Suggestion for Celestial Tournament (unexpected part 3)

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Suggestion for Celestial Tournament (unexpected part 3)

Post by Papazol » August 21st, 2013, 2:44 am

After reset on PTR I found new first round pet masters. Looks like we will have more that 3 pets teams for battle in first round.
1st team of Loremaster Cho includs flying, magic an ragonkin pets;
- Wisdom (owl, flying) 1600 hp, 284 power, 591 speed (buffed). It uses Peck, Wild magic and Rip.
- Patience (broom, magic) 2209 hp, 300 power, 253 speed. It uses Broom, Tranquility and Clean-up.
- Knowlege (golden ragonkin) 1600 hp, 431 power, 24 speed. It uses Tail sweep, Amplify magic and Solar beam.

2d team of Dr. Jon Goldbloom (Jurastic park) uses flying, magic and beast pets.
- Screamer (bird, flying) 1600 hp, 422 power, 380 speed (buffed). It uses Alpha strike, Lift-of and Feign death.
- Chaos (eye, magic) uses Logic (humanoid dmg, 346 dmg, 1 round cd), Unsertainty (crit buff/hit debuff same like Adrenal Glands) and Instability.
- Trive (direhorn, beast) 2163 hp, 318 power, 248 speed. It uses Adrenaline rush, Horn atack and Bite. Someone cryed to much, what cant defeat direhorns, so now they have to learn how to do it. I like Blizz humor.

3d team of Sully "the Pickle" McLeary (Si:7) uses undead, critter and aquatic pets.
- Socks (bandicoon, undead) 1975 hp, 319 power, 263 speed. It uses Claw, Infected claw an Unholy Ascension.
- Monte (Python)(rabbit, critter) is a Darkmoon rabbit brother. 1600 hp, 431 power, 263 speed. It uses [ability]Huge, Sharp Teeth![/ability], Visious Streak and Burrow.
- Rikki (otter, aquatic) 1741 hp, 319 power, 309 speed. It uses Gnaw, Cute face and Bloodfang.

Fun set, what was defeated by pets, what I never expected to use. And now I'm lvling them on plaing realm. So, now I'm waiting for more teams.

P.S. Dont sure if ppl with pet score less then 2300 will able to got Tournament first week without tips.

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