Patch 5.3: Get ready to PVP

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Re: Patch 5.3: Get ready to PVP

Post by Yalina » March 27th, 2013, 5:27 pm

You know, I think that's the way to approach it. Don't think of Pet Battle PVP as super hard. Have fun with it. Time to make those crazy teams. Meet Pet Battle Team Mossflower, with Martin (mouse), Amber (Nuts) and Skipper (Sifang Otter)! Team Season 2 Power Rangers, Rocky (Crimson Whelpling), Adam (Mojo) and Aisha (Hyjal Bear Cub)! Team Elemental Assassin, with Gin (Twilight Spider), Mab (Pandaran Fire Spirit) and Elektra (Thundering Serpent Hatchling)! Will a team of a Hawk Owl, Mr. Wiggles and a Prairie Dog have a prayer? Probably not. But I bet someone else who knows their Big Ten sports would find that team of Herky, Floyd and Goldy as hilarious as I do.

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Re: Patch 5.3: Get ready to PVP

Post by Gaijin » March 27th, 2013, 9:00 pm

Ruzgofdi wrote:
Koori wrote:I'm seeing a theme in people's favorite pets, unless same guy just changes toons.
For some reason, I get the feeling that part of the way Blizz is making pvp anonymous was by using generalized characters for the person you're going up against. Unless some really random names are popular enough to be used by at least three different people.

A friend of mine some months ago, got the brilliant idea to start pvp with pet with 2 characters of differente accounts at same time (both with 3 pets each at same level) to see what happened.

he used to play at alliance, and both characters started the fight against a horde.... after a while he noticed that he was playing against hinself, was not obvious at begginging because he was aparentily fight against horde.
The game just deceive you making the oponent looks like a randon oposite faction. he start passing the turn with one one character to be sure about this, and tried many times to see if he got fight against hinself more than one time (and he did) and after a while he reported it as a way of exploiting to level up pets.

(i have no ideia if the blizzard did something about or not)

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