Pets to go with Unborn Valkyr?

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Pets to go with Unborn Valkyr?

Post by Seyla » June 28th, 2013, 2:58 am

Hello, I'm really enjoying playing with my Unborn Valkyr and I was curious what other kinds of pets people think would go well with it? Currently I use crow and Flayer Youngling because they provide a good all around type coverage and can interfere with a lot of enemy pet teams. Crow works great against Healing walls and weather teams and Flayer Youngling is good at combo breaking and can outspeed a lot of slower attack pets.

Currently the strategy is to start with Unborn Valkyr, punch until the valkyr "dies" then Unholy Ascention during the free bonus turn. Valkyr almost always ends up trading with the first enemy pet regardless of any type advantage or disadvantage, leaving the rest of the figth a 2v2. The high dpsing crow and flayer then take advantage of the nine turns by turning out as much dps as possible and hopefully push the enemy team into submission

However, there are a few problems I've run into:

1) Speed debuffs. Crow and Flayer both require to be faster than their opponents to maximize dps, while there are few threats that outspeed them naturally, (as they are both max speed breed) an area wide speed buff or debuff can dramatically turn the tables out of their favour

2) Pets that don't die. Entire teams of Mechanical or Undead pets can really slow this team down, particularly the crow. While the Flayer can blitz an enemy mechanical into submission or deflect an undead's extra turn, the crow has very little to do but just eat damage and waste a turn of that precious unholy ascention. Without any super-effective attacks between them against mechs or undead, these types of teams tend to win the battle of attrition against me.

3) Switcher pets. The valkyr isn't very fast and a popular strategy I've seen is to throw dots on the valkyr then pull out another pet with a deathgrip effect. This not only throws off my momentum it can outright stop unholy ascention if done properly.

So what I'm looking for are some replacements to go well with my favourite pet, Valkyr! Here are the critera:

1) High offensive capabilities to capitalize on weakened state of enemy team.

2) Some kind of counter to mechanical/undead self-rezzes

3) Ideally, something to alter weather out of the enemy's favour.

I'd really appreciate some input because I'm rather new to all this. I probably don't even know about the obvious choices you're already thinking of.

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Re: Pets to go with Unborn Valkyr?

Post by Khayah » June 28th, 2013, 5:48 am

There is no swiss army knife or jack of all trades pet.

You can start with valkyre, cast CoD +1 dmg cast, switch to a switcher eg fiendish imp, cast immolation and switch the pet with CoD out, switch back to valkyre and depending on hp, your opponent will switch in another pet, but it should be possible to cast unholy ascension and in theory a second CoD.

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Re: Pets to go with Unborn Valkyr?

Post by Tahsfenz » June 28th, 2013, 10:06 pm

I use the Val'kyr, An S/S raven and an enchanted broom. Extremely reliable team. Every once in a while I'll switch the raven with an Anubisath Idol, but the broom and Val'kyr are the main of this set up.

The Val'kyr I use until its dead and finish with unholy ascension. If they swap me out, I swap back in and finish my main purpose. 9/10 times we both die at the same time and now the last two pets have a 25% damage increase.

Bring the broom in second. Usually I sweep out the pet for a free turn, but every once in a while I'll wind up on the opponent.

Finish with the crow. Speed is king here. Many times the opponent will have his pets at low health and I just kill m as he brings them in.

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