Speed reduction debuffs (Living Sandling)

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Speed reduction debuffs (Living Sandling)

Post by Lolfixheal » June 5th, 2013, 1:46 pm


I'm looking at my Living Sandlings, got a HP and HS and the pets attacks (Sand Bolt and Quick Sand) are really about reducing the opponents speeds to your advantage. However Im wondering if the 2 debuffs are additive, multiplicative or only the highest Count?

If they are additive your Living Sandling gets the following 'real speed values':

Nothing up/Sandbolt up/Quicksand up/Sandbolt+Quicksand up
HP: 227s/302s/454s/908s
HS: 257s/342s/514s/1028s

So if you open with Quicksand as the HP one, you should get initiave NeXT round and then apply Stoneskin and then Sandbolt NeXT round. Or skip stonekin and do Sand Bolt spam only.

The damage difference is 10% between the 2, the HS is wasted speed if one could pull this off. The main debate is the 342s vs 302s with Sand Bolt only but you're going to take Quick Sand as your 3rd anyway, same hit % and more damage on the attack.

So ye, share your thoughts and knowledge :P

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