Suggestion for improving Tito

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Suggestion for improving Tito

Post by Khayah » June 4th, 2013, 11:59 am


i just made a suggestion in the german forum to improve Tito as reward of raiding with leashes 2.

I made the suggestion to replace cyclone with dazzling dance in reference to fjord worg pub and to change the heal to "goes always first" as peddlefeets ability love potion. Furthermore i suggested to shift a bit of speed into Hp as 1319 hp is quite low in comparison. You can also consider to shift p/s to h/p with dazzling dance.

In my opinion, Tito has fail designed Slot 3 Abilities but as i like the Achievement as well as the design of the pet itsself AND Dazzling dance is a common used Ability of foxes and wolves i suggested to change that. Dazzling dance is not overpowered at all.

So, if you are d'accord, please post respectively in your WoW forum as the german one is lacking some attention concerning suggestions.

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Re: Suggestion for improving Tito

Post by Luciandk » June 4th, 2013, 7:53 pm

Tito is a flavorful wind doggy, but abbysmally designed. Im afraid flavor won over function :/

My feeling is that they wanted to avoid a repeat of Mr.Bigglesworth that was so good an ach pet that they had to nerf him.

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