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Celestial Tournament 101 [Full tourney + 4 beasts tips]

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Mummymermaid » September 13th, 2013, 4:50 pm

i have been reading up from here for two days! i have put a list together of pets i think will do the EU set up ( iam in the EU ^^) i don't have duplicates or some of the harder to reach pets...iam out leveling said pets now..if it works i will write how and what i did with pets everyone should have! xx
i did do well on little timmy newcomer there is a topic with my post how i did it on there ^^

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Jimbei » September 13th, 2013, 10:34 pm

Managed to kill the 4 legendary pets using the burst tactic, 6 pets total.

I used a Grassland Hopper to heal my Pandaren Water Spirit and Chrominius inbetween fights (Inspiring Song on first round against Xu'Fu then exit and repeat). Thank you Ligament for the tip!

Chi-Chi - Pandaren Water Spirit (Geyser, Whirlpool) Chrominius (Howl, Surge of Power)
Geyser, Whirlpool, swap to Chrome, Howl, Surge of Power.
The swap happens during the dodge ability, so each pet will only get hit once and both survive.

Zao - Val'Kyr (Shadow Slash, Curse of Doom, Unholy Ascension), Pandaren Water Spirit (Geyser, Whirlpool), Chrominius (Howl, Surge of Power)
This might not be needed but I used Slash then just before it died Doom, Unholy Ascension while the racial is procced. Then the usual Geyser, Whirlpool, swap, Howl, Surge. Doom hits just as Chrome comes out which caused Zao to cast wish the round I did howl, then I killed it before it went off and kept Spirit/Chrome alive again.

Xu'fu - Stunted Yeti (Mangle, Rampage), Pandaren Water Spirit (Geyser, Whirlpool), Chrominius (Howl, Surge of Power)
Mangle, Rampage, dead pet, Geyser, Whirlpool, dead pet, Howl, Surge of Power.
Stunted yeti was all I could find so anything similar can be substituted in. Mangle to add a bit of damage and Rampage to take off some health but not cause Xu'fu to want to heal, then the ususal burn.

Yu'la - Gregarious Grell (Punch, Phase Shift, Cauterize)
Use Phase Shift when he flys and Cauterize on cd and it was an easy solo kill.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Foobles » September 13th, 2013, 11:47 pm

After reading a good deal of these posts and leveling up some of the pets people suggested, I beat the tourney with relative ease. The trainers gave me more trouble than the 4 single pets!!!

S/S Grasslands Cottontail (2,2,1)
P/S Pterrodax Hatchling (1,1,1)
P/P Yellow Moth(2,1,2)

Socks: Burrow>Flurry>Dodge>Flurry>Flurry(Socks dies, resurrects)>Burrow(Socks dies for good)
Morte: Burrow hits>Dodge>Flurry(my rabbit died after this)>Lift Off kills Morte
Rikki: Slicing Wind>Ancient Blessing>Slicing Wind (pterro died after this)>Moth Dust kills Rikki

P/P Nexus Whelp (1,2,2)
B/B Soul of the Aspects (2,2,1)
P/P Death Talon Whelpguard (1,x,x)

Wisdom: Arcane Winds>Mana Surge(kills Wisdom)
Patience: Mana Surge continues>Tail Sweep(Nexus died)>Breath till Patience dies
Knowledge: Surge of Light(Soul dies)>Blitz to win

used rendigars strat
“vs Dr. Ion Goldbloom (Screamer (the ptero flyer) has Feign Death, which swaps in Trike when he uses it):
Emerald Proto-whelp - Proto-strike (hit each other as both up high), Emerald Bite, Ancient Blessing (he swaps out), continue Emerald bite on Trike (you get 1st hit with non-P/P breeds), Proto-Strike if alive to do so, then Emerald Bite til whelp dies.
Darkmoon Tonk - missile till Trike dies, Screamer will be slower so you shoot before he flies up if he comes out. vs Chaos Shock & Awe + Ion Cannon then Missile til Tonk dies.
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling cast Decoy and then Breath until Chaos dies. Breath til Screamer dies (if he swapped out twice) “


use the typical fable team (Valk/Panda Water/Chrom)

2x P/P Zandalari Kneebiter (2,2,2)
P/B Ji-Kun Hatchling (2,1,1)

Black Claw>Hunting Party with first raptor got Zao to ~400 HP, 2nd raptor took no damage, Ji-Kun unused

Cant post links, but the youtube video someone posted using Senjin Fetish/Disgusting Ooze/Enchanted Lantern

used rendigars strat again
“vs Yu'la (dragon, who has no heal, but does have a lift-off evade/attack and low health), I used a classic explode team - enchanted lantern to cast Illuminate, swap to a minfernal/netherspace abyssal and explode (make sure to use it in response to his lift-off, which he will probably open with), then a darkmoon zepplin to explode.  “

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101

Postby Se5s » September 14th, 2013, 12:03 am

Quintessence wrote:Xu-Fu is giving me the most problems right now. So many crits destroy my team, and his heal (even without Moonlight) is obnoxious. I'm pretty frustrated at this point, but I refuse to quit since I don't want to start all the way over from the beginning.

I've tried the suggested Call Lightning, Flock and then clean up. Didn't work and Xu-Fu healed up after killing my Chicken. Didn't have a my Tranquil Yeti up to use, so I tried multiple other Call Lightning pets. None of which seemed very effective.

Tried the standard Curse of Doom, Geyser, Whirlpool, Howl, etc. but that failed miserably since Xu-Fu crit Chrominius for over 1k.

Tried a number of other mechs + Call Lightning, but unless the pet had an avoidance move to avoid Feed (an attack+heal), my pets kept going down faster than they could get Xu-Fu's health down. Oh and did I mention the frustratingly large crits at the worst possible times? :(

Edit: I tried the Call Lightning strategy again and the RNG gods were finally in my favor. Manged it with Sunreaver Micro-Sentry, Call Lightning and then swap. Second up was a Westfall Chicken and Flock. Thankfully my chicken dodged quite a bit, allowing it to use Flock more than once. Once it died, brought the Micro-Sentry back in, Call Lightning again and then Laser to finish Xu-Fu off.

I used way more pets than I would have liked just on Xu-Fu. :\

from the mouth of an admin that this is apparently just ridiculous luck whether you win or lose...and the time one could spend and never get the right combination of RNG love for all 4 celestials? ridiculous.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101

Postby Kiowa » September 14th, 2013, 1:00 am

Anasa wrote:Here were my winning teams, but for next week I may make some changes (Nordrassil Wisp to the Chi-Chi fight, for instance).

TL;DR Any way you can find among "good" pets to avoid attacks (lift-off, burrow, deflection, dodge, stuns, etc) will make it all much easier. Especially with the Celestials themselves, there's always one "bomb" attack that if you can avoid a reasonable number of them, you can grind it out.

Dr. Ion Goldbloom:
-Nordrassil Wisp (2,1,1)
-Thundering Serpent Hatchling (2,1,2)
-Clockwork Gnome (1,2,1)

Lorewalker Cho:
-Nexus Whelpling (1,2,1)
-Onyxian Whelpling (2,1,1)
-Kun-Lai Runt (2,2,2)

Sully "Pickle" McLeary:
-Spiny Terrapin (1,2,2)
-Lil' Bad Wolf (1,1,1)
-Guardian Cub (1,1,1)

Powerball your way to victory over Socks, healing a couple times, and the rest goes much smoother.

-Zandalari Kneebiter (2,2,1) (mine is SS)
-Crow (2,2,2)
-Pocket Reaver (1,1,2)

The Kneebiter will take Zao down to ~300 health with Black Claw > Hunting Party. Unfortunately the Kneebiter will die. The Crow swaps in for Darkness to reduce the heal Zao will get from Wish (I can't quite kill him fast enough to prevent it). Then Nocturnal Strike. Crow will probably die, the Reaver mops up.

-Sunreaver Micro-Sentry (2,1,1)
-Menagerie Custodian (1,1,2)
-Darkmoon Tonk (1,1,2)

Usual Call Lightning > Fel Immolate. Swap the Tonk and Custodian around to get off Shock and Awe > Zap/Missile > Ion Cannon. It's a similar strategy for Tommy Newcomer.

-Anubisath Idol (1,2,1)
-Flayer Youngling (1,2,1)
-Netherspace Abyssal (1,1,1)

This is my iffy-est team. I'm leveling my Death Talon Whelpguard to take the place of the Anubisath here. Basic strategy here is that each one has a "Humanoid" attack, and each has a way to avoid the damage from her lift-off. The Kun-Lai would probably work here too, if he's not nearly dead from fighting Cho.

-Unborn Val'kyr
-Pandaren Water Spirit

And now we come to it. The team I tried here first (Rapana Whelk, Living Fluid, Lil' Tarecgosa) did not work out. The DoTs, even under a damage buff, just can't take her down fast enough, especially trying to get around Ethereal. So I ended up falling back on the BoF team. It's less effective than it was, but it does still work.

Val'kyr starts with Curse of Doom > Unholy Ascension (yeah, the Doom is going to go off a little early, but still with a 25% bonus). Swap to Spirit, cast Geyser > Whirlpool. Swap to Chrominus, Howl > (bombs go off, she's stunned) > Surge of Power.

Next week I'm going to try it with a pair of Nordrassil Wisps. The timing of Etheral vs. Soul Ward works out so that you're warding when your attack would be soaked by Ethereal, and you avoid a round of Quills.

Good luck!

Thank you very much this helped greatly. But I Tried the Welpguard and he could not do much against the anti-damage buff.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Garmond » September 14th, 2013, 5:09 am

For my Chi Chi fight i used a minfernal (no special reason), and the MVP was spectral porcupette, as long as you time the atks you just need to use the Spectral SPikes and chi chi will get hurt by 600 damage whereas you take only 300... its rly amazing.
Third pet was Filthling but just to finish him off with expunge and corrosion.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Peanutty » September 14th, 2013, 1:27 pm

I just struggled my way through this last night (not much of a strategist but I wanted to do it without reading any guides). I'm sure I'll pick up some great pointers in this thread but here's one of my own.

Yu-La: Bonkers very nearly soloed this fight for me. Opened with Tornado Punch (and used it on CD), Dodge to avoid Yu-La's Liftoff, and Jab otherwise. Mine is H/S, a P/P or H/P might be even better? Second pet was my Anub. Idol (Crush, Dodge) and that finished him off.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Sovator » September 14th, 2013, 1:51 pm

Just my two cents for EU guys, i had some troubles but managed to beat it today, i will surely improve my teams next week (yay got Bonkers and XUFU) but this is what worked for me.

Taran Zhu:
Lesser Voidcaller (1,1,1)
Scourged Whelpling (2,2,1)
Nether Ray Fry (1,1,1)

Chen Stormstout
Darkmoon Zeppelin (1,2,2)
Darkshore Cub (2,2,2)
Snarly (1,1,2)

Brown Marmot (1,2,2)
Tiny Bog Beast (1,2,2)
Silkbead Snail (1,1,1) ----------- totaly random pet this one, knew i wont need anything special,the first two did the job mostly


Xu-Fu cub of Xuen
Sun Reaver Micro-Sentry (2,1,1)
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (1,1,1)
Szechuan Chicken (2,2,2)

Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji
Here i tried the classic BoF team but somehow it didnt work out so i used some leftover pets i had along with spectral porcuppete as someone above mentioned.

Crimson geode (1,2,2)
Oily Slimeling (1,1,1)
Spectral Porcupette (2,2,2)

Zao, calfling of Niuzao
Zandalari Footslasher (2,2,2)
Zandalari Kneebiter (2,2,2)
Direhorn Runt (1,1,1)

Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon
Anubisath Idol (1,2,1)
Hopling (1,1,1)
Kun-Lai Runt (2,2,2)

These teams are far from the best, but may help someone who is strugling with pets or is out of options and needs some alternatives.
Last edited by Sovator on September 16th, 2013, 1:00 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Beana » September 14th, 2013, 2:45 pm

Xen Fu! Is the only pet I can't beat.....I use the exploding strategy on Yu la....which leaves Xen fu open...So a grell will work? I have also heard a monk will? IF SO could someone elaborate on what they use for a strategy for them? Thanks my wish is to get this complete for Tuesday.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Ogryn » September 15th, 2013, 12:53 am

Three days worth of attempts, leveled another 9 pets to cap to boost it. I can now clear reliably everything EXCEPT that stupid bird. Working on a Greg Grell to ease the dragon, and a Spectral Porcupette was mentioned as a boon.

Through a combination of stupid bad luck and horrible RNG streaks I haven't managed to kill that bird once. Blech. Came closest with a Nexus whelp as a closer, but final shot brought him down to 12 hp, and then I couldn't get ahead of the healing before he killed it.

Reading more, leveling some more pets, getting ready to drink the sad away and leave this behind for a week.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Spicule » September 15th, 2013, 3:22 am

My observations and thoughts about the Tournament. This week I had the Sully/Cho/Dr. Ion comp, which wasn't too stressful. Since you'll be facing the children of the Celestials every week, however, it's a good idea to get well-acquainted with them.

--------Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen-------- Beast
2209 Health
606 Power
296 Speed

Feed - 4 turn CD, 90% hit chance. Deals beast damage and heals the user for 100% of damage dealt.
Spirit Claws - 80% hit chance. Deals beast damage. Always hits during Moonlight.
Moonfire - 3 turn CD. 100% hit chance. Deals magic damage. Turns the weather into Moonlight.

Xu-Fu's attack pattern is simple: initiate with Moonfire, then use Spirit Claws each round until he's at 75% health or lower. Once Xu-Fu is down past 75% health, he'll use Feed on cooldown. If Moonlight expires or the weather is altered, he will use Moonfire once it is off cooldown.

Feed is the biggest problem of this fight, without which Xu-Fu is similar to Lil' Oondasta or Kafi (that is, a straight up brawl to see which team expires first). It's recommended to lead off with a pet which can deal extra damage to Xu-Fu via Mechanical attacks and tank his hard-hitting abilities, but the most important consideration of the fight is to neutralize Feed. This means that Mechanical pets with a damage reduction or dodge, or a Flying-type pet with a damage neutralizer, are ideal for this fight.

Personal recommendations:
- Darkmoon Zeppelin (1, 2, 2) - Decoy can be used to evade Feed when you know that it's coming on the next turn, and on the final turn Explode takes out a chunk of his health.
- Any moth (x, Cocoon Strike, x) - Moths hit hard and all have the Cocoon Strike ability which fully soaks a single attack.
- Any pet with Call Darkness; Crows work especially well.

-------Zao, Calfling of Niuzao------- Beast
2584 HP
572 Power
276 Speed

Trample - 100% hit chance. Deals beast damage + 10% of the targets health.
Niuzao's Charge - 4 turn CD. Wind-up attack where he charges up for one round and then deals 1000+ Beast damage the next.
Wish - 5 turn CD. Heals target for 50% of health on the next turn.

Similar to Xu-Fu, Zao has the nasty combination of hard-hitting attacks coupled to a powerful self-heal. His attack pattern consists of using Niuzao's Charge on the first two rounds, then Trample on the next two, and then Wish on the fifth. Trample on the sixth turn, Wish goes off. Repeat.

You have two viable ways of dealing with this guy: overpower him, or neutralize the healing and whittle him down. If you choose to overpower him, you have six turns to wipe him out before Wish undoes much of your progress. This means the Legendary nuke combo is viable since Zao has no avoidance moves - alternate methods include Call Lightning with Black Claw + Hunting Party. If you choose to go the attrition route, you will almost certainly need a pet that can dodge Niuzao's charge (Dive, Submerage, Cocoon Strike, Dodge, etc.) and a move to reduce healing taken (Call Darkness). Using this strategy it's viable to have two such pets and use a hard-hitting single target pet as an anchor, such as Lil' Tarecgosa or the Darkmoon Tonk.

-------Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji------- Flying
2209 HP
610 Power
310 Speed

Fire Quills - 100% hit chance. Elemental damage. 1-2 hits, hits an additional time if the user goes first.
Ethereal - 3 turn CD. Always goes first. Chi-Chi avoids all attacks for the round used.
Tranquility - 2 turn CD. Heals ~300 HP or more per turn. Lasts 3 rounds.

Chi-Chi is a test of endurance against a foe who brings a gun to a knife fight. She always opens with Tranquility, then Ethereal, then Quills, then proceeds to use Ethereal on cooldown. More testing is needed to determine exact conditions for her use of Tranquility, as I only saw it used once in my battles with her.

With a dodge move, a powerful self-heal, and an attack that does respectable amounts of damage, Chi-Chi may not take your pets down as quickly as Xu-Fu or Zao but gets correspondingly higher defenses in turn. Fortunately, much like the Pandaren spirit tamers, Chi-Chi has an Achilles' heel: Snails. All snails have Ooze Touch, a magic attack which deals extra damage to Flying creatures and which can be coupled with Acidic Goo to act as a constant DoT and a damage booster. Dive is a good move to use on the turns when Chi-Chi turns Ethereal, as it helps avoid the next attack and occupy an otherwise wasted turn. Your ideal battle team setup is therefore three snails all running Ooze Touch, Acidic Goo, and Dive.

Personal recommendations:
- Snails: see above.
- Sprite Darter Hatchling or Nether Faerie Dragon: Increased damage against Flying and Life Exchange make them powerful lead pets.

-------Yu-la, Broodling of Yu-lon------- Dragonkin
2209 HP
606 Power
287 Speed

Jade Breath - 100% hit chance. Deals Dragonkin damage.
Emerald Presence - 5 turn duration. Reduces incoming attacks by around 150.
Lift-Off - 4 turn CD. 1 turn duration. Lift off and becomes unattackable for one round, then dives on the opponent for Flying damage.

Yu-la is the odd pet out as she does not have a heal but rather comes with damage reduction. Her attack pattern consists of putting up Emerald Presence, then Lift-Off, and then using Jade Breath until Emerald Presence expires, upon which the pattern repeats.

Being a Dragonkin, Yu-la is naturally weak to Humanoid types, most of which can make significant dents in her (although keep in mind that the common Crush attack has only an 80% hit chance, meaning that sooner or later you WILL have RNG losses if you use a Humanoid setup). Multi-hit attacks should be avoided, and pets which can evade or neutralize her Lift-Off attack will have a big advantage in the battle. As Yu-la doesn't heal, winning the battle is mostly a question of staying ahead of the damage that she'll be dishing out to you. You can also take advantage of the lack of damage in the first two rounds to bring in wounded pets, use a healing ability, and then quickly flee, as fleeing an elite pet battle does not incur a health penalty.

Personal recommendations:
- Anubisath Idol (1, x, 1) deals high damage with Crush and can use Deflection on the Dive-Bomb move to negate damage entirely.
- Kun-Lai Runt (2, 2, 2) is faster than Yu-la once Yu-la is chilled. Takedown does increased damage, and double damage against frozen targets.
- Hopling (1, x, 1) is faster than Yu-la innately and can gain an extra turn by using Backflip.

To Do List
- Figure out if there is a way to quickly power-level pets by fighting a tamer team with two pets, carrying a third, dropping the scenario and then requeue-ing into it immediately again. The four boss-level elites only give about 195-ish XP to a level 24 pet - what about the tamers?

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Jerebear » September 15th, 2013, 7:45 pm

For Chi Chi I didn't plan ahead or look at anyone's guide, so I had to pull from leftovers after wasting some good pets too early. I found that my Black Lamb (H/P) from Elwynn forest did really well. I used a similar moveset to that of the goat from the Kun'Lai master: Sleep, Chew, Stampede. Since he didn't cast Ethereal until the 3rd round, he fell asleep before that. Then stampede + chew ate him up. Not a fast way to kill him, but it was effective the one time I tried it. He did end up casting ethereal but for whatever reason waited until the 3rd round of stampede, which was kind of pointless. After he finally killed the lamb, I just finished him off with a coilfang stalker (chrominus would have worked too, but I was saving him for the ox cause I wanted to make sure I nuked him through Wish).
Carry Pet Experience Reference Guide:

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Lwebe10 » September 16th, 2013, 1:36 pm

A good strategy on the end 4 named pets you have to battle is to have the pandaren water spirit and chromius. I cast Geyser then Whirlpool. Then flipped to Chromius and his Howl double damage. I took out 2 of the four with those 2 pets, they hardly had anything left and were good nuke from Chromius surge of power and they were dead with hardly any damage done to my pets.
I took out the Xu-Fu and ChiChi both this way =)

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Tasenet » September 16th, 2013, 3:19 pm

Overall I really want to work on playing with different team builds on Tuesday to see what other pets might be better/stronger/etc.

Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog P/P 2,1,2
Dragonbone Hatchling H/H 2,2,1
Imperial Eagle Chick P/P 1,2,2

ION - probably any good hard hitting mechanic should be fine, Tuesday I am going to try experimenting with more pets if the US gets the same guys again.
Crimson Geode H/H 1,2,2
Fel Flame H/P 2,2,1
Son of Animus P/P 1,1,2

CHO - I opened up the mana surge, which worked well but I feel like I should try playing around with better team builds.
Nexus Whelpling P/B 1,2,2
Pandaren Fire Spirit 1,1,2
Kun-Lai Runt P/S 2,2,2

YU'LA - humanoids in general completely wreck the dragon, the stun + armor + double hit from monk was really nice but I am sure there are just as good alternatives.
Pandaren Monkk P/S 2,2,2
Gregarious Grell S/B 1,2,1
Kun-Lai Runt P/P 2,2,2

XU FU - I think what I did was lightning weather, then fel flame, then kept the stuns up and the ionizations, and they blew him up really fast. Maybe I was lucky.
Sunreaver Micro-Sentry P/P 2,1,1
Menagerie Custodian H/P 1,1,2
Darkmoon Tonk H/P 1,1,2

CHI JI - 3 SNAILS 1,1,1 - it was close here. I probably should have used my Gilnean Raven instead of one of the snails, to deal with the heal or something.
Scooter the Snail H/H
Rapana Whelk S/S
Rapana Whelk H/B

NIZAO - blackclaw + hunting party brought him down to like 400 health before he could really touch my raptor. The other 2 pets just mopped the blood up.
Zandalari Kneebiter P/P 2,2,1
Crow P/S 2,2,2
Personal World Destroyer P/P 1,2,1

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Stormrow » September 16th, 2013, 4:43 pm

All i want to say is that i hope Taran Su dies a long and painful death.
Ive managed to finish his monks off twice using the same team, but the 3-11th time havent worked.
Once i managed to do all but the bird, I only stopped then cos my husband said I had to go to bed :( Wish I had said him no, 2 hrs of sleep is plenty.

I used a valkyr, ankleripper and a pandarian dragonling the times I did manage him.
I dont want to move on and try others as my team of nearly 100 lvl 25's isnt enough as it is.... I could just cry

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Skarn » September 16th, 2013, 6:50 pm

Stormrow wrote:All i want to say is that i hope Taran Su dies a long and painful death.
Ive managed to finish his monks off twice using the same team, but the 3-11th time havent worked.
Once i managed to do all but the bird, I only stopped then cos my husband said I had to go to bed :( Wish I had said him no, 2 hrs of sleep is plenty.

I used a valkyr, ankleripper and a pandarian dragonling the times I did manage him.
I dont want to move on and try others as my team of nearly 100 lvl 25's isnt enough as it is.... I could just cry

Try your Nexus Whelpling on him. Specifically, Arcane Storm! It prevents stuns which will negate Blackout Kick and part of Spin Kick. He's not up on the US realms, so I haven't gotten to try it, but it should be viable. You'll need to be careful of Punch from Bolo. Other than that, I'd get more undead attacks into your mix. They're all humanoid. Your Restless Shadeling should be effective there. Though Yen does have a critter-based attack. The Val'kyr should be solid too.

You've probably got some more options in there, but it's a bit hard to search through someone else's collection. :) You can do it!

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Poofah » September 16th, 2013, 7:02 pm

Stormrow wrote:All i want to say is that i hope Taran Su dies a long and painful death.

I'm also on US and haven't fought him. But in theory, Nether Rays should be very good (and also easy to get) -- they have an UD attack, they take less from the monks' beast attacks, and the Flying speed boost should help you lose fewer turns to the monks' stuns.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Aamandor » September 16th, 2013, 7:32 pm

I beat Xu Fu using an Alpine Fox, Alpine Fox Kit, and Menagerie Custodian. Went ridiculously well.

Turn 1: Dazzling Dance
Turn 2: Howl
Turn 3: Flurry
Fox dies.
Turn 4: Flurry
Turn 5: Howl
Turn 6: Flurry
Kit dies.
Turn 7: Ion Cannon

For Chi Chi, just use two snails. Keep Acidic Goo up and just Ooze Touch him repeatedly. You will never make it to the third pet.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Azrile » September 16th, 2013, 9:09 pm

Lwebe10 wrote:A good strategy on the end 4 named pets you have to battle is to have the pandaren water spirit and chromius. I cast Geyser then Whirlpool. Then flipped to Chromius and his Howl double damage. I took out 2 of the four with those 2 pets, they hardly had anything left and were good nuke from Chromius surge of power and they were dead with hardly any damage done to my pets.
I took out the Xu-Fu and ChiChi both this way =)

yeah, I found this one out too. I am thinking they are gong to nerf the panda spirit, maybe change up the CDs. 2 pets can basically beat 3 of the last 4 in the tournament.

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Re: Celestial Tournament 101-US (some EU commentary too)

Postby Matsumi » September 17th, 2013, 3:17 am

Derrhans wrote:Kinda new here ;)
But here's how i did Zao which i had the most issues with during my trail and error attempts.

i killed with a Fjord Worg pup type P/P with: bite / howl / dancing (think any pet with Dancing and howl will do)
- Starting with Bite > Dancing > Howl
Switched to my Ash Spiderling with: poison spit /brittle web /swarm
- Starting with Brittle / Swarm / poison spit / Brittle
Switched to my Sunreaver Micro-Sentry Immolate / unused / Call Lightning
- starting with Call Lightning / Immolate till dead

I love you so much. I didn't even need to use my third pet. I knew there was a strat I had available to me but for the life of me, I couldn't think of it after spending all night on it. Got my kitty thanks to you. :)


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