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Post by Shalako » April 25th, 2013, 11:42 am

Hey all I'm new here, but have been using this site for a month or so to help me. This is a great website, and I wanted to add something to leveling pets. My favorite and my first 25 was an emperor crab P/P, he's a tough dude, and i'm using him to help level my low level pets. A couple days ago I got the magical crawdad from mr. pinchy and am trying to level him.

The Emp Crab and the magical crawdad share the same spell, but the emp crab's is much stronger. I think my crab is healing for 155ish on renewing mists and the crawdad is mid 60's. Well as long as I keep renewing mists up on the crawdad, (meaning starting the spell with the crab, then put in the crawdad and never let the spell expire) my heals will be that of the emp crab.

Anyway, thanks to the community, and I hope this contributes

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