Fastest Pandarian Trainers to beat

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Fastest Pandarian Trainers to beat

Post by Dragonwizard » July 25th, 2013, 7:49 am

Lately I haven't had a lot of time to play but I would still like to be able to work on leveling up my pets. I have time to maybe do 2 or 3 trainers a day at most. So I was wondering out of the Pandarian tamers which 2 or 3 are the fastest to beat and what pets/abilities you use to beat them. Travel time doesn't matter as I can park alts at them all to make it fast and easy. The only condition is it has to be able to handle bringing in at least a level 8+ carry pet without dying.
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Re: Fastest Pandarian Trainers to beat

Post by Anana » July 25th, 2013, 9:33 am

Farmer Nishi, in Valley of the Four Winds.

P/P Emperor Crab with Surge, Shield, and Healing Wave + two low level pets who can take one Sunlight from the Sunflower.

Kill the Sunflower with nothing but Surge,

Shield on the turn when the Turnip comes forward, heal while it is underground. Wait to take the leech seed with the crab, then immediately bring forward the two low levels. You have four rounds in which all the turnip's abilities are on cooldown.

Proceed to kill the turnip and the grub with the crab.

Ejoy the ~5kexp.


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Re: Fastest Pandarian Trainers to beat

Post by Yellowlab » July 25th, 2013, 9:41 am

I think the quickest and most reliable ones to beat every day are the Farmer Nishi one is Valley, the trainer in jade forest (can't remember her name), and the Pandaren Water Spirit in dread wastes. A mirror strider can pretty much solo Farmer Nishi using spout, rainy weather and pump. I use a slime pet and a gryphon pet to kill the trainer in Jade forest. the slime kills the flyer, and the gryphon can beat the snake and the turtle (use lift off and beak). I also use the gryphon on the water spirit. It can solo the fish without taking a point of damage if you use beak twice, then lift off. Then I use a baby ape to kill off the second and 3rd pets.

I find it best to start Farmer Nishi with your pet that you want to level. Swap in your leveling pet after you slime dies on the jade forest trainer. And swap in your leveling pet after your gryphon kills the fish on the water spirit. Always swap them out after they get 1 round in, don't risk losing them.

*** Special note. Don't level up a lvl 1 pet against the water spirit as it AOE's often. Try lvl 6 or higher. You can get a pet to level 6 by doing 1 pet battle against a lvl 23+. I suggest always leveling a pet to 6 before power leveling it just so that it has the HP to survive an attack.

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Re: Fastest Pandarian Trainers to beat

Post by Smokes » July 25th, 2013, 11:56 am

As has been stated, Farmer Nishi is the easiest. I use a purple puffer, but any pump pet will wreck her 2 elementals and put a huge dent in the beast. I generally don't try to 1v3 her since it would take longer.

Hyuna in Jade Forest is next, I use Emerald Proto-Whelp to take out the first 2 pets (emerald presence blocks the dots, the lift off equivalent avoids the snakes burrow) and a flyer to kill the turtle. I switch in my leveling pet on one of the turtles shell shield spam turns.

Last for me would be Zusshi in Townlong. Snarly with Rip, Blood in the Water, and surge can solo all 3 pets if the striders pump attack misses. I switch in my leveling pet to eat the snails dive so something that can take a 550 point hit is best. Save snarlys second blood in the Water for after the dive. Any flyer can finish off the last pet, but I use my enchanted broom because I find the whack animation amusing.

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Re: Fastest Pandarian Trainers to beat

Post by Worgenbait » July 25th, 2013, 3:40 pm

There are 2 trainers I do every day, even if I only have a limited time.

I start with Aki (that's the one in the Vale, right?). I go leveling pet (has to be above level 3), Anuibasth Idol, with Brilliant Kaliri in back-up. Hit once with leveling pet, swap in the Idol, and Sandstorm. The first pet can no longer damage you and should be at full life by the time you kill him. With the dragon next, Deflect the first shot, Sandstorm, then crush till defeated. Unless you have bad luck, you should be able to down the 3rd pet no problem. Deflect his submerge, which would strike on the 2nd turn, sandstorm for max damage and then Crush. If you had bad luck, finish with the Kaliri.

Second is Farmer Nishi. I use leveling pet, Dancing Water Skimmer and Brilliant Kaliri. Hit once with leveling pet, swap in Dancing, and then hit Cleansing Rain and Pump once. Don't use it on the first pet. Blast with Water Jet till down. Hit with Pump before second pet can submerge, renew Pump and Cleansing Rain, and finish with Water Jet. 3rd pet, hit with Pump, and when he submerges, recharge and hit again. If you have bad luck and die after his submerge, just finish with Kaliri.

Combined with my farming and checking the BMAH, it takes less then 15 minutes, and if I am REALLY busy, is all I sometimes do in a day. Smiple and easy and close together for a single character.

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Re: Fastest Pandarian Trainers to beat

Post by Azrile » July 26th, 2013, 9:32 pm

The answer will depend on the pets you have at 25.

I will give you a bunch of places where you can plug in a lvl 8 pet

1. Jade Forst

Use Emerald proto-drake and a flying pet that has cocoon. You can kill the first 1.5 pets with your emerald drake easily. When the emerald drake dies, sub in your level 8 for 1 round. Only thing you need to be careful of is you don´t sub in on the round the snake is ready to unburrow. After a round, sub in your flyer... kill the snake without using cocoon. (ie, take some damage, no big deal). The last pet has only 1 attack which it always does as soon as it is available, unless it´s heal is available, his attack is on a longer cool-down than your cocoon.. in other words, you should never get hit. Just cast cocoon as soon as you see his attack is off cd. Even if he heals, his next attack will still be blocked by the cocoon.

2. Kun Lai

Use Crimson Geode... the enemy soars on the second round, so use amplify magic on that round, when he lands, just kill him. The rabbit comes next.. just make sure you use elemental bolt before you die ( launches a rocket in the air). When your geode dies, bring in Ameshyhe spiderling and ´brittle web´ the rabbit and watch him kill himself. The goat is next. cast brittle web again, then poison spit (dot). The goat will kill you at the end of round 2, bring in your level 8, and the goat will kill himself using swarm, or if not, the poison spit dot will kill him.

3. Outlands

Use Crimson whelp, when he dies, sub in your level 8 for 1 round, then KunLai runt. When you get to the third pet ( who has a bunch of avoidance spells). just spam your 2 button until it hits, then 3, then 1 It sometimes takes awhile for 2 to hit, but once it does, fight is over.

4. Water Spirit

Any flyer that has soar. Soar above the 2 attacks, and usually you can kill the first pet without your flyer taking any damage. I usually then bring in a Hyjal bear and kill the second pet. On the third pet, use the bear stun, sub in your low level, then sub right back out. Just make sure you don´t sub in onto one of the delayed attacks.

5. Kars Wild

Darkmoon Tonk - Use minefield on second attack ( he will burrow). Just kill him using your 1 button. When the flyer moves in, it will trigger minefield. Then immediately use Ion Cannon. Disgusting ooze will finish off the flyer, then wittle down the third pet, make sure you have 2 dots on the enemy pet as the disgusting ooze dies (sometimes I have to pass just to let him die). you sometimes have to take 2 hits, so maybe a lvl 8 pet is iffy here Avoid using a critter, flying is best.

6. Vale ( I use frosty, might not be available)

Hyjal bear to kill first pet. As soon as first pet dies, switch to frosty. Use Blizzard, then ice tomb.. then just kill. The ice tomb will trigger a pet switch, just use frosty and bear to kill everything. I usually let frosty die, then swap in my low level, then switch right away for the bear to come back.

7 Earth Spirit ( requires darkmoon rabbit)

Dodge on first round, use bleed attack, then burrow. Sub in low level pet after rabbit dies for one round. I use darkmoon tonk as last pet.. The third enemy pet burrows on his second turn. I use ´lock-on´ during that round and then whack him when he comes up.

8. Valley4Winds

I just use Mojo and his main #1 attack almost the entire time. The 2nd pet will do a burrowing move on his second turn, sub in your lvl 8 pet then and sub right back out.. bring Mojo back and finish off the second enemy. Mojo usually almost kills the third pet, but have a mechanical pet in your third slot for 1 or 2 mechanical attacks. On the second turn, the 3rd pet will burrow, so Mojo can get in a heal if you want him to live.

that is basically 8 fights where you can get a lvl 8 pet into the fight without much trouble unless you have some really bad RNG. Kars wilds in particular has a bunch of 25% chance to stun attacks which can mess things up.

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Re: Fastest Pandarian Trainers to beat

Post by Mehetabel » July 27th, 2013, 5:03 am

I do 3 Pandaria pet battles every day without fail (I seldom have time for more).

1. Vale
I use my Magical Crawdad to take out the first two pets, then bring my leveler in for one round, then bring in a moth to finish off the last pet.

2. Valley of Four Winds
Leveler in for one round, then Eternal Strider and Purple Puffer to take down the team.

3. Jade Forest
Leveler in for one round, then Oily Slimeling to take out the moth and do some damage on the snake then Darkmoon Zeppelin to finish off the snake and (slowly) burn down the turtle.

The first two can definately be used to carry a level 8+ pet as I have many times. The Jade Forest one should be okay mostly too I would think.
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Re: Fastest Pandarian Trainers to beat

Post by Papazol » July 28th, 2013, 4:07 am

All of them are easy frags. I do my daily tour (all Pandaria masters and spirits) may be in 50 mins on one char. If you dont need to fly around you can do it in 30 mins or less. Only 2 masters are a little slower - Master Aki and Master Yon cose their pets have heal and surv abilities. Also Water spirit time by time will kill your lvling pet on backline. And, up to your strategy, Master Shu may need to restart fight after 1-2 rounds.
Masters with "window" in their rotations (you can save swap 1 lvl pet) are:
- Master Hyuna (jade forrest). Her 3d pet has just 1 atack with great cd. I use celestial dragon and eperior crab p/p to fast get it.
- Air spirit (jae forrest). 3d pet starts from selfheal. I use anub and celestial dragon for him. Easy fight but need a specific rotation.
- Earth spirit (valley/summit border). 3d pet starts from shield and burrow. I use 2 rabbits with 357 speed. Actualy 1 rabbit is enough for this master, cose he takes a little damage from 1st pet and no damage 3d, but 2d pet time by time can got him.
- Master Shu (dread wastes). 2d pet makes a little damage to backline pets and 3d pet starts from shield. I use yellow mosh and emperior crab (p/p both) to burn it. Best result in this fight if you killed 1st pet buy cocoon strike on 4 round (dust, alpha, alpha, cocoon).
- Master Zusshi (steppes) may also be used to lvl 1st lvl pets if you use 2 rabbits and avoid backline damage. His 3 pet start from rain and sleep. I use lvling pet to take sleep and swap.
Also 2 masters Aki (valley) and Yon (summit) can be used to lvl 1 lvl pets if you use anub with sandstorm. And anub can solo both masters without heal between fights. But I usualy add mosh for Aki and yeti for Yon.

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