Looking To Start PvP Battles

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Re: Looking To Start PvP Battles

Post by Rakrath » April 30th, 2013, 11:09 am


i think everybody wants to have these "destroy everything" combo ^^, but in my opinion it does not exist, if so blizz will balance it with next patch, or if people will loose/fight often against a particular team, the will build a counter team. And here comes the good thing about pet battles, there are al lot of pets and abilities, that it makes fun to try several strategies and moves, the key is: practice(trying) and knowledge about pets.

I remeber one fun pvp pet battle start, pre-reflection nerf:

me and the other startet both with flayer youngling

Round 1:
me pass; he pass
Rounbd 2:
me pass; he reflection
Round 3:
me pass; he pass
Round 4:
me reflection; he pass
it was fun, both were aware of the pet and the Ability ^^
(here u can see 3 Steps which envolved in the pet battle pvp community
1. People recognize how good this ability was (avoid + damage), they used it all the time (mostly first)
2. the opponents recognized it also, so they just pass the first round
3. here the counter counter happened, when they pass first round, so i will use first the some attack and then reflection/or situational, which is harder to predict)

Some another advice: Try not to optimize(or more focus just to fight one spot) your pet leveling process, use another pets for another wild pet leveling, and somtimes u will see(maybe suprisingly) ahh thats good interesting situation, maybe i can use it for pvp and combo it whith xyz.


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Re: Looking To Start PvP Battles

Post by Saraheanes » May 6th, 2013, 12:35 am

Sounds very interesting.I am sure there will be more fun in this battle.

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Re: Looking To Start PvP Battles

Post by Ril » May 7th, 2013, 7:17 am

hey there

i'm also pretty new to pvp battles, but i'm not here to get some "destroys everything" team, because i understand that they don't exist.

however, some are better overall than others, but the main thing i am wondering is if there are some rookie mistakes to avoid, or important things to take into account.

any piece of advice is very much appreciated.

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