Leveling a toon via Pet Battle with a Beast of Fable

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Leveling a toon via Pet Battle with a Beast of Fable

Post by Whiplash » March 12th, 2013, 1:57 pm

I had a rogue at about 15 bars into 86 (in other words, 5 bars to go before 87), and I didn’t feel like questing, so I decided to try to power-level using one of the Beasts of Fable.
15,080,000 XP is required to go from level 86 to level 87
(So my rogue had around 3,770,000 XP left to 87)

I chose Lucky Yi, the Critter in the middle of the Valley of Four Winds
- Easy to get to
- No other mobs to deal with
- Instant respawn (no waiting or searching)
- The pet battles are typically fast and predictable
- Usually able to fight multiple times before healing
- Able to stop for real life at any time (doesn’t take much attention)

My lineup was level 25, rare:
Sprite Darter Hatchling (attack until Yi healed, then Life Exchange)
Kun-Lai Runt (Rampage Yi down to about 1000 life)
Brilliant Kaliri (Predatory Strike one-shot)

(I wish I had kept more exact counts of time spent and number of battles – I will next time)
Results (dinged 87):
- 106,000 XP per battle (level 25 guild bonus)
- Fought about 35 battles
- Used about 5 pet bandages (not counting regular heals)
- Time spent was about 60-90 minutes (but I didn’t keep very good track of this and there were interruptions)
- Put another way, I would estimate each battle at about 2 to 2-and-a-half minutes or so on average

Conclusion: I felt that this was a reasonable alternative to questing, and I will do this again (and track results more closely).
(Statistically, given 106,000 XP per battle it should take 143 pet battles from level 86 to level 87.)

I will try a few more tests and report back.
Planned tests:
- XP gained with pet battles leveling 87-88
- Getting my level 82 a port to Vale of Eternal Blossoms and trying to power-level against No-No.
Your input appreciated…

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Re: Leveling a toon via Pet Battle with a Beast of Fable

Post by Gendou » March 12th, 2013, 6:25 pm

I'm out at No-No on my L86 Warlock, and with rested and Darkmoon buff, I'm getting 116,400 XP per win.
Using two Life Exchange pets and a Predatory Strike pet, I can kill No-No in about six turns, even with the Dam and Dive.
With bandages sent over from my main, I can roll him about once every 45 seconds to a minute.

So not a bad way to pass the time.

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