Help making my pet battle team!

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Help making my pet battle team!

Post by Asharak » July 24th, 2013, 11:53 pm

A friend of mine recently got me into pet battling, and after trying it out for a bit I decided to make a serious team for pvp pet battles at 25. So far I've decided on
-Sunreaver Micro-Sentry
-Anubisath Idol
but i just cant decide on a third one that synergizes well with it! I was considering either Mini Mindslayer or mabye Unborn Val'kyr, but I thought I should get an opinion from more experience players! Would prefer they not be pet store pets tho :D

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Re: Help making my pet battle team!

Post by Arwyn3 » July 25th, 2013, 9:53 am

I would suggest using an elemental of some sort as your 3rd. It gives you another layer of coverage and it wont be effected by the miss chance of sandstorm or the damage reduction of sandstorm since elementals don't get weather effects.

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Re: Help making my pet battle team!

Post by Iamwhatis » July 25th, 2013, 11:40 am

Both the Sunreaver and the Idol are great pets. But in my honest opinion the Sunreaver is best used in a lightning team. A team which compliments his call lightning skill. Pets that have dots or attacks that hit multiple times. The most commonly used pet on a lightning team is the clockwork gnome. With lightning up turret does 600 damage a round for FOUR rounds. Any pet with good dots or multiple round attacks makes a good third pet for this team The scourged whelpling with both tail sweep and dots and the undead passive is an awesome third. A good lightning team properly played should win more than 80% of the time.

A lightning team’s worst enemy is the Idol. Sandstorm destroys the lightning strategy. Sandstorm makes the turret hit for nothing.

I still play an Idol Idol Idol team occasionally (it was unbelievably strong before the reflect nerf) just (believe it or not) for fun. Gee who should I start: my Idol or my Idol or?

But usually the Idol is not the center of any of my team strategies. I use him on my crawdad team (wish) to further reduce damage because the crawdad team is based on a hard hitter being able to be refreshed by wish and used over and over. And the hard hitter is really your only offense (though crush hits hard) so by using an Idol you take out any of the other teams dot or multiple hit tactics and you can put a kink in most weather teams.

And before all you haters are like “we hate those teams” I have 13 teams I play that are all very different and about 6 of them are over 80%. Any time someone says they hate playing against a team, if I don’t already have it, I make that team and play it. I mostly do that to learn the team. Its strengths and its weakness’ The best way to learn a team is to play it. A great way to build a good team is to play and keep track of what beets you. If I play against a team that beats me and if I say to myself “wow that is a really good team” I’m going to build that team and play it. Learn its strengths and weakness’. If I still think it’s a good team (80%+ wins) then I see if I can’t tweak something to make it even better.

My very favorite part of PVP, by far, is the theory crafting and making a new team. What I like about these types of games is that there is room for different people to have their definition of fun and for those definitions to be different just as people are different. For many, on these forums, it’s about a fast win and if they can’t win fast they will concede. For me it’s about win% and how many teams I can do it with.

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