New(Beta) Companion Lore/Descriptions List

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New(Beta) Companion Lore/Descriptions List

Post by Daetur » May 21st, 2012, 5:59 pm

UPDATE: 6/14/2012, new updates-- a handful of totally new additions, and some new descriptions. The Collectors Edition pet is now included, as is a new guild vendor pet! There are no longer any pets that currently exist on live and are missing on Beta.

This is a list of all of the pets that currently (6/14/2012) appear in the Companion Pet Journal on the Beta, along with their lore/flavor descriptions.
Several pets have no descriptions currently implemented, and some are bugged or incomplete. I will check on the Beta every so often to see if the missing descriptions have been implemented.

Feel free to read through the list or use Control+F (or Command+F) to look for your favorites!

"Unlike other snakes that actively hunt, these crafty reptiles hide in thick foliage and ambush their prey."

Albino Snake:
"A favored companion of Kirin Tor magi, this reptile makes one wonder whether it's truly a snake or something else altogether."

Alliance Balloon:
"Created to entertain children at the Dakmoon Faire, these magical balloons never lose their floatiness."

Alpine Chipmunk:
"Many an explorer has been entranced by the adorable nature of the alpine chipmunk, failing to notice the small teeth on frostbitten digits."

Alpine Foxling:
"Burrows deep into snowbanks to hide from predators."

Alpine Foxling Kit:
"Occasionally sneaks bites of food from kills made by much larger animals."

Alpine Hare:
"The alpine hare can burrow into the permafrost and hibernate for weeks or even months."

Amber Moth:
"Known to flourish in the rainy season, this insect is drawn to lightning storms."

Amethyst Spiderling:
"A rarity among arachnids, these non-venomous critters feed solely on plants and fruit."

Ammen Vale Lashling:
"The long-term effects of the contamination caused by the Exodar are still under observation. Yes."

Amorous Rooster:
"There are few things more annoying for a farmer to find underfoot than a rooster looking for love."

Ancona Chicken:
"It thinks you taste like chicken too."

Arctic Fox Kit:
"During frigid nights in the Storm Peaks, these critters use their fluffy tails as a blanket to stay warm."

Arctic Hare:
"The heart of an arctic hare beats twice as fast as a common hare."

Argent Gruntling:
"These young orcs strive to embody the Argent Crusade’s virtues: valor, strength, and integrity."

Argent Squire:
"May of Stormwind’s youth joined the Argent Crusade as squires, hoping one day to serve the Holy Light in battle."

Amadillo Pup:
"Rolls into a protective ball when it feels threatened. Or when its mother calls."

Ash Lizard:
"The ash lizard gets its name from the way its shed skin looks, with an appearance like burnt cinders."

Ash Spiderling:
"The rock-hard carapaces of these spiders allow them to survive in the Searing Gorge's blistering heat."

Ash Viper:
"This ill-tempered snake species makes its home around the fiery molten pits of the Burning Steppes."

Azure Whelpling:
"Like other members of the blue dragonflight, these whimsical little critters display an affinity to arcane magic."

Baby Ape:
"Young apes quickly learn to hang from branches with their feet, leaving both hands free to fling objects at interlopers."

Baby Blizzard Bear:
"This rare bear is bred for its small size and perpetually youthful appearance."

"Although loath to part with Bananas, Landro realized it would be safer if the pet was far from Booty Bay when his father, King Mukla, discovered he was missing."

"The taciturn bandicoon's diet consists mostly of apples."

Bandicoon Kit:
"Some druids say pandaren and raccoons are distant cousins, but never when a pandaren can hear them."

"This foreboding creature stalks the night skies of the Eastern Plaguelands, feeding on carrion."

"A hardy insect that can dwell in just about any climate, the beetle is known to thrive on battlefields after the fighting has ended."

"The rumors of the medicinal uses of the biletoad were believed to have been started by a particularly mischievous apothecary."

Black Kingsnake:
"Xan'tish fearlessly tracks, captures, and trains these noble snakes so they will aid they comrades in battle."

Black Lamb:
"Offspring of the black sheep, the black lamb is only found in the forests of Elwynn."

Black Rat:
"While many people believe black cats to be bad luck, black rats are held in higher esteem."

Black Tabby Cat:
"Old Alterac saying: "A cat has nine lives, but only needs one."

Blighted Squirrel:
"Undead squirrels have acquired a taste for the strange berries and mushrooms that now grow in Silverpine Forest."

"Curiously, this hawk uses its razor-sharp talons to peel the bark off trees as it searches for bugs, even though it has no need for sustenance."

Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot:
"Jepetto's top-selling toy this season, the bot's new blue chassis has children across Azeroth scrambling for this feisty battle bot."

Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling:
"Raised by the few dealers still willing to trade in Netherstorm."

Blue Mini Jouster:
"Unlike its gold counterpart, the blue mini jouster takes a leisurely pace when jabbing its opponent's eyeballs."

Blue Moth:
"Delicate denizen of Azuremyst Isle, this magical insect has been rumored to possess healing abilities."

Bombay Cat:
"Donni Anthania plans to have a Bombay buries with her when she dies. A wise adventurer can put its talents to much better use."

Borean Marmot:
"Distinct from their cousins found in the warmer climes, these hardy critters make their homes in the icy wastes of Northrend."

Brilliant Kaliri:
"One of the rarest creatures, this kaliri is set apart from others by its brilliant plumage and the lengths hunters will go to capture them."

Brown Marmot:
"Distinct from their Azerothian relatives, these critters of Outland makes their home in Blade's Edge Mountains."

Brown Prairie Dog:
"A complex system of burrows protects the prairie dog from its neighbors' massive hooves."

Brown Rabbit:
"This bunny is the cutest thing its opponent will ever see. It'll also be the last."

Brown Snake:
"The brown snake is native to Horde-controlled territories. It seems unremarkable until its victims are within range."

Bucktooth Flapper:
"It's hard to know what’s more dangerous: the teeth or the tail."

Calico Cat:
"Many have mocked this cat before battle. Their last words are usually, "Here, kitty, kitty.""

Carrion Rat:
"Where there is carrion, there will always be rats."

"After centuries of domestication, these furry critters inhabit nearly every human nation in the Eastern Kingdoms."

Celestial Dragon:
"Breanni in Dalaran one of the world
pets, will only award the mystical Celestial Dragon to fellow collectors whose obsession rivals her own." (bugged, missing words)

Cenarion Hatchling:
"Not yet the fearsome creatures they grow to in adulthood, the Cenarion hatchlings have an almost harmless appearance that has caught novice trainers of the Cenarion Circle off guard."

Cheetah Cub:
"These playful feline cubs practice their hunting skills by stalking each other through the Barrens."

"Tends to avoid crossing roads, regardless of motivation."

"After studying the crocolisk species for several years, the famed angler Nat Pagle determined that baby crocolisks are mostly harmless."

Clefthoof Runt:
"For ogres, comparing a female's hair to a clefthoof's shaggy coat is a term of great endearment."

Clockwork Gnome:
"Thought to be an original construct of the titans, the clockwork gnome has some gears smaller than the eye can see."

Clockwork Rocket Bot:
"This mechanical warrior is a favorite gift during Winter Veil. Batteries not included
definitely are!" (bugged, actual wording)

Clouded Hedgehog:
"Hedgehogs are not at all fond of croquet nor flamingos."

Cobra Hatchling:
"The cobras of Azeroth are renowned for their fast-acting venom and swift strikes."

"Some say this clever bird can be taught to speak-- but it's smart enough to keep its beak shut."

"There were here long before us and will be here long after we are gone."

Coral Snake:
"Brave assassins sometimes capture these critters to use their highly toxic venom to poison weapons."

Core Hound Pup:
"Found in the Firelands and the Molten Core, core hounds can trace their lineage back to the alpha male, Magmadar."

Cornish Rex Cat:
"Donni Anthania invites these cats to her tea parties. But she doesn’t serve them their favorite drink: the tears of their enemies."

Crawling Claw:
"This appears to be nothing more than the paw of a small primate. A closer inspection shows that the hand has been dried by centuries of exposure to the sands of Uldum."

Creepy Crate:
"Previous owners of the crate have reported disappearance of other pets from their collection."

Creepy Crawly:
"These beetles often make their homes in quarries abandoned by the Horde war machine in Durotar."

Crested Owl:
"Many owls nest high in the stone structures of Darnassus, hunting any pests that enter the night elves' city."

Crimson Geode:
"Therazane wore these spunky crimson elementals as jewelry before the azure craze swept through Deepholm."

Crimson Lasher:
"Native to the ashen soils of the Firelands, the lasher was transplanted to Azeroth with the help of the Guardians of Hyjal."

Crimson Moth:
"Prefers to dwell in humid, tropical areas and feed on Kingsblood nectar."

Crimson Shale Hatchling:
"Through experimentation, the mages of Dalaran have discovered that the powered remains of a crimson shale spider will greatly increase the conflagration of their fire spells."

Crimson Snake:
"The crimson snake is favored among the Darkspear trolls for not only its vicious nature, but also its steadfast loyalty."

Crimson Whelpling:
"Hailing from the Wetlands, this young dragon is just learning how to hunt, breathe fire, and go on cute destructive rampages."

Crunchy Scorpion:
"Unique carapace is prized by trinket makers for its texture and strength."

Crystal Beetle:
"A cousin to the Twilight Beetle, this insect has learned to feed on crystals which resonate with ancient energies."

Crystal Spider:
"These strange critters glimmer like ice, allowing them to hide among Winterspring's snowy expanses."

Curious Oracle Hatchling:
"The bouncy gurloc is a distant cousin of the murloc."

Curious Wolvar Pup:
"Despite their smaller stature, the wolvar are some of the most aggressive creatures in Northrend. This often makes them their curious nature intimidating."

Dancing Water Skimmer:
"Named for their apparent dancelike behavior when skimming aquatic surfaces, the species uses erratic movements to avoid being devoured by fish and other underwater predators."

Dark Phoenix Hatchling:
"Fire hatchlings are born from the ashes of a phoenix. Dark hatchlings are born from their shadows."

Dark Whelpling:
"Hopes that someday it can grow up to destroy villages
mommy." (bugged, missing words)

Darkmoon Balloon:
"It just floats along..."

Darkmoon Cub:
"This snuggly kitten loves to frolic, but sometimes it seems to be chasing things that aren't really there."

Darkmoon Monkey:
"The monkeys of Azeroth are infamous tricksters, and these beloved companions of the Darkmoon Faire have taken that innate cunning to a whole new level."

Darkmoon Tonk:
"A favorite of children across Azeroth, this tough little toy can withstand even the most aggressive imagination."

Darkmoon Turtle:
"This shelled reptile bravely protects the home on its back with an unwaveringly happy disposition."

Darkmoon Zeppelin:
"Lacking the mines and rockets of its predecessor, this kid-friendly faire prize is a new favorite among Azeroth's children."

Darkshore Cub:
"The fur of the darkshore bear owes to the almost perpetual gloom they live in, and thier vision in the darkness is uncanny."

Darting Hatchling:
"Rarely leaves nest until maturity. Enjoys conducting pranks on the nearby Razormaw nest."

De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion:
"The gold standard for sturdy gnomish design, this mechanical critter is the perfect companion for the lonely engineer on the go."

Death's Head Cockroach:
"The marking on the carapace of this cockroach closely resemble that of the Death's Head."

transformed the whole of Azeroth; not even the ocean-dwelling murlocs were immune to his corrupt influence."

Deepholm Cockroach:
"The cockroaches of Deepholm can burrow into stone itself to make their nests."

"When they look into those big brown eyes, some hunters have a hard time pulling the trigger. So they shoot from the distance."

Desert Spider:
"This cunning species tunnels beneath Uldum and erupts from the ground to ensnare its prey."

Deviate Hatchling:
"The demand for this purple-skinned breed has drastically reduced the raptor population near the Wailing Caverns."

Devouring Maggot:
"Howling Fjord teems with the ever shifting cycle of life. When a creature dies, its body is quickly consumed by maggots, which in turn pass those nutrients on to a number of other creatures."

Diemetradon Hatchling:
"Diemetradons abandon their hatchlings in Un'Goro crater to fend for themselves. Only the strongest survive."

Disgusting Oozeling:
"Warning: Wear gloves and goggles while handling disgusting oozeling. DO NOT WASH. Will stain most armor."

Dragon Kite:
"Much quieter than a real dragon."

Dragonbone Hatchling:
"These skulking little creatures hatch in nests built around the ancient dragon bones of central Northrend."

Dun Morogh Cub:
"The bears of Dun Morogh are prized for their hardiness, loyalty, and combat prowess. Their time among the dwarves does little to curb their ferocity."

Dung Beetle:
"A desert dwelling forager attracted to areas rich with dung."

Durotar Scorpion:
"The volatile Durotar scorpion is a fierce desert predator. It's known for only occasionally stinging its owner."

Dusk Spiderling:
"Native to Duskwood, these eight-legged critters are often used as ingredients in alchemy potions."

Effervescent Glowfly:
"Luminescent body used to attract mates."

"The sin'dorei use hawkstriders as mounts, but this little one was deemed unfit after being diagnosed with numerous anxiety disorders."

Elementium Geode:
"Often confused by miners as a rare gem, the geode initially makes its presence known by emitting melodic reverberations."

Elfin Rabbit:
"Their proximity to the magic of the elves has caused some of them unnatural long life. And in some elfin rabbits… stranger things."

Elwynn Lamb:
"Unlike the polymorphed variety, trueborn sheep can be quite scary."

Emerald Boa:
"Hunted for its beautifully patterned skin, this majestic species thrives alongside Azeroth's lush rivers."

Emerald Whelpling:
"Once bred and raised by the green dragon Itharius, this unique breed of has settled in the jungles of Feralas." (bugged/typoed, missing words.)

Emperor Crab:
"The emperor crab was named for its regal appearance: the ridges of its shell and its raised claws eerily resembling a crown. One that would pinch your eyes out if you tried to wear it."

Enchanted Broom:
"Created by a blood elf apprentice, this broom would be extremely useful if anyone could figure out how to make it stop."

Enchanted Lantern:
"Reduces the likelihood of being eaten by monsters when you enter pitch-black places."

Essence of Competition:
"Only heroes who have proven their valor through great acts are gifted with one of these mystical serpentine creatures."

Ethereal Soul-Trader:
"Ethereal soul-traders will travel with those who can free the essences they need from unruly hosts."

Eye of the Legion:
"Always watching. Always judging."

Father Winter's Helper:
"These off-season allies work tirelessly to prepare for the Feast of Winter Veil, and would appreciate not being disturbed the rest of the year."

"Pay attention to deer crossings. Even a fawn will total a goblin trike."

Fel Flame:
"Born from demonic magic, these petulant little entities corrupt everything they touch with foul energies."

Feline Familiar:
"Ride with the moon (and this furry, whiskered witch) in the dead of night!"

Festering Maggot:
"It can swallow three times its own body weight in blood."

Festival Lantern:
"The light from each lantern honors the soul of an ancestor spirit. During the Lunar Festival, these ghostly elders pass along their wisdom to the current generation."

Fetish Shaman:
"Fetish shaman are empowered by the spirits of their fallen ancestors. These malevolent spirits are bound to the shaman’s tribal spear. Control this spear, and you control the shaman."

Feverbite Hatchling:
"The common folk remedy to a feverbite hatchling's bite is to dance wildly and try to sweat out the toxins before they can take hold."

Fire Beetle:
"Drawn to the heat and smell of smoke, the fire beetle of ash." (bugged, actual wording)

Fire-Proof Roach:
"The outer member of the roaches' eggs protect the larva from incineration. It is here in incubation that they gain the ability to resist the fire and heat of the volcanic climate."

"Commonly used by sporelings as a light source as they navigate the waterways of Zangarmarsh, this luminescent insect helps them avoid the dangerous bogflare needlers."

Fjord Rat:
"If not for being extremely accident prone, the fjord rat might take over the world."

Fjord Worg Pup:
"There’s an old vrykul saying that goes, "Let seeping worgs lie, unless you don’t want your face anymore.""

Flayer Youngling:
"A brash fel orc once tried to enslave these critters as his personal soldiers. Pieces of him are still scattered across Outland."

Fledgling Buzzard:
"Always wear a helm in the Redridge Mountains. Buzzards view humanoid hair as excellent nesting material."

Fledgling Nether Ray:
"Adult nether rays are relatively docile, but their younglings are short-tempered and highly energetic beasts."

Forest Moth:
"Prefers to dwell in cool, forested areas and feed on Mageroyal nectar."

Forest Spiderling:
"This vicious species weaves elaborate webs throughout the dense jungles of Stranglethorn Vale."

Fossilized Hatchling:
"You stare at her, and she just stares right back. So clover; sometimes it seems as if she’s figuring out how to open doors."

Fox Kit:
"The fighting in Tol Barad has made it difficult to find these kits, and numerous would-be owners have decimated the fox population there as a result."

Frigid Frostling:
"While not nearly as destructive as its original master, the Ice Lord Ahune, the frostling has been known to lob chilly snowballs at unsuspecting adventurers."

"For every frog, a prince and princess in waiting."

"Accidentally created when the Lich King
Rimefang from undeath." (bugged, missing words)

Fungal Moth:
"Prefers to dwell in dark caves and feed on Heartblossom nectar."

Garden Frog:
"One of the stranger nuisances to horticulturalists, garden frogs can cause untold damage to gardens."

Garden Moth:
"Known to flourish in the rainy season, this insect is drawn to lightning storms."

"Most people only see gazelles from the rear."

Gazelle Fawn:
"Young gazelles quickly learn to flee when they hear the war cries of tauren hunters in Mulgore. They don’t hear the good hunters, unfortunately."

Ghostly Skull:
"When it senses the impending death of a nearby creature, the skull will emit an ear-piercing cackle."

Giant Sewer Rat:
"You wouldn’t want to meet this rat in a dark alley. Or anywhere else, for that matter."

Gilded Moth:
"This delicate insect
often sewn into clothing and armor." (bugged, missing words)

Gilnean Raven:
"Quoth the raven: the last word you said. It gets old."

Giraffe Calf:
"The barbaric centaur over-hunted giraffes for decades, but it was the tauren who saved this species from extinction."

Gold Beetle:
"Tiny, autonomous machines created by the titans to clean and maintain their mighty edifices."

Gold Mini Jouster:
"This critter is infamous for its ability to unleash a fast and furious eyeball jabbing."

Golden Civet:
"Civets are landbound cousins of the otter and are prized for their heady musk."

Golden Civet Kitten:
"The civets are known to guard their young ferociously."

Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling:
"Once prized by dragonhawk breeders in Silvermoon. Stands out at night to predators, making it necessary to gain awareness at an early age."

Golden Pig:
"This golden pig honors its ancestors by giving its allies good fortune."

Grassland Hopper:
"At night, the grassland hoppers fill the night with their maddening song. Those unaccustomed to it have spent many a sleepless night serenaded by their mating calls."

Grasslands Cottontail:
"Despite their idyllic surroundings, grasslands cottontails hop at surprising speed when evading pursuers."

Great Horned Owl:
"Night elf children are given an owl feather on their first birthday as a token of good luck."

Green Balloon:

Green Wing Macaw:
"Favored pet of the Defias pirates, this colorful bird is handy for remembering passwords, grocery lists, and cracker recipes."

Gregarious Grell:
"The grell are embodiments of the wild side of nature. Tame ones are very rare."

Grey Moth:
"You can easily locate moths if you wear expensive garments near Ammen Vale. They can’t resist the taste of high fashion."

Grizzly Squirrel:
"In the deep forest, even the small creatures must have the ferocity to fend for themselves."

Grotto Vole:
"Grotto Voles are often confused with mice. Never twice."

Grove Viper:
"The Jade Forest’s mountain hozen fear these venomous reptiles and often hunt them out of pure spite."

"Only the rarest of murlocs is able to successfully cross dimensional barriers. Fewer still return with the kind of advanced armor and weaponry possessed by Grunty."

Gryphon Hatchling:
"A gift from the Wildhammer dwarves to the heroes of the Alliance, these hatchlings are descendants of the same gryphons ridden by Falstad and his entourage into Grim Batol."

Guardian Cub:
"Still a little clumsy, this tiny winged lion is learning how to be the best mount it can be!"

Guild Herald (Alliance):
"When guilds have accumulated enough wealth, brave soldiers are often called to bear their standards."

Guild Herald (Horde):
"Wealthy guilds draw the attention of soldiers willing to carry their standards into battle."

Guild Page (Alliance):
"Guild pages must be fearless since they are called upon to announce their guild's victories over the Horde in battle."

Guild Page (Horde):
"When a guild earns enough glory by defeating Alliance champions, some orcs will come to share the glory by serving the guild."

Gundrak Hatchling:
"This crafty raptor was born in the icy wastes of Northrend. Its harsh upbringing gives it strength when many others would perish."

"Gurky is a born performer, thought he remains elusive, making public appearances on only the rarest of occasions."

"A carrot, a box, a stick, and some string. Wait a few hours and you’ll have a hare."

Hawk Owl:
"This dark-feathered bird of prey is often seen a sa harbinger of doom among the druids of Teldrassil."

Highlands Mouse:
"The mice of the highlands, perhaps twisted by the Twilight's Hammer, are aggressive and will fight for dominance between each other."

Highlands Turkey:
"Capable of flying, unlike domesticated types."

Hippogryph Hatchling:
"After a harpy incursion in Feralas, several hyppogryph nesting grounds were attacked. Hundreds of hatchlings were orphaned, and they have been entrusted to the care of the druids on Sardor Isle."

Horde Balloon:
"A magical wonder, these balloons will never deflate and are traditionally created in batches of ninety-nine."

Horny Toad:
"There are many scholars who question whether it is a toad or not."

Huge Toad:
"This is a huge toad."

Hyacinth Macaw:
"The jungle trolls train these birds to mimic calls for help in order to lure unsuspecting travelers into traps."

Hyjal Bear Cub:
"The cubs of Hyjal suffered much during the Cataclysm. On the bright side, the devastation also led to their new-found love of heights and daredevil stunts."

Imperial Eagle Chick:
"The taunka collect the feathers of these noble birds of prey to use in crude fortunetelling ceremonies."

Infected Deer:
"Only the dimwitted or insane would mount an infected deer head on their wall. The good news is they'll fit right in with their new undead friends."

Infected Squirrel:
"More horrifying than its appearance is that the infected squirrels of the Plaguelands no longer hoard nuts, instead collecting rotten, decaying flesh."

Infested Bear Cub:
"Infested cubs still listen for the telltale buzzing of bees even though they can no longer taste honey."

Irradiated Roach:
"Most creatures cannot withstand a fraction of the harsh conditions that roaches can thrive in."

Jacob the Test Seagull:
"[DEBUG] This pet comes from the magical Test Land where it frolics all day in fields of structs."

Jade Crane Chick:
"A graceful creature from the isle of Pandaria."

Jade Oozeling:
"Jade Oozelings glow in the dark, making them a welcome sight to workers in pitch-black mineshafts."

Jade Tiger:
"Considered to be lucky, tigers carved of jade are prized, but taming a jade tiger itself is an even greater prize."

"The legendary ale frog was believed to be extinct until the strange brews at the Darkmoon Faire brought them out of hiding."

Jumping Spider:
"This terrifying and highly venomous species leaps onto its prey from the Jade Forest's dense canopy."

Jungle Darter:
"In the jungle, every leaf could conceal a frog. Stop to check and it could be long gone."

Jungle Grub:
"These little green grubs are native to the wilds of Pandaria. Its verdant coloration camouflages it from would-be predators."

King Snake:
"This snake is often seen sunning on the exposed rocks high in the Badlands."

Kirin Tor Familiar:
"To prevent apprentices from secretly using the familiar to complete their chores, the archmagi placed the ritual required to summon the creature across the pages of several spellbooks hidden throughout Dalaran."

Kuitan Mongoose:
"The mongoose is prized for its ability to drive off poisonous snakes."

Kuitan Mongoose Pup:
NYI Removed/missing in current build

Landro's Lichling:
"How the goblin Landro Longshot initially came into possession of the lichling remains a mystery, but he was all too eager to wager it in a game of cards."

Landro's Lil' XT:
"Always "ready to play," Landro's Lil' XT is almost indistinguishable from the original. Prone to tantrums and narcolepsy."

"This new arrival to Azeroth was spawned a short time ago. It seeks to thrive while awaiting its next phase of evolution."

Lashtail Hatchling:
"Born in the jungles of Stranglethorn, unlucky raptor hatchlings are often captured by the Amani and taken to the troll city of Zul'Gurub."

Lava Beetle:
"Beetles in the Burning Steppes roll magma into tiny palls and eat them once they cool off."

Lava Crab:
"The thick exoskeleton of this adaptable arthropod allows it to thrive in harsh environments."

Leaping Hatchling:
"This offspring of Takk the Leaper is incredibly agile and can maneuver through difficult environments with ease."

"Wild marsh walkers are dangerously aggressive, but they’re loyal and affectionate if they manage to tame them."

Leopard Scorpion:
"Loves to rest inside footwear of unsuspecting travelers during the night."

Leopard Tree Frog:
"The leopard tree frog was named for the way it pounces from branch to branch."

Lifelike Toad:
"Talented engineers have crafted an exact replica of a wood frog, at only ten times the cost of buying the real thing."

Lil' Deathwing:
"Nations tremble under his shadow - the Destroyer, the one-time Aspect of Earth, and the monster responsible for breaking Azeroth asunder. Now in a convenient travel-size!"

Lil' K.T.:
"In life, Kel'Thuzad betrayed the Kirin Tor and created the Cult of the Damned. In death, he serves the Scourge as the Archlich Lord of Naxxramas."

Lil' Ragnaros:
"It's never too soon to summon this tiny aspect of the dread Firelord."

Lil' Smoky:
"This tiny peacekeeper security bot is often outfitted with the latest arcane nullifiers and crowd pummelers. Not the for the environmentally minded."

Lil' Tarecgosa:
"A legendary member of the blue dragonflight."

Lil' XT:
"Modeled after the huge titan prototype in Ulduar, this volatile little construct plays hard with its toys."

Little Black Ram:
"These rams hone their fighting skills by head-butting twigs and saplings near Loch Modan."

Little Fawn:
"She likes the company of friends. Seventy-five of them, to be precise."

Lizard Hatchling:
"If a female lizard does not lay her clutch in a well camouflaged area, her eggs will likely be devoured by Lashtail raptors."

"When the locusts swarm, you can hear nothing but the sound of their wings."

Long-tailed Mole:
"Thought by many to be nothing more than the subject of children's nursery rhymes, the long-tailed mole is very much real."

Lost of Lordaeron:
"These small spirits find their undead neighbors to be poor company, so they typically wander Tirisfal Glades alone."

"Lucky squeals when he's angry or when he's eating. Either way, you don’t want to bother him."

Lucky Quilen Cub:
"Offspring of the winged guardian."
THIS IS THE COLLECTORS EDITION PET. It is still using a placeholder model and description."

"A stowaway from Greatfather Winter's workshop, this tiny elemental found himself trapped in a present that was stolen by the Abominable Greench."

Lunar Lantern:
"These magical lanterns are acquired at the Lunar Festival, which celebrates the defeat of the Burning Legion by the free races of Azeroth."

lively antics are guaranteed to sooth frustration and lighten even the darkest moods."[/COLOR] (bugged, missing words)

Luyu Moth:
"A daring, narcissist insect willing to brave any threat in pursuit of the spotlight."

Mac Frog:
"Flamboyantly colored and more exuberant than most frogs."

Macabre Marionette:

"The preferred habitat of this creature is woodland areas where it can safely compete its metamorphosis."

Magic Lamp:
"Higitus figi

Magical Crawdad:
"Only magical wishes make magical crawdads. If you wish for a fish, fish for a wish."

Malayan Quillrat:
"Many believe that the quillrat is able to shoot its spines at aggressors."

Malayan Quillrat Pup:
"Although the wounds caused by the young quillrat are seldom fatal, most predators seek easier prey."

Mana Wyrmling:
"The ethereal Rashaad began breeding these enigmatic creatures after learning of their ability to feed on arcane energies."

Marsh Fiddler:
"Known to feast on the tasty plants in Krasarang Wilds."

Masked Tanuki:
"There’s a raging debate over whether tanukis are raccoons or dogs, but the distinction seems trivial when they're gnawing on your femur."

Masked Tanuki Pup:
"Many young raccoons rail against their strict curfews, complaining that dawn is way too early to go to bed."

Mechanical Chicken:
"Not to worry: the combat mechanisms and homing logic have been disabled on this unit – Oglethorpe Obnoticus"

Mechanical Squirrel:
"A mechanical squirrel's logic center tells it to collect and store both nuts and bolts for the winter."

"Used as a training mount for young gnomes, the Mechanopeep has none of the speed but all of the charm of its bigger brothers."

Mei Li Sparkler:
"Feeds on small leaves and grass when full grown."

"These ill-tempered constructs of flame and rage sometimes rise from the remains of larger infernals who fall in battle."

Mini Diablo:

Mini Thor:
"Powerful artillery of the terran army. The Thor is always the first one in and the last one out!"

Mini Tyrael:
""I am Justice itself!""

"The magical energies released during Skywing's transformation back into his true arakkoa form liberated this poor creature, a fledgling bird imprisoned by Luanga in order to power his fowl curse."

Mirror Strider:
"When preparing to travel to distant locations, Panradion will traditionally capture a mirror strider and safely relocate it to another body of water."

"When hunting or evading predators, this snake can travel on the surface of water for short distances."

"Amani witch doctors have turned many victims into frogs. Some never recover."

Molten Hatchling:
"These blistering hot spiders camouflage themselves by blending in with oozing magma."

"Contrary to its benign appearance, mongoose are dangerous carnivores, well known for their ability to hunt venomous snakes that could kill much larger creatures."

Mongoose Pup:
"Mongoose pups prefer long grass where only their mothers can find them."

Moonkin Hatchling (Horde):
"The distinct roar of the moonkin is one of the most terrifying sounds in nature."

Moonkin Hatchling (Alliance):
"Moonkin are blessed by Elune and spread nature's grace wherever they travel. The festive fowls are always in the mood for a dance."

Mountain Cottontail:
"Mountain cottontails can leap up a steep incline with speed you would not believe."

Mountain Skunk:
"The mountain skunk is most famous for its adventurous nature. No really, that is what it is famous for."

"It seems that mice are completely incapable of resisting cheese, even in the face of imprisonment, injury, or death."

Mr. Chilly:
"My. Chilly's appearance evokes a more civilized era, when duelists battled in tuxedos."

Mr. Grubbs:
"The grubs of the Plaguelands are a side effect of necromantic corruption and the massive number of corpses there. Mr. Grubbs is from a particularly acrobatic breed."

Mr. Wiggles:
"Many assume "Wiggles" refers to the motion of the pig’s posterior. They discover the true meaning when they see their own entrails."

"Muckbreath is just like other crocolisks, except he has an excellent sense of humor."

Mule Deer:
"It’s called a mule because of its big ears. Also been known to transport black market bloodthistle over the border to Quel'Thalas."

Mulgore Hatchling:
"A tallstrider’s speed on open ground is unrivaled, so predators rely on stealth and pack tactics when hunting them."

"When you’re confronting Murkablo or any of the Prime Murlocs, possession of a soulstone is strongly advised."

Murkumus the Gladiator:
"Murkimus is the most fearsome of all murloc arena warriors. And the only one."

"Appearances of this beloved and ultra-reclusive murloc are sure to draw a crowd."

Nether Faerie Dragon:
"Much like other faerie dragons, these playful and mystical flyers are born with a natural defense against magic."

Nether Ray Fry:
"Native to the Terokkar Forest, nether rays spawn during the rainy season. Out of the hundreds of offspring resulting from one hatching, very few survive to adulthood."

Nether Roach:
"The nether roach has adapted to the cold vacuum of space and requires no air to survive. Inside it bears almost no resemblance to a common roach."

"Offspring of the nether drakes of Outland, this young dragon is still growing into its role as a hunter, protector, and adorable terror of the skies."

Nightsaber Cub:
"Elune made nightsabers silver and black so they could meld into the shadows on a moonlit night."

Nordrassil Wisp:
"During the Third War, thousands of these mystical beings annihilated the demon lord Archimonde."

"Most squirrels hoard acorns for sustenance. Nuts, on the other hand, hoards acorns to stock its supply of ammunition."

Oasis Moth:
"Prefers to dwell along desert streams, wells, or watering holes and fee don Whiptail nectar."

Obsidian Hatchling:
"This hatchling is coveted for its unique coloration. Despite Breanni’'s loving care, the raptor's feral nature cannot be restrained."

Oily Slimling:
"These living blobs of ooze lack even the most rudimentary form of intelligence, but that doesn’t mean they can't be your friend."

Onyx Panther:
"The onyx panther is invisible at night, like a stalking shadow, and disappears with the dawn."

Onyxian Whelpling:
"Spawn of Onyxia, this young dragon has decided that it doesn't want to follow in its grandfather's cataclysmic footsteps."

Orange Tabby Cat:
"The last person who tried to housebreak this cat quickly learned that a soiled rug is better than a shredded everything else."

Panda Cub:
"This pint-sized panda cub is highly sought after by adventurers around Azeroth nature." (another bugged description)

Pandaren Monk:
"The pandaren monk is a fearless traveling companion, constantly training in his art... unless you offer him a drink. He considers it rude to refuse."

Panther Cub:
"It looked up at you with those huge black eyes and seemed to ask, "Are you my mommy?""

"Parrots can mimic speech, but have difficulty with meaningful conversation."

"Domesticated elekks are trained as mounts by the draenei people. In the wild they are hunted for their ivory tusks."

"An adventurous little elemental, Pebble escaped hungry gyreworms in the Crumbling Depths, braved the emptiness of the Twisting Nether, and ultimately found himself rescued from a mailbox."

"The power of love can be a dangerous thing, especially when wielded by and airborne, ill-tempered goblin."

"Notable for its wide eyes and sassy slide."

Perky Pug:
"Although small, pugs are very dangerous when provoked."

Personal World Destroyer:
"Goblin engineering at its finest. Blueprints based on the massive fel reaver in Hellfire Peninsula."

Pet Bombling:
"Possibly explosive, definitely adorable. Keep away from open flame."

Phoenix Hatchling:
"A child of the phoenix god Al'ar, the hatchling takes flight immediately after birth."

Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm:
"A shy creature, the pink elekk will only make its presence known to those that have befriended it, or to anyone too intoxicated to harm it."

Plains Monitor:
"While stationary, the plains monitor will continuously flick its tail back and forth. From a distance this mimics the appearance of swaying tallgrass, camouflaging the lizard from aerial predators."

Plump Turkey:
"He’s humble, clairvoyant, and delicious with cranberry sauce."

"This cub shares many traits with its relatives, but it's in a league of its own with its singing ability."

"Parrots can’t get enough of the fresh fish the Bloodscalp trolls eat. They're less interested in dry flatbreads."

Prairie Dog:
"Distinct from their tree dwelling cousins, these ground squirrels make their homes on the plains of Azeroth and beyond."

Prairie Mouse:
"On the prairie there are numerous rodents and other small creatures, but none more common than the mouse."

Proto-Drake Whelp:
"These voracious whelps grow at an incredible rate and can devour nearly twice their weight in raw meat per day."

Pterrordax Hatchling:
"Pterrordax eggs are incubated underneath the fossils of their forebears, allowing the hatchlings to absorb their ancestors' ferocity and intelligence."

Purple Puffer:
"You might think this fish out of water would be a weak opponent... until you see the intensity that lies within its protective bubble."

Qiraji Guardling:
"The squeaks used by these tiny insectoids may sound cute, but they’re actually screaming for your death."

"When you have two rabbits, you'll often soon have three."

"Many a young gnomish inventor has made up for the death of a beloved per by creating a mechanical friend in its image."

Rabid Nut Varmint 5000:
"Considered by most to be an improvement to the 4000 series, there were nonetheless serious concerns about the amount of heat they produced."

"When a ram lowers its head, it means he's preparing to charge. Or he could just be tired."

Rapana Whelk:
"Has been spotted fighting other whelks for prime food sources."

"The intrepid archaeologist Harrison Jones has a well documented fear of rats."

Rat Snake:
"Years ago, humans introduced these reptiles into Duskwood to cull the local rat population."

"Wildhammer dwarves train young gryphons by sending them out to hunt rattlesnakes in the Twilight Highlands."

Ravager Hatchling:
"These voracious carnivores first arrived on Axeroth aboard the draenei's dimensional fortress, the Exodar."

Ravasaur Hachling:
"Larger than other raptor infants, these hatchlings grow into towering reptilian beasts capable of massive devastation."

Razormaw Hatchling:
"Razormaw eggs are protected fiercely by their mothers. Their cuteness belies their inherited ferocity."

Razzashi Hatchling:
"Razzashi raptors are among the cleverest predators in the jungle, making them favored by the Gurubashi trolls."

Red Dragonhawk Hatchling:
"Mortal enemies with silver dragonhawks; on pretty good terms with golden dragonhawks."

Red Moth:
"A product of exposure to wild magical energies, this insect is the unexpectedly colorful result of Azerothian moth species being released into the eco-domes of the Netherstorm."

Red-Tailed Chipmunk:
"According to the tales of the night elves, the first red-tailed chipmunk was colored so after the theft and consumption of a sacred apple."

Redridge Rat:
"The rats in Redridge grow fat from feasting on the bounty of the village farmers."

Restless Shadeling:
"These creatures are silent, save for the occasional sigh of otherworldly despair."

"A nuisance to most, roaches' incredible survivability sets them apart from other species."

"Originally built by an irate goblin to annoy neighbors with an early-morning wake-up call."

Rock Viper:
"Long ago, Mount Hyjal's druids tempered this species to live in peach alongside the region's other creatures."

Rocket Chicken:
"When the Burning Legion invaded Outland, Landro Longshot contributed this design to the war effort. Both the Alliance and Horde passed on production."

Ruby Sapling:
"Small elemental saplings grow into treants, fierce defenders of forests and groves."

Rustberg Gull:
"This bird is a salty veteran of the endless naval battles surrounding Tol Barad—A veteran whose grown plump from picking through the leftovers, that is."

Rusty Snail:
"Don’t let their lack of a face fool you—these slimy critters are angry and just itching for a fight."

Sand Kitten:
"Originally bred by the Sadfury trolls as pets, these feral and savage felines prowl the deserts of Tanaris."

Sand Scarab:
"Easily mistaken for a common beetle, the sting of a sand scarab will quickly clear up the misconception should you be unlucky enough to be stung by one."

Sandy Petrel:
"The sandy petrel flies high above the Windless Isle, safe from landbound predators."

Savory Beetle:
"The most delicious of the beetle family."

Scalded Basilisk Hatchling:
"This grumpy species of basilisk roams the Blade’s Edge Mountains, avoiding contact with other critters whenever possible."

Scarab Hatchling:
"Spawn of the nefarious Shriker Scarabs of Ahn are much more docile (and quiet) than their parents."

Scooter the Snail:
"You’ll find him in his sell, exactly where a snail has to be."

"Venom capable of killing creatures up to 100 times its own body weight."

"Despite its snapping claws and venom-dripping tail, it is the bite of the diminutive scorpling that is the greatest threat."

Scourged Whelping:
"Kel'Thuzad once nursed a plague-infested whelp to adulthood, feeding it only the finest liquefied remains."

Sea Gull:
"The seagull is a coastal scavenger often found near the docks."

Sea Pony:
'Despite its diminutive size, it is impossible to miss a sea pony cutting through the water."

Searing Scorchling:
"Elder shaman have warned that wisps of Ragnaros, loyal servants of the Firelord, have taken to masquerading as harmless festival scorchlings. Vigilance is advised."

Sen'jin Fetish:
"This is actually three pets in one. You won't know what you'll get until you summon it!"

"Favored pet of the goblins of Booty Bay, this colorful bird is renowned for its ability to count coins, tally budgets, and lie about contracts."

(still absent on 6/14)Sheep:
""Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them. Leave them alone, and they'll come OH MY GOD THEY'RE INSIDE THE HOUSE!""

Shimmering Wyrmling:
"This extremely rare species of mana wyrm is prized for its unique coloration and even temperament."

Shimmershell Snail:
"Hunts for food just below water's surface on the coast of Felwood."

Shore Crab:
"These arthropods line many Azerothian shores and seek to fulfill their one true desire: to pinch."

Shore Crawler:
"Only found on the shores of Kezan, this lovely sea creature can be a bit snarky."

Shrine Fly:
"This species of insect is drawn to the latent energy in shrines, their luminescent appearance adding to the mystique of the places of power."

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Re: New(Beta) Companion Lore/Descriptions List

Post by Imthedci » May 22nd, 2012, 7:21 pm

Huge round of applause for transcribing all of these... :D ;)

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Re: New(Beta) Companion Lore/Descriptions List

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Thanks for typing this all out. I got a kick out of some of these, especially Mini Diablo.

Not so much a fan of trying to make cats and bunnies sound deadly.

Also, "When you have two rabbits, you'll often soon have three." Three? More like ten. :lol:

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Re: New(Beta) Companion Lore/Descriptions List

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What, no Wind Rider or Gryphon Hatchling T-T

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Re: New(Beta) Companion Lore/Descriptions List

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(((Main post was too long, this is the continuation--- updated for 6/14/2012 build!)))

Shy Bandicoon:
"A goblin alchemist once claimed that the bite of this raccoon gave him the gift of prophecy. Turns out, it was just rabies."

Siamese Cat:
"Known for its blue eyes. Also considered a delicacy by giant murlocs."

"Native for Azeroth's desert regions, these resilient can survive for weeks without water."

Sifang Otter:
"The sifang otter lives near rivers and is normally friendly and playful."

Sifang Otter Pup:
"Otters swim by propelling themselves with their powerful tails ad flexing their long bodies. Very fast in the water."

Silent Hedgehog:
"These hedgehogs may be silent, but often heard are the cries of those that foolishly step uopn their quills."

Silithid Hatchling:
"These hatchlings entertain themselves by clacking their mandibles together in increasingly complex rhythms."

Silkbead Snail:
"Hides in shell to escape claws of nearby crabs."

Silky Moth:
"Prefers to dwell in the shadow of Nordrassil and feed on Stormvine nectar."

Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling:
"Ferocious species of dragonhawk, often seen diving down on prey from high in the sky."

Silver Pig:
"Druids think silver pigs have a special bond with golden pigs, as both breeds appeared on Azeroth at the same time."

Silver Tabby Cat:
"Sleeping is this cat's second favorite activity. The first is yawning."

Singing Sunflower:
"This sweet flower will brighten your day with its warm smile and cheerful song! Also strong against undead."

Sinister Squashling:
"This mischievous gourd like to pop out of the ground and scare you right out of your pants. Hail to the pumpkin song!"

Skittering Cavern Crawler:
"These arachnids use their razor sharp legs to carve tunnels in the solid rock of the Blade's Edge Mountains."

"Skunks are known as solitary creatures for reasons witch are hopefully obvious."

Small Frog:
"This is a small frog."

Smolderweb Hatchling:
"Although born in the warm heights of Blackrock Spire, the smolderweb hatchling can survive most environments."

"Due to recent accidents, the goblin cartels have prohibited anyone from bringing snakes on a zeppelin."

"Crocolisks are six-legged amphibian predators found in coastal waters. Archaeologists believe they may be descended from the dimetradons of Un'Goro Crater."

Snow Cub:
"The thick snow near Dun Morogh acts as camouflage for snow cubs learning to hunt."

Snowshoe Hare:
"With the extra large surface area of their legs, snowshoe hares are able to effortlessly hop along the snow while their pursuers get bogged down in the drifts."

Snowshow Rabbit:
"If you go chasing snowshoe rabbits, you know you're going to fall."

Snowy Owl:
"Winterspring's furbolg prize the brilliant white feathers of these majestic creatures for ritual purposes."

Softshell Snapling:
"Softshell turtle meat is considered a delicacy and is the key ingredient in a soothing turtle bisque."

Soul of the Aspects:
"The soul of the Aspects is said to be possessed of mercurial moods ranging from stoic and deliberate to unpredicable and erratic, to loving and deeply pensive."

Spawn of Onyxia:
"These vicious fire-breathing whelps escaped Onyxia's lair and fled into the surrounding region. Handle with extreme care."

Spectral Tiger Cub:
"Affectionate and curious, these kittens seem to find the most peculiar hiding places."

"Slow and steady wins the race."

"The most common of the arachnid family, these critters spin their webs in nearly every corner of Azeroth."

Spiky Lizard:
"The coloration of the spiky lizard allows it to blend in seamlessly with the desert sands of Silithus."

Spiny Lizard:
"The children of Orgrimmar frequently capture these lizards as pets. They adults of Orgrimmar frequently step on them."

Spiny Terrapin:
"Angering a spiny terrapin will cause it to withdraw into its shell and begin to spin wildly towards an attacker."

Spirebound Crab:
"These tiny arthropods are Pandaria natives that call the area of the Windless Isle their home."

Spirit Crab:
"The souls of slain crabs seek vengeance against the murlocs who ate them."

Spirit of Competition:
"These stunning creatures, awarded to heroes for victory in battle, represent bravery and strength."

Spirit of Summer:
"This little piece of summer smells of warm evenings and lightning storms. If you look closely, you might be able to make out a face."

Sporeling Sprout:
"These pudgy little beings often get themselves into trouble while hunting down their favorite snack: glow caps."

Spotted Bell Frog:
"The dwarven explorer who first discovered the spotted bell frog could not decide between naming it after the unique spot pattern or the sound of the frog’s mating ritual. She chose both."

Spring Rabbit:
"Spring rabbits symbolize fertility, and they love to demonstrate why."

Sprite Darter Hatchling:
"These adorable critters love snuggling with their owners after a long day of brutal, bloody battle."

"Most people do not know the difference between a squirrel and a chipmunk. Most don't care."

"A desert-dwelling insect which defends its eggs by spraying a foul, ogrelike scent."

"Stinker uses his aroma to repel predators and attract cats. He's much more successful with the former than the latter."

Stone Armadillo:
"When these sleepy critters aren't snoozing, they use their massive claws to dig for tasty insect snacks."

Stormwind Rat:
"Unnoticed but to cats and ratcatchers, when Deathwing descended upon Stromwind, all the rats beat a hasty retreat from the city. Only of late have they returned."

Stowaway Rat:
"In the lean times when adrift at sea, the sight of a rat was a welcome one."

Strand Crab:
"The low tide reveals the colonies of strand crabs and the sound of their clicking dance as they feed upon small creatures hidden in the sand."

Strand Crawler:
"The strand crawler has adapted to the northern cold by hibernating under the island beaches."

Stripe-Tailed Scorpion:
"Less venomous but more aggressive than other breeds of scorpion."

Stunted Shardhorn:
"The fierce wolvar hunt these ill-tempered brutes for their horns, which are then carved into talismans and other trinkets."

Summit Kid:
"You'll often find them perched high atop impossibly high and remote stone outcroppings. There are few creatures as sure of foot."

Swamp Moth:
"Prefers to dwell in wet, muddy areas and feed on Sorrowmoss nectar."

Szechuan Chicken:
"Will only lay eggs in bright light."

Tainted Cockroach:
"Even cockroaches were not strong enough to withstand the foul seepage of demonic corruption."

Tainted Moth:
"Prefers to dwell in corrupted woodlands and feed on Purple Lotus nectar."

Tainted Rat:
"There are some things too dirty even for rats."

Teldrassil Sproutling:
"It always wakes up dancing. What a happy little tree!"

Temple Snake:
"The Jade Forest’s pandaren consider these reptiles distant relatives of the revered Jade Serpent, Yu'lon."

Terrible Turnip:
"And you thought turnips at the dinner table were bad." Interestingly, seems to be a rare zone drop in Valley of the Four Winds.

Thundering Serpent Hatchling:
"A baby version of the mighty Thundering Cloud Serpent that hails from the far lands of Pandaria." Seems to be a new guild reward for 300g. Perhaps the new level cap perk? May also be the new guild raiding achieve perk.

Tickbird Hatchling:
"Unlike most of Geen the gorloc's "mysterious eggs," this one actually contained a living thing."

Tiny Bog Beast:
"These small elementals cling to the backs of larger mire beasts, picking off tasty bugs and mites."

Tiny Flamefly:
"After swarming around open lava pits during the day, these strange insects emit a fiery glow at night."

Tiny Goldfish:
"Many believe (incorrectly) that goldfish have no memories. Trainers who have worked with them know this is clearly not the case and have the bruises to prove it."

Tiny Green Dragon:
"Legends say that these vibrant emerald being bring good fortune and safe travels to their owners."

Tiny Harvester:
"The tiny harvester collects weeds and small grains that the larger reapers may have missed."

Tiny Red Dragon:
"Said to bring good fortune when spotted in autumn. Known to hide form unfamiliar creatures."

Tiny Shale Spider:
"The elemental shale spider is no true arachnid, but it has durability and ferocity that make it feared even in Deepholm."

Tiny Snowman:
"He loves to dance and wave and play with you! He melts after Winter Veil, but he'll be back again someday!"

Tiny Sporebat:
"Wild sporebats are vicious creatures, but if tamed at a young age, they can be loyal companions."

Tiny Twister:
"Twisters delight in sneaking up on unsuspecting creatures and surprising them with gusts up their nostrils."

Tirisfal Batling:
"Can sense an opponent's heartbeat through echolocation."

"The song of late summer nights is the song of the toads."

Tol'vir Scarab:
"Carrion feeders often found in large numbers within ancient unearthed tombs; they can survive long periods of time without feeding."

Tolai Hare:
"In the ancient fables, the first Tolai hare strode across the gulf between the stars before it upset them and they tumbled from the heavens to the world below."

Tolai Hare Pup:
"Tolai hare pups are sent from their dens at a young age to find their own way."

"The crocolisk's hide and meat are prized by hunters, but the beast is ferocious and seldom taken by surprise."

Topaz Shale Hatchling:
"Prized by gem crafters, the undamaged carapace of a topaz hatchling can be used to create stunning inlays for rings and bracelets."

Toxic Wasteling:
To play with critters. Just don't let them get too close." (bugged description)

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti:
"Yetis raised away from their parents are naturally tranquil and docile creatures. Ferocity and aggression are normally taught to young yetis by their elders."

Tree Frog:
"Known for their powerful legs and keen eyesight."

Tree Python:
"Stranglethorn’s Gurubashi trolls often capture these powerful beasts to keep as pets… or to cook as meals."

Tundra Penguin:
"Tundra penguins often gather in large groups on the ice for protection against aquatic threats. Unfortunately this makes them easy prey for humanoid hunters seeking mean, sins, and other achievements."

"A key food source during the Feast of Winter Veil."

Turquoise Turtle:
"Turtles are feared by the naga, who consider them bad luck and give them a wide berth on the shores of Azshara."

Tuskarr Kite:
"Seeing these kites soaring above Northerend’s shores is a clear sign that tuskarr are nearby."

Twilight Beetle:
"An enigmatic species, said to feed off the chaotic energies of the Old Gods."

Twilight Fiendling:
"Demonstrating that a little evil goes a long way, this fiendling uses its razor-sharp teeth and gaping maw to devour anything in its path."

Twilight Iguana:
"Although most reptiles enjoy basking in sunlight, these scaly beasts love bathing in the glow of Azeroth’s twin moons."

Twilight Spider:
"Twisted by the Twilight Hammer's dark magic, these sinister critters are known to feed on their own young."

Undercity Cockroach:
"The cockroach is usually an impulse buy. Its owners have a hard time parting with it even after numerous attempts."

Undercity Rat:
"Even the rats of Lordaeron fell to the apothecaries’ plague, chewing upon the tainted flesh of the dead."

Vampiric Batling:
"Vampire Bats have been trained as scouts and mounts by the Forsaken of the Undercity and the Amani trolls of Zul'Aman."

Venomspitter Hatchling:
"These eight –legged critters have lurked in the shadowy cliffs of the Stonetalon Mountains for millennia."

Voodoo Figurine:
"Voodoo figurines were often empowered by flasks of mojo, troll sweat, and the flesh of tribal enemies."

"A fighting robot fueled by delicious red or blue electrolytes."

Warpstalker Hatchling:
"After hatching, these twisted reptiles devour the weaker members of their clutches as an act of dominance."

Wasted Roach:
"The roaches of the Dread Wastes dwell in the shadows. Some people swear the shadows travel with them."

Water Snake:
"Brought to Orgrimmar aboard merchant ships, these short-lived reptiles are considered pests by the city's residents."

Water Waveling:
"The trolls of Zul'Drak inadvertently created these little beings while summoning water elementals to fight the Scourge."

Westfall Chicken:
"Don't call this bird chicken unless you want egg on your face."

Wharf Rat:
"Just like the rough and tumble sailors who live dockside, the wharf rats are feral, violent creatures."

Whiskers the Rat:
"A clever tactician, Whiskers will feign death to fool predators and bill collectors."

White Kitten:
""The queen had three kittens. The first gave her a juicy rat. The second, a tasty hare. And the white, her favorite, presented the head of her rival.""

White Moth:
"Prefers flying during foggy nights, which are common in Azuremyst Isle."

White Tickbird Hatchling:
"The rare albino tickbird is revered amongst the Oracles. It is seen as a sign of heavy rainstorms, good grub harvests, and hibernating wolvar."

Widow Spiderling:
"Widow spiderlings have plenty of time to explore Duskwood once they take care of their pesky family commitments."

Wild Silkworm:
"Prized for their ability to spin cocoons of silk, in the wild, to the untrained eye, they can be difficult to discern."

Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling:
"Too afraid to attempt flying until thrown from a great height."

"He’s slightly evil but extremely narcoleptic. Keep him away from critters!"

Wind Rider Cub:
"Thorg No-Legs never paid heed to the old orc saying, "Don't pull a wyvern's tail.""

Winter Reindeer:
"Would rather not spend any more time inside a wrapped holiday gift box."

Winter’s Little Helper:
"During the majestic Winter Veil celebration, these faithful companions spread joy throughout the land. The rest of the year, they are busy."

Winterspring Cub:
"Winterspring cubs are happiest when frolicking in freshly fallen snow."

"A solemn reminder of what was lost when the Worldbreaker changed the face of Azeroth."

"Many a drunken Brewfest goer has told the tale of this mysterious creature, but few remember that tale in the morning."

Wood Frog:
"Vendorsat the Darkmoon Faire offer strange and exotic wonders. They also sell wood frogs."

Worg Pup:
"Worgs are the favored companions of orcs and are fiercely loyal on the battlefield."

"The bond between yak and rat is a strange one, and what the rat gains out of the symbiotic relationship is a mystery."

Yellow Balloon:

Yellow Moth:
"Prefers flying during thunderstorms, which are common in Azuremyst Isle."

Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog:
"Despite its menacing appearance, the yellow-bellied bullfrog was aptly named."

Yellow-Bellied Marmot:
"Distinct from their plain dwelling relatives, these critters make their homes amidst the war-torn Twilight Highlands."

"A small, fierce member of the Zerg swarm, the zergling is not the trifled with. Very dangerous in high numbers."

Zipao Tiger:
"A rarely seen family of tigers, many believe (perhaps incorrectly) that some residual magic or other event is responsible for the unique color."

Zooey Snake:
"These reptiles possess hookes scales, allowing them to slither up Kun'Lai Summit’s rocky slopes and steep cliffs."

[PH] MoP CE Pet (Winged Guardian Cub model)
"Offspring of the winged guardian." (Winged Guardian Cub description)
Renamed to "Lucky Quilen Cub," moved up the list. Still using PH model and description.

Pets currently available on Live but missing in the Beta pet Journal:

None! All pets that exist on Live are included in the pet journal as of the 5/24 Beta build!

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