Leveling Preferences

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Re: Leveling Preferences

Post by Violetfemme » June 28th, 2013, 5:21 am

Well, I finally got around to looking at the leveling/battling guides on this forum and realized I was doing it all wrong! LOL! I was using the dailies to level, but I was really only leveling low levels at the old world tamers and high level pets in Pandaria, except for with Nishi (Nishi's pets are soloable with my Eternal Strider, so I was using that battle for my low level pets). Now that I've actually looked at the guides, I realized that I already had most of the pets to make every battle in Pandaria capable of carrying a really low level pet like I was doing with Nishi. Some of these battles were requiring 3 level 25s just to beat because I was using the wrong combination of pets.

So, thanks for the suggestions! Thanks for the guides! Using them I was able to level up the few pets I did not have at 25 for the teams to almost 25 with my versions of the pets suggested (i.e., I substituted Tolai Hare (S/S) for Grasslands Cottontail, since my Cottontail is not 25 and the wrong breed and my Emerald Proto Whelp is the wrong breed). I still have to do my Ghost Crab today and finish leveling the others to 25 (they are at 22 or 23 now). Then I think my team will be complete! And I can start leveling properly! No wonder why so many people have leveled so many pets so fast! So to anyone reading this, who hasn't checked out the guide...do it! It will make leveling lowbies so much quicker!

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Re: Leveling Preferences

Post by Tiggindy » June 29th, 2013, 12:58 pm

Violetfemme wrote:LOL, Tiggindy, more than I needed to know, but very thorough!
Thanks, probably not 100% accurate, but accurate enough. And I tend to over-explain things. :p
Some days I feel like I manage to get a few to 25, then it seems like days before I get any more to 25.
Depends on your method. For me, at the end, I was getting 11 25's every 3rd day (since they were all 19 to start).

Still monotonous, and sometimes disheartening when I do the math to figure out how far I have to go.
I can't believe there are so many people who seem to have leveled all pets to 25 already!
Sadly, some of the peeps that did it early on were abusing the tamer battle bug for the massive XP (and using Nishi, because it's a super easy fight). I purposefully didn't abuse that, but there were some days that I kinda wish that I had. :oops:

I just recently finished leveling all my pets, but I also did the bag tamer dailies close to every day from a week or two after release.

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Re: Leveling Preferences

Post by R3ib » July 1st, 2013, 10:11 pm

I've finally got a (2) pet team for each of the Pandaville tamers, and I can throw a level 1 in on about half of the fights, with a "treat" it will jump to 12... so one fight and you're half way there... still haven't seen how fast stacking the treats goes...

My preference for quick leveling several level 1's is... "Mechanical Dragonling" and "Gryphon Hatchling" + (level 1 pet) ... then find a patch of water with level 25's ... Dragonling uses "Decoy", swap level 1 in and out, and 9/10 fights the Gryphon won't have a problem soloing all 3 pets...

Oh another "tip" that some may find useful, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I only recently was introduced to... "label" and "locking" your teams. My teams are now "named" for the boss they are used on, and they have my 2 required pets "locked", making it easy to shuffle a pet that i'm leveling in and out of teams... ya I know, "NEWS FLASH!" ... :oops:

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Re: Leveling Preferences

Post by Axordil » July 1st, 2013, 10:49 pm

My 90s hit the inaccessible and far-flung trainers (and legends), the alts in the 85-89 range get the balance of Pandaria and the five other bag-droppers, and lowbie alts either do the low level trainers or get parked in the Vale where it's safe (for now).

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