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Pet Teams

Post by Percephanie » July 16th, 2012, 4:23 am

So looking through the achievements I saw that we need to get 15 pets to lvl 25 to get the Pristine Trap. I don't know what that does yet but I'm guessing it makes catching pets easier (think master ball). In light of that I have been scouring through my pets to see which ones I like the best and started making teams. These are the teams I have made so far:

Team Cobra:
Cobra Hatchling (high damage) (beast)
Zeppelin (damage, protection for pet swap) (mechanical)
Elwynn Lamb (sleep, team heal) (critter)
- Really high single target damage
- Support healer with CC

Team Lil:
Lil’ Rag (high damage, aoe damage) (elemental)
Lil K.T (high self heal, aoe damage) (undead)
Little Fawn (team and environment heals) (critter)
- Lots of aoe damage
- Strong heals

Team Heal:
Spider (high self heal) (beast)
Lasher (high self heal) (elemental)
Lil’ K.T. (high self heal) (undead)
- Incredible self heals
- Hard to kill

Team Annoying:
Turkey (sleep) (flying)
Wolvar (stun, aoe damage) (human)
Fawn (team and environment heals) (critter)
- Lots of CC
- Strong healer

Team Magic:
Emerald Whelpling (can increases all magic damage and heals, envoirment heal) (dragonkin)
Magic Lamp (heal, magic damage) (magic)
Lil' Rag (high damage, aoe damage) (elemental)
- Strong Heals
- High magic damage
- Lil' Rag makes up for the others' mechanical weakness

Team Blind:
Murkablo (can blind others) (human)
Pandaren Monk (can stun when opponent is blind) (human)
Brilliant Kaliri (high damage when opponent is blinded) (flying)
- Great for pvp as it negates heals
- Weakness against beasts

I realize I have no aquatic pets listed but I'm just not feeling them. The frogs seem ok but I am not seeing much synergy with other pets. Am I missing something with them? Anyone have a brilliant suggestion for making aquatic pets shine? Also, who else has started making their own dream teams? What have you come up with? I'm interested to see what other people have put together. I have a feeling planning these teams will be more fun then actually trying to lvl them all.

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Re: Pet Teams

Post by Imthedci » July 17th, 2012, 6:25 am

I just hope that there doesn't end up being one or two über teams/teams that *everyone* ends up having (or being forced to use just to stay competitive. :?

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Re: Pet Teams

Post by Talmar » July 17th, 2012, 6:43 pm

My 3 favorite pets...

Spirit of Competition (can't wait for my main to get it from my character I don't play anymore)
Kirin Tor Familiar
Warbot or Thor

My 2nd team will be the Green Team

Gregarious Grell
Emerald Whelpling
Disgusting Oozling

My 3rd team being the No See'ums

Mr. Grubbs
Scooter the Snail
Tiny Flamefly or Tiny Shale Spider

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Re: Pet Teams

Post by Skjoldmo » July 18th, 2012, 8:50 am

Team Bambi Heal

CED = Celestial Dragon (Dragonkin)
LIF = Little Fawn (Critter)
INF = Infected Fawn (Undead)


CED: Buff healing (10 rounds)
CED: DPS until pet is 40% hp
CED: Selfheal to around 70-80%

Switch to LIF

LIF: HoT Ground
A) If up against a high dps pet (because of Family bonus) or a selfheal pet then use TeamHeal and switch to INF
B) If up against low dps then dps until TeamHeal will get LIF up to 70-80%
LIF: HoT ground and TeamHeal before switching

Switch to INF

INF: DoT/Selfheal
(If speed is lower than enemy then Buff Speed)
INF: DPS until INF is at 40ish% HP

Switch to CED and repeat


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