Conducting pet research. Your help valued!

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Conducting pet research. Your help valued!

Post by Siigari » September 26th, 2012, 9:58 am

Alright pet trainers, I am conducting some research into what makes pets strong or weak. What I am doing right now is analyzing each pet's leveling statistics. This is fairly easy to do.

To do it, take a pet like a rare Level 5 Fledgling Buzzard.

Fledgling Buzzard Level 5 (Rare):
392 HP
55 Power
52 Speed

Now, to calculate the stats, subtract 100 from the HP and divide by the pet level.

HP = 292 / 5 = 58.4

Now for the power and speed, just take their current numbers and divide by the pet level.

Power = 55 / 5 = 11
Speed = 52 / 5 = 10.4

So now we determine the total gain or loss this pet has. This is calculated by looking at the decimal numbers and finding their sum.

HP = 0.4 + Speed = 0.4 = +0.8

Now, post your pet like this:

Fledgling Buzzard (Level 5 Rare)
392 HP (+58.4)
55 Power (+11)
52 Speed (+10.4)
Gain: +0.8

Please do this for as many pets as you can (especially ones you have been training) and we'll fin7d out if your pet is going to be better than the best at level 25, or not quite up to par in a certain department.

I have an Azure Whelpling which is basically going to have some level 26 stats at level 25 (Almost 3/4 an extra level of power and one full level of speed!)

Azure Whelpling (Level 10 Rare:)
652 HP (+55.2)
123 Power (+12.3)
104 Speed (+10.4)
Gain: +0.90

Thanks guys! :D

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