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Battle Pet Abilities Spreadsheet

Posted: August 4th, 2012, 2:02 am
by Drake713

I couldn't find a breakdown of battle pet abilities in an apples to apples comparison so I made a first version of my own and I'm sharing it with the community.

Ok first off the abilities came from:
And WoWhead.

The data is all base on BETA abilities, so numbers are very likely to change, mechanics however are less likely to change, so pay more attention to the mechanics than the numbers. Also the accuracy numbers are crazy for some abilities, take that column with a grain of salt.

The intended use for this spreadsheet is to find combinations or strategies you think would give you an edge, then search WoWhead for those abilities and you'll see which pets have the abilities you want. There were a few abilities that were NYI or otherwise were not assigned to any pets yet, they have been left out of this spreadsheet.

I tried to group abilities, and I tried to put negative power for abilities that cause damage, and positive power for healing abilities. The tabs are:
Family Traits, this is what all pets of a type will have.
The Game Changers, these are the abilities I think will be OP or otherwise make really interesting teams around.
Combos, are the abilities that tie into other abilities and make them more powerful, you should defiantly look at what the weather effects actually do. I also include the team wide buffs here.
Defensive Abilities, are the heals, the shields, the damage reductions, the stuns/sleeps/polymorphs, the banishments, and the cleanses.
Pure Damage, these include damage buffs, the attacks that build in damage the more you use it, the basic attacks, the channeled attacks, and the interrupts for channeled attacks.
Speed Dependent, are the abilities that kinda suck unless you are first or last to attack, and the abilities that will influence who goes first.

Some abilities fit into more than one category and may appear more than once.

And please keep in mind this is just the first version.

Re: Battle Pet Abilities Spreadsheet

Posted: August 5th, 2012, 6:54 pm
by Drake713
I've started using the spreadsheet to design teams around combos, if you want to check them out I have them posted on my guild's forum at: ... eadid=4096

Re: Battle Pet Abilities Spreadsheet

Posted: September 4th, 2012, 12:07 am
by Drake713
Released v2, same link.

Updated values to as they appear on Live (before attack power)
Added all the pets each ability can be found on from WoWhead (includes some not in the Pet Journal atm)
Added more possible combos based on my work on building teams
Modified the accuracy numbers from WoWDB
Better categorized abilities, and tuned numbers to be on a per-cast basis

Please note I have not gone back over the teams posted on my guild's website, those will have to be updated. However you can find all the teams in a less explicit form within this spreadsheet.

If you have ideas for other combos to build teams around that I missed, please let me know.