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Starting stats, what determines them?

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Starting stats, what determines them?

Postby Cigaras » October 1st, 2012, 1:29 am

Hello there, been searching for infomration and couldn't find it so trying to ask: at the start of acount wide pets I had in my pet journal už to 3 same pets, thats normal, but I notized that some of these pets stats are not same, like one adder having 11 attack and 10 speed and another same adder having 10 attack and 11 speed, and sometimes it's even more, like one pet having 12 of both and another 10 of both, it looks like first one is supperiour to second one (however usualy second one has more life). So the question is - how to choose the best pet of same ones and how to determine if the only pet I have has the best starting stats of his kind?

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Re: Starting stats, what determines them?

Postby Kingdms » October 1st, 2012, 8:32 am

All pets have a set statistic pool based on their level and rarity. Among each type of pet you will see variations, as you noted. Some pets will sacrifice health for a boost in attack and/or speed. Some will favor one statistic above the others. Some will demonstrate a more even spread.

Pets of equal level and the same quality all share an equal statistic pool, regardless of their individual stats. In this regard there is no "best" pet. You should instead be looking at the abilities of the other pets on your team, the attacks the pet is capable of learning, and your personal preferences. Select a pet that corresponds to your personal battle style.

For example, I was considering which of my Ravasaur Hatchlings to train. The Hatchling generally favors its speed stat. Additionally, its type ability relies on having taken substantial damage before it activates, so having action priority is useful to get an attack in before an opponent has the opportunity to finish the weakened Hatchling off. It also learns the ability Flank, which inflicts additional damage if the Hatchling acts first in the round. I personally favor high-speed pets, so I went with the Hatchling that boasted greater Speed than than the others. Its other stats may be lower, but the other members of my team can be selected to accommodate this failing.

Wild pets tend to follow the same set of conditions, though there does seem to be more variation among wild pets of Poor, Common, and Uncommon qualities. I imagine this will be explored in some detail over the coming months but it's too early to determine what, if anything, those investigations will reveal.

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