Need help with my team (s)

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Need help with my team (s)

Post by Erebus88 » August 3rd, 2013, 7:44 am

I currently have 2 teams that I am working on and am kinda stuck as to which pets I should use.
First team is a lightning weather team.

So far I've decided on:

Thundering Serpent Hatchling
Clockwork Gnome

For the third spot I'm in a toss up between Nuts, a Direhorn, or a Sunreaver Micro-Sentry, ji-kun hatchling
Common sense tells me that I want a multi hitter but im not sure between those 4, i like the idea of the direhorn because of its stampede, defense, and a heavy hit, however the sentry can add more lightning in case my serpent falls, but then i have 2 mechanical which seems like a no-no even though I get the mechanical damage boost. i like the squirrel for nut barrage and stampede but it lacks a heavy hit and dies fairly easy, adrenaline rush is nice as well. and ji-kun has a whole moveset of multi attacks

Second team is a bit earlier in the idea process but I would love suggestions. I want to use the Magical Crawdad but at the moment I'm not sure what it would be good with. I know i should put it with a heavy hitter of some sort, thinking Zandalari Kneebiter so I can heal it and keep using it, or chrominius, or lil rag.
Magical Crawdad + Pandaren Water Spirit + Chrominius? since the spirit and chrominius work so well together?

Please help!!!

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Re: Need help with my team (s)

Post by Papazol » August 4th, 2013, 8:38 am

1 idea. If someone trys to play from weather effect, it is better to use 2 pets, who can use it. Then I checked it I also used drake and Tranquil mechanical yeti . Sunreaver Micro-Sentry also should do great.
2 idea. Mech, like gnome, in general is good combined with undead. So you may try to add, for example, any from voodoo companions, like [pet]Sen'jin fetish[/pet] , cose they have 2 dots.
3 idea. Squirrels make great eal with Call lighting. In any words, this is just one time when squirrels may be used. They have 2 great dots - Woodchipper and Nut barrage , and great save ability Crouch . And for them good idea is be faster and use crouch before they got hit. So Nuts is the worst variant from squirrels, and I would prefer usual Squirrel in 5/15 or 11/21 breed.
4. idea. Ji-Kun Hatchling, like another birds, has not too much hp but too fast. So things like Counterstrike or Tail sweep or any dot kill it in few hits. Dont think it is great deal if even poor wild critter pet, like Bandicoon , just 2-shoted your pet from Poison fang+Counterstrike. From another side, critters like Bandicoon with Poison fang, Tongue lash and Survival may do great with Call lighting.
5 idea. If you want some flying abilities it is better to use Blue dragonhawk hatchling in 6/16 breed. A lot (1800) hp, multihit Quills , fire dot Flame breath (better) or Flamethrower (with woodoo comp) + Congflagrate and all under lighting souse. Tasty.
6 idea. Use Call lighting and swap on beast just like use Call darkness and swap on humanoid.

Magical crawdad... If I see magical crawdad I usualy see Anub idols x 2.

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Re: Need help with my team (s)

Post by Chuckthulu » August 4th, 2013, 9:29 am

I use the same base two from your first team (sub in wild jade for thundering on the hatchlings), and for my third I use Grinder
His Rock Barrage can be monster with the lightning. Quake is nice also, but a little too situational for this team.
Also it doesn't hurt that he's elemental, so doesn't take any extra lightning damage himself. That comes in super handy when you face another lightning team, or any other weather team for that matter.
I just added him as my third recently,(after trying multiple others) and I am well pleased.

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