Major pet shake up in the making! (Blue post)

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Major pet shake up in the making! (Blue post)

Post by Luciandk » May 20th, 2013, 5:46 pm

We’re looking to make further Pet Battles adjustments in a future patch (potentially 5.4), and your valuable feedback is needed!

Currently, in an Elemental vs. Mechanical matchup, Elementals gain both an attack bonus versus Mechanicals as well as a defensive bonus against Mechanical abilities. In order to help even the playing field a bit, we were mulling over some potential changes to damage types, and the families they would be weak against.

Here are some initial ideas that are being kicked around:

Mechanical abilities would deal less damage versus Critter (instead of Elemental)Elemental abilities would deal less damage versus Dragonkin (instead of Critter)Flying abilities would deal less damage versus Elemental (instead of Dragonkin)
And here is a second set of ideas we’re considering:

Undead abilities would deal less damage versus Elemental (instead of Aquatic)Mechanical abilities would deal less damage versus Aquatic (instead of Elemental)
Your thoughts on these potential changes would be really helpful, so please take a moment to reply below and let us know what you think.


Wow I say, this is going to take some major rethinking in what which is strong and whats not.
But for general PvE pet battling, it would be a major buff to Elementals, since they are currently doing weak damage to super common critters. And the proposed change of less damage from flying and undead damage, crazy! Combined with the earlier talked about elemental race change, it really seems they are trying to push elementals to be a much more viable choice.

Hrm, anyone know if theres any Dragonkin with aquatic abilities at all? Looking for a new elemental double counter pet. Edit: Just checked, Appears to be no dragonkin with aquatic abilities. So it looks like either you will to choose to tank elemental damage with a dragonkin and heal it while whittling them down. Or find a high aquatic damager to hurt the elemental and hope you make the first kill. Im thinking Snarly or Electrified Razortooth as possible choices for kiling elementals fast. A must when considering the number of high hp elementals used by Pandaria tamers.

Edit: When considering the Razortooth, I noticed a 5.3 change: Electrified Razortooth: swapped positions of Blood In The Water and Paralyzing Shock abilities. That means you can have Rip/Blood in the Water and Devour or Paralysing Shock depending on when you do pve or pvp. Id say that is going to push it up in the upper tiers of highly useful pets!

Its also a decent PvE buff to player mechanicals, as they are not double amputated against common Elementals anymore. Though also a nerf in that they they now have low damage against critters.

Definitely a nerf to undead, no longer able to overcome the healing of elementals. Will have to find another powerful pet to take down Farmer Nishi and her team than my current Crawling Claw that often can solo the whole trio.

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