Looking for team synergy suggestion.

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Looking for team synergy suggestion.

Post by Albain » June 22nd, 2013, 1:25 am

My current favored team for pet battles is a searing scorchling, a moth, and a ghostly skull. I enjoy quite a bit of success with this setup, partly due to Ascension, and moths being obnoxious to deal with, but i'm thinking of trading in the skull for something that'll have a little more synergy with my scorchling's scorched earth tactics.

Can anyone make a suggestion? I'm actively considering another elemental so Scorched Earth won't cripple me much, and if someone pulls out an aquatic, well. I have my moth.

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Re: Looking for team synergy suggestion.

Post by Shakesbeard » June 22nd, 2013, 1:29 pm

only one ability has a bonus to burning targets: [url=http://www.warcraftpets.com/abilities/elemental/conflagrate/]conflagrate.[/url]

of the pets listed there, the only ones that aren't elemental are vendor dragonhawks and [url=http://www.warcraftpets.com/wow-pets/humanoid/miscellaneous/harbinger-of-flame/]harbinger of flame...[/url]. that's assuming you don't want 2 ele's on the same team, but maybe you do since they are immune to the scorched earth.

not many scorched earth teams that i've seen, at least ones that excel because of weather synergy the way that darkness or lightning storm teams do. but about the only synergy possible with scorched earth is conflagrate or the ele weather immune racial, so i'd look there.
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Re: Looking for team synergy suggestion.

Post by Tuatha » June 22nd, 2013, 6:51 pm

Weeeelll, there are varying degrees of synergy. As above, the best to go with scorched earth is conflagrate. But there are some things that also go well-but-not-great with it.

-Undead take reduced damage from scorched earth, and are weak against aquatic pets where your moth is strong, so that ghostly skull is a good fit and difficult to replace. If keeping an undead in there is an option, but you're tired of the skull, I'd suggest camping for an HH Scourged Whelpling or Restless Shadeling and using Plagued Blood, which can help your team survive longer, and it's just annoying enough to sometimes cause a pet swap, giving you a free turn.

-A pet with Wild Magic, ala the Corefire Imp, will make those Scorched Earth ticks hit harder, as well as the imp's own immolation and the scorchling's Flame Breath.

-Both sides get to use that scorched earth, so to cover a weakness to other conflag teams you may want something with an aquatic attack. A snail will take less damage from an opponent's elemental attacks, but its dive is way too telegraphed to count on it being very effective, imo. A spirit crab might be good, because it can either shell or simply take less damage from the scorched earth and surge vs elementals, but I'd lean towards a P/P Emperor Crab. It can shell the scorched earth damage, surge enemy elementals, and bring either a self heal or a team heal to the game.

Hope those give you some fun options to consider. Good luck!

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