strategy: Use Black Rat first since Cindy is undead, bring in the runt do his combo moves frostshcok/deep freeze will stun it and Wrathion will put in the other dragon but doesn’t matter runt is strong against it too, once runt dies bring in the flayer to finish off the last dragon using deflection and interrupting with kick as needed.

My Luck: Worked just fine

Side Note: If you are lucky to get Wrathion in the opening 3 he can be used to heal pets injured in battle, the first 2 attacks are non-damage. So use wish, bring in the pet to be healed and white flag. So save him for last!


Lil' Oondasta Killers

There are a lot of teams out there, people have already researched, this is one of the first ones I … um borrowed from a post … and have stuck with it … Tranquil Mechanical Yeti with Lightning Storm (nothing else matters), Clockwork Gnome with Metal Fist/ Build Turrets and Jade Oozeling (though guessing any ooze will work) with Corrosion and Acidic Goo

Strategy: Start with yeti and cast Lightning Storm, he will be forced to the back next move and Clockwork Gnome will come out set up turret, use metal fist until turret is back up, build another turret, clockwork usually dies after that. Bring out Jade Oozeling, case Corrosion and then Acidic Goo and dino will be dead before the next turn.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Skarn » September 18th, 2013, 8:05 pm

After testing some different ideas, here are the teams I've won with. Obviously, there are a lot of options to succeed at the Tournament!


Grasslands Cottontail [S/S] (1/2/1)
Flayer Youngling [S/S] (1/2/1)
Carry Pet

Yes, only two pets! The rabbit can handle Cindy easily and the Flayer destroys the other two. Burrow to avoid the Ice Tomb, Dodge right after to minimize other damage. Blistering Cold will stack up high, but the rabbit doesn't care. Use Deflection after Flamethrower to block the Breath. Alex will heal on CD and follow with a Flamethrower. If you Kick a Breath, she'll only use one. Blitz otherwise. For Dah'da, Blitz on CD, block Elementium Bolt with Deflection.

Actually, I used a Carry pet! I got 1980 xp for a level 15 pet, wearing the Safari Hat. No pet XP buff food used.

Chen Stormstout

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1/1/2)
Anubisath Idol (1/2/1)
Snarly (1/1/2)

Start with Decoy to avoid stun RNG. Then Bombing Run > Breath. Use Bombing Run again if it comes off CD. If Tonsa survives the Dragonling, swap in Snarly and Surge to finish him. Let Snarly take the Sleep, then swap to the Idol. Put up Stoneskin and use Crush until after the second Swarm. Deflection to block the Sleep and back to Crush. Refresh Stoneskin if needed. Your Idol should have lots of HP left unless you have really bad Crush RNG. Brewly will always do this order: Inebriate, Fill Barrel, Brewbolt, Toss Barrel, Brewbolt, Repeat. Use Deflection to block the Toss. When your Idol dies, finish with Snarly. If Brewly is low, just Surge. Otherwise Rip > Blood in the Water.

I tested the Darkmoon Zeppelin first, but found the Dragonling to be much more reliable due to it's speed.

Taran Zhu

Nexus Whelpling (1/2/2)
Fossilized Hatchling (2/1/2)
Nether Ray Fry (*/*/1)

Taran's monks are really RNG, but this is a very strong counter group. Start with Arcane Storm and then Mana Surge. The Storm will protect from the stuns. The first monk always takes one hit from Mana Surge, somtimes two. He doesn't seem consistent in his use of Feign Death. It doesn't matter though. When Mana Surge ends, I prefer to refresh the Arcane Storm, but you can just Tail Sweep if you want. The Nexus Whelp usually won't last more than one turn after Surge ends. With the Fossilized Hatchling, start with Bonestorm. Try to use the Heal when Blinded, but that's not always reliable. I find the heal more useful than Death and Decay. D&D damage is minor and everything else you use hits hard. Use Bone Bite until the Hatchling dies. Bonestorm on the free turn. The first monk should be dead by now, if not earlier. Finish off the remaining two monks with Shadow Shock from the Nether Ray Fry.

Lorewalker Cho

Onyxian Whelpling (2/1/1)
Scourged Whelpling (2/2/1)
Flayer Youngling (1/2/1)

Start with Lift-Off to dodge Rip from the owl. Then Tail Sweep until it dies, healing when appropriate. After Onyxian dies, use Plagued Blood and Tail Sweep the Broom. You can throw in D&D, but I usually don't. Flayer can easily finish the dragon. Spawn of Onyxia should be fine, instead of the Onyxian Whelpling.

Ion Goldbloom

Nexus Whelpling (1/2/2)
Menagerie Custodian (1/1/2)
Baby Ape (1/1/1)

Arcane Storm, Mana Surge, Tail Sweep until your Nexus dies. I do like to uses Arcane Storm again if I can. Custodian uses Shock and Awe and Missiles until Trike is dead. If Custodian is almost dead, use Ion Cannon. Arcane Storm prevents the stun from Trike's Horn Attack. Finish off whatever is left with the Ape. Most beasts could finish off Chaos. Actually, a Scourged Whelpling would do well too, if you have a second. (Since I used one on Cho.)

Can use the Tonk instead of the Custodian if you aren't using it elsewhere, but I use it on Xu-Fu.


Magical Crawdad (1/1/2)
Winterspring Cub (1/1/2)
Gilnean Raven (2/2/1)

Keep Renewing Mists up and use Wish proactively. Socks is faster and hits hard, so don't wait until you have 50% HP to use Wish since it takes two rounds. Snap it to a second death. The Crawdad should survive to take some HP off of Monte. When the Winterspring Cub comes out, Prowl, Claw and the rabbit shouldn't last long. The Raven easily mops up Rikki.

Of all of them, this is the team I'm least settled on. I didn't test enough last week. I saw a suggestion to use a rabbit against Socks and I think it's a good idea, so I'll try that next time.

For the Celestials, note that all of these strats can actually be pulled off with just TWO pets! I include a third to be safe, but they are usually not needed. The Celestials give extra low XP, just like the Beasts of Fable. My level 20 Carry pet only got 319 XP even with the Safari Hat.

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (1/1/2)
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1/1/1) OR Darkmoon Zeppelin (1/2/2)
Darkmoon Tonk (1/1/2)

Cast Call Lightning, use Metal Fist, cast Ion Cannon before the Yeti dies. Xu-Fu is faster and hits hard, so cast it early! The Dragonling starts with Bombing Run, then spams Breath until near Death. Dragonling is faster than Xu-Fu, so use Explode on your resurrection turn. If you'd prefer, you can try Decoy to block a Feed instead. Either way is fine, but I've been able to get Xu-Fu low enough for Explode to kill it. If Xu-Fu gets under 560 HP, just Explode! Otherwise, the Tonk can finish him with S&A and Ion Cannon.

If you use the Dragonling earlier on Chen Stormstout, use the Zeppelin here. Missile > Decoy > Missile until Xu-Fu is under 560 HP or your Zeppelin is about to die. Remember that Xu-Fu is faster than the Zeppelin! Use Explode early enough to get it off. Essentially the same fight, you just need to be more cautious since the Zeppelin is slower. One Missile before the Decoy should block the Feed.

Clockwork Gnome 1/1/1
Cogblade Raptor 2/1/1
Zandalari Raptor (Backup)

As others have said, Zao can easily be beaten by a couple of Zandalari Raptors, so feel free! I wanted to see if I could do something different. So start with the Gnome and put up a Turret. Metal Fist until you can build a second Turret. If Zao will kill the gnome the next round, you can leave him in. Otherwise swap in the Cogblade. Expose Wounds and Batter away! Zao should use Wish, but the Turrets and Batter will tear him down pretty fast. If you swapped out the Gnome and if the Cogblade dies, cast another Turret and Zao should be done. It is a bit RNG, so I have a backup Raptor just in case. You could possibly even Carry a pet, but it'd be touchy.


Voodoo Figurine 2/2/2
Disgusting Oozeling 1/1/2
Lunar Lantern 2/2/2

The main goal of the Voodoo Figurine is to get Wild Magic up. Anything else is bonus. Start with Wild Magic and then use Flame Breath until the Figurine dies. Refresh Wild Magic on the free Revive turn. When the Ooze comes out, get Acidic Goo up first and then Corrosion. Chi-Chi will probably block the first Goo cast, just cast it again. I prefer the Goo first to get the 25% buff going, but it shouldn't matter. Ooze Touch if the Ooze lives long enough, but it probably won't. The Lantern shouldn't even need to connect an attack. Chi-Chi should Ethereal after the Ooze dies, but dots will finish him anyway.

I tried using Rot and it does work, but I found it less reliable. You need to make sure to get two attacks off with the Voodoo instead of just one. It also turns off Chi-Chi's vulnerability to the Corruption damage while giving it vulnerability to the Goo. You could use Rot early enough that it is up for the Goo application, but then drops before Corruption, but that's a lot of planning for minor gain.

Note that this strategy is NOT MINE. It came from Liopleurodon's blog. She's got strategies for the other battles too, if you want MORE options! Also, all 3 of these pets have similar options. You can use Sen'jin Fetish, Oily Slimeling, or Magic Lamp and there's still more options.


Lil' Bad Wolf (*/2/1)
Feral Vermling (1/*/1)
Gregarious Grell (1/2/1)

You can use Claw or Counterstrike with the Wolf, either is fine. With Claw: Claw x2, Dodge, Howl, Claw x2 and repeat until the Wolf dies. With Counterstrike: Howl, Counterstrike, Dodge, Pass, Repeat. Vermling should be able to finish her off with Backflip and Crush, but having another Humanoid as back-up is a good idea.

This thread has already pointed out that the Grell can solo Yu'la anyway, if you have one. I suggested this option in case you don't have one!

Whew! There we go, I hope that's useful for someone! If not, then at least it's here so I can easily reference it each week. :-) Again, there are many different pet combos for the Celestial Tournament. These are just one option that I enjoyed. I particularly tried to avoid re-using any pet so you don't need duplicates. I also didn't want to use the Beasts of Fable Bomb Team. If you want to, go ahead! I prefer some variety, so I avoid it. I use it on Ti'un and Dos-Ryga, but that's it.

Also, I don't like the "AoE heal your pets and cancel the fight" strategy. It goes against the obvious goal of the Tournament to NOT heal or re-use pets. If you want to, then go ahead! It doesn't matter to me what you do. :-) I do caution you that Blizzard MIGHT break it. It's clearly not how they wanted the Tournament to go, so you might not want to rely on it. They could set a Tournament only rule that if you forfeit a fight, your pets go back to the same HP they started with. Except dead ones, they stay dead. That's just one option, they're creative, they can come up with others. Then again, they may just say "screw it" and leave it alone.

Anyway, the Tournament is a lot of fun and I look forward to dealing with three new tamers next week! Enjoy all!

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Domie » September 19th, 2013, 6:32 am

There is plenty of help in here, so instead of writing a guide, im just going to post my notes on what pets to use on the trainers, maybe they can give some ideas to others :)

Xu-Fu - Dragon kite (volcano then Call lightning) - Gnome - Mini Thor
Yu'la - Unborn Valkyr - Pandaren Monk - Bonkers - (grell?)
Chi-Chi - Sprite Darter Hatchling - Viscous Horror - Magic
Zao - Yeti - Cogblade raptor - Gnome

Wrathion - Red Cricket - Hopling -
Chen - Son of Animus (heal then extra plat) - chuck - Muckbreath
Wise Mari - Yellow Moth - Warbot - Chuck
Blingtron - Snarly - Tiny Harvester - Dark Phoenix
Shademaster Kiryn - Crawling Claw - lil Ragnaros - Gilnean Raven

Its a bit of a mess :lol: but hope someone can use it for something :)

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101

Postby Monekop » September 19th, 2013, 6:53 am

Delinda wrote:I'm having big problems with Taran Zhu and his monks. Has anyone managed to beat him?

Taran I beat with a Maggot, a Bone Spider and a Fossil Raptor.

BONESTORM! and Comsume are the key to victory... but he is certainly the hardest.

I one shotted Wrathion and Lorewalker.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Dominò42 » September 20th, 2013, 1:52 am

What a fun time doing the tournament again this week. I found it a bit easier this week, as I made it a point not to do any research on the new trainers and just go into it blind. I've only been doing pet battles about two months now, so I wanted to test my "skill" so to speak. I did great! I would have one shot it, but I accidentally started Wrathion having Triple Snap in my Flayers Slot 1 >.<

Taran Zhu- Ruby Droplet(2,2,2) Stitched Pup(1,2,1) Crawling Claw(1,2,1)

Honestly, I didn't have any particular strategy as I didn't expect to obliterate it quite so well. Ruby Droplet was absolutely beastly here, and simply lived for such a long time. First Monk Feigned, and I had the droplet at ~1200 health. After about 5 turns I realized the Droplet lacked the power to efficiently slay the healing monk, so I waited for a blind then swapped my pup in.Howl'd, then diseased bite. Got a few whacks off with my pup before he went down, then finished off with crawling claw. Droplet was still ready and waiting.

Chen Stormstout-Lil' Bling (1,1,1) Xu-Fu(2,1,2) Snarly (1,1,2)

Lil' Bling absolutely decimated the beast. Opened with Make it rain, then SMACKTHAT.EXE (lol, I love typing that) til death does the poor Mushan well. Lil' Bling will die before accomplishing anything against the critter, unless RNG god's love you. They didn't me. Xu'fu however prowled and claw'd his way into my heart as he ravaged the little cricket. Snarly killed the Alemental without taking any damage. Rip, Blood in the Water finished him as he had taken one bite from Xu-Fu.

Wrathion- Grasslands Cottontail(1,2,1) Flayer Youngling(1,2,1) Pandaren Monk(didn't need)

Grasslands Cottontail made short work of Sindy. Claw your way to victory and utilize your evasion. Burrow when one turn left on ice tomb and there we have it. Flayer Youngling solo's the other two. I kicked when her heal was up and blitz'd her down. I got 3 hits each blitz, so you may need 3 turns with blitz instead of two. Wrathion was kick, blitz, deflect bolt, and win!

Perrycox- US Zul'jin

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Stormrow » September 20th, 2013, 1:21 pm

well, its official, i give up. Spent up to 6 hrs every day since this thing came out trying to do this. I have levelled lots of pets to 25 and they all fail.

I think I have someone sussed out and then the next time I try, I get wiped out. And the next and the next....

This game is supposed to be fun and I have always loved the pet battling but I dont enjoy this. I will collect what I can but it looks like the little cub wont be mine :(

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Ebil » September 20th, 2013, 1:59 pm

Stormrow what pets are you having problems with? I am not the best pet battler out there but I feel that I have made a few teams where RNG has a low chance of screwing you over.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Stormrow » September 20th, 2013, 2:37 pm

for wise mari, im using ashwing moth then lil deathwing then a strand crab: first time it worked beautifully and had a fully healed crab at the end. Since then, i cant get further than his second pet
For Kirya, im using crawling claw, nether wing bird thingy with lash for the FFF and then clockwork gnome for the last one. Again worked fine once and since then.....

For Blingtron, Im using Direhorn runt, cinder kitten and fel flame. This was on youtube, i forget the lady's name, Mistrel?

That worked well.
I go in and hit the one i have the most problems with first incase it all goes horribly wrong and I need to heal
The first time I went in and got down Marls lot fine. Looked at the Blingtron video and did that one eventually and then wiped out on Kirya

So after killing about 30 pets on her, came out and did Bling to check I had the techniques right. That went well, so did Marl. He was fine so tried Kirya. It went wrong.
This is when I levelled my fledgling nether wing and crawling claw from 11 to 25. Tried again and again and again
Thought I would try Marls again first failed... now I cant do any of them.
I dont know if its wrong to come and and keep healing but it seems daft to stay in with 50 dead pets and no tamers beaten.
Do you get penalised for that?
I dont know if it just RNG and Im expecting too much as I want a strategy that I can use consistently for each tamer.
After trying the monks last week and failing most of the time and then this this week, Im at the end of my patience. I have lots of pets at 25 and many of similar types... I have enough crabs I should possibly go to the clinic ;p But they never seem to be consistent.

Im just feeling very peed off and sorry for myself..... I should be able to do this and I CANT!


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